Where to Get Wedding Photos in New York

If you're a New Yorker, you may wonder where to get wedding pictures. Here are some recommendations: Bethesda Terrace, Tribeca rooftop, Soho, and Central Park south. Experienced photographers can tell you when to expect the best shots because they've done this many times before. Also, consider the time of year. Wedding season is typically the busiest time of year, so photographers aren't at their computer screens.

Bethesda Terrace

The beautiful Bethesda Terrace is one of Central Park's architectural highlights. This area overlooks the southern shore of the Lake and features a fountain and Angel of the Waters statue. If you're planning a wedding in the park, this is one of the most scenic spots for your photos. Your guests will also appreciate the beautiful vistas and breathtaking architecture of this space.

If you want to have your ceremony right beside the fountain, you're in luck. A short walk away, you can have your wedding next to the Bethesda Fountain. This gorgeous fountain is one of the largest fountains in the city and is ideal for wide group shots as well as intimate portraits of the bride and groom. The shimmering water and beautiful reflections make the fountain a perfect backdrop for videography.

Bethesda Terrace is a beautiful setting to get your wedding photos. The terrace is surrounded by greenery and is a beautiful spot for weddings. It is also home to the Bethesda Fountain, which is considered to be the heart of the park. It has a beautiful statue of an angel that sits atop a massive pool. It is surrounded by grass slopes and hedges.

In case you're planning a romantic NYC elopement, Bethesda Terrace is the perfect spot. With an amazing backdrop and shelter from the rain, it is the perfect location to take your wedding photos. The intimate setting made it both romantic and personal. The overcast skies created a romantic glow that captured the entire event. The couple took their wedding photos there under the cover of a cloud, which is a symbol of good luck, so even if the weather isn't perfect, you can still get beautiful photos.

In the city, there are other options for taking wedding photos. The High Line offers great views of the city and has greenery. You can also take your photos in Central Park, which is the city's classic wedding location. The iconic landmark of the city, the Statue of Liberty, is an excellent backdrop for your photos. In addition, you can opt for the iconic Liberty Warehouse, which sits on the waterfront with views of the Statue of Liberty.

Tribeca rooftop

With a beautiful backdrop of the New York City skyline, a wedding at Tribeca Rooftop is sure to be unforgettable. After all, these two met in college and were hopelessly in love. The rooftop was the perfect backdrop for their intimate ceremony and photo session. After all, they were college sweethearts who couldn't wait to marry each other. Here, we share their unique wedding story. Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, Tribeca Rooftop is the perfect place to make your wedding photo session truly special.

The skylight on the Tribeca Rooftop allows guests to dance beneath a star-filled night sky. Gemma and Barry were married at the top of Tribeca Rooftop, and their wedding party was getting ready. The bride and her bridesmaids were getting their hair and makeup done before the ceremony. They were also freshening up before the ceremony. Behind the strand of holiday lights are branches of a tree, making for a romantic photo backdrop.

The Tribeca Rooftop is one of the premier wedding venues in the city. Previously a printing press, this venue has become one of the city's premier wedding venues. The venue's expansive glass atrium, numerous large windows, and wrap-around rooftop offer a picturesque backdrop for the wedding photos. Guests can enjoy the ceremony or cocktail reception in a relaxed atmosphere in front of the dazzling cityscape.

Located in the heart of the West Village, this property offers a 15,000-square-foot interior with a 25-foot glass atrium and a spectacular rooftop terrace with a skyline view of the Manhattan skyline. A private elevator and staircase allow guests to enter and exit the building. Parking is optional and guests can also take advantage of valet service. A concierge is available to assist with any wedding logistics.

The setting for this elegant tri-level wedding in Manhattan is a stunning one. A beautiful skyline, a quaint village, and historic buildings are a stone's throw away. Amelia and Tim began their wedding day with a stroll down the beautiful staircase to their ceremony. The bride wore a lace wedding gown with natural makeup and paired it with white Alexandre Birman wedding shoes. Their big smiles made for timeless wedding photos that reflected their joy.


If you're looking for a unique backdrop for your wedding photos, consider the diverse SoHo neighborhood. NoMo SoHo is known for its eclectic charm and cobblestone streets. Mercer Street is famous for its trendy restaurants like Balthazar, and the Queens Botanical Gardens offer a romantic setting. These are just some of the places you can have your photos taken in the neighborhood.

If you're planning to have your ceremony in Soho, the area is known for its many trendy shops, restaurants, and bars. The main street of Soho is Broadway, which runs for 13 miles through the Manhattan area. The street separates Soho from neighboring neighborhoods such as Nolita and Little Italy. While Broadway is the most commercialized street in Soho, many of the high-end boutiques and restaurants are found off the main drag.

The neighborhood is also home to the Gracie Mansion, a historic landmark with a unique atmosphere for your wedding photography. Tompkins Square Park has an impressive 10.5 acre area, which is popular with wedding photographers. Another popular location is the Liberty Warehouse, which sits on the waterfront with views of the Statue of Liberty. Whether you're planning a romantic ceremony or an elegant reception, you'll enjoy the backdrop of the area for your special day.

Aside from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the Prospect Park is a stunning spot for photos. Despite its popularity, it is an underrated spot in the Big Apple. Its beautiful skyline and Statue of Liberty make it an ideal location for both your wedding and engagement photos. Additionally, Brooklyn Heights has some of the most beautiful brownstones in the city, making it an ideal place to capture a vintage New York aesthetic.

Central Park south

There are several popular locations for your wedding photos in New York. Central Park south is a beautiful setting for photos, including the Bow Bridge, the iconic carriage ride, and the Bethesda Terrace. You may also enjoy an engagement photo session on this enchanting terrace. You can see the entire park in a single day, so take advantage of the park's many attractions. If you are looking for a more private setting, consider Brooklyn Bride Park, which is next to the Brooklyn Bridge.

If you are getting married in City Hall, you can opt to take the ceremony and the reception at the park. However, you should consider your travel time, as rush hour can be quite chaotic. You should plan to allow at least half an hour for the processional, and an additional hour during rush hours. You can also play acoustic music for your reception, but make sure to ask the park's staff if amplified sound is allowed.

The Loeb Boathouse is another great location to have your ceremony. This picturesque setting is not only beautiful, but it also offers a lovely dining experience. Nearby, you can rent rowboats for your photo session. The gazebo is also an idyllic setting, and couples can use it for a ceremony if they so desire. You can also get some great photos of your big day in Central Park at this gazebo.

If you are having a small wedding, you may want to consider the Conservatory Garden, which is the only formal garden in the park. Its serene setting is a perfect place for a peaceful and intimate ceremony. Afterward, you can relax on the terrace overlooking the garden to catch the sunset. After all, there's nothing more romantic than a sunset over Central Park! Regardless of whether you opt for a traditional ceremony, you'll love the stunning backdrop of this park.

If you'd prefer to take a more romantic photo, you should consider the Gapstow Bridge. Located in the south eastern corner of Central Park, this bridge is a great spot for pictures. It provides a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline. Whether you'd prefer to take photos against the backdrop of the skyline or in the midst of the trees, the views are breathtaking.

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