Where to Rent a Wedding Suit

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If you are wondering where to rent your wedding suit, you've come to the right place. Whether you're looking for a full-on package, or just a jacket and pants, we have you covered. Wedding suit rental companies offer packages to suit your every need. You can rent just the pants and jacket, or you can rent the complete package, including accessories such as cufflinks, pocket squares, bowtie, or traditional tie, as well as suspenders.

Gen Tux

If you're looking to rent a wedding suit, consider using a service like Generation Tux. This online service provides custom-made wedding suits delivered to your door fourteen days before the wedding. If you're not completely satisfied with your wedding outfit, Generation Tux offers a free replacement or exchange policy. They will even send you a pre-paid label so you can return it in three days. Moreover, they clean and return the garments for you.

To rent a wedding suit, simply contact Generation Tux to request an appointment. You can then schedule a fitting with a stylist to try on different styles. You can also send an electronic invitation to your groomsmen to make sure they get the right fit. You can track the progress of your groomsmen's fittings and purchases online by setting up an account for them with Generation Tux. Your wedding is only a few days away and everyone will look great on the big day.

To try on a wedding suit, you can ask for a free sample of fabric. Generation Tux also offers a home try-on option so you can see which style is the perfect fit. With prices starting at $139 per suit, you can easily find the perfect wedding suit. The company also offers a free trial period for groomsmen's outfits. You can also choose between four different color palettes.

Generation Tux is a trusted name in the wedding attire rental industry. It has been around for 40 years and has served hundreds of thousands of customers. That means their service is better than a brick-and-mortar business. That means you can rest assured that your wedding suit rental will be as good as the other guys'. It's the perfect time to rent a wedding suit with Generation Tux! If you're looking for a reliable and easy-to-use online rental service, don't hesitate to visit their website.

Stitch & Tie

If you are in search of a wedding suit rental, you have probably considered using a professional service. Stitch & Tie offers a variety of options, including rental for just the pants and jacket, or for the entire package, which includes accessories, such as cufflinks, pocket squares, and bowties. Additionally, it offers in-home styling, so you can try the suit before you buy it.

The online rental service, Stitch & Tie, is a great option for wedding suit rentals. Its extensive inventory includes men's and women's formalwear. You can search through the suits to find the perfect fit, or visit the store to see a wide variety of options. Stitch & Tie also has a large selection of ties, shoes, and cufflinks, so you can accessorize your look with any other accessories you may need.

As the wedding season is about to fully kick off, you may be scrambling to find a stylish suit to wear. While Googling "suit rentals" on Google, you may be wasting precious time and money. It's also risky to rent a tacky suit from the big brand suit store and risk being infested with bedbugs. Don't worry - six sites are changing the wedding suit rental industry and are here to hook you up ASAP!

Another option is Generation Tux. The company is unique because you only need to answer a few simple questions and they will find you the perfect wedding suit. In addition to having a variety of add-ons to choose from, this company will also email you with questions and assistance throughout the rental process. If you choose to rent five or more suits, you can get a free wedding suit rental for each groomsman in your wedding party.

Moss Bros

If you are thinking of hiring a wedding suit, you may be wondering where to go. If you haven't purchased a wedding suit before, you can do so at Moss Bros. You can find wedding suits in dozens of brands and sizes. You can also find alterations at their store. Whether you need a custom-made suit or just want to rent a wedding suit, the experts at Moss Bros can help you find the perfect suit for you.

For one thing, the shop has been around for many years. Its history dates back to the times of Queen Elizabeth's coronation, which made it the largest operation in its history. Morning suits, striped trousers, and top hats left the shop in battalions. The staff even tried on swords and coronets as they would dress up for the occasion. At the coronation, more than 500 peers, five Cabinet ministers, and two admirals were outfitted by Moss Bros. They even had a store in Paris that rented out saddlery. The store has thousands of agents throughout the world, including one in Paris. One of the most common mistakes that customers make is forgetting to empty their pockets. Assistants are trained to spot items such as a pocketful of cash, a pair of sunglasses,

For more convenient rentals, you can choose to subscribe to their monthly rental service, which allows you to switch out two items at a time for PS65. You can choose from over 180 different products and get discounts of up to 50% off the retail price. If you decide to purchase a wedding suit, you will still be able to enjoy the convenience and price savings that are available with Moss Bros.


If you're looking for a wedding suit rental, there are many options available online. Sartoro combines world-class craftsmanship and industry-leading technology to offer a wide selection of wedding suits. Each suit is fully customizable, and can be tailored to the size of your body. Whether you're looking for a more traditional style or something a little more cutting-edge, Sartoro has a suit for you.

You can rent a two-piece wedding suit for $389 or a tux for as little as $39 if you're in a tight budget. Sartori's "My Grooms Room" concept offers a variety of affordable, customizable options for your special day. Not only does your rental include the tux or suit, but you can also get a shirt and basic accessories. You can even keep your suit after the wedding and get lifetime alterations or purchase a new one. The quality of the suits and the services provided are excellent. Sebastian is the customer service representative for Sartori.

The Black Tux is a new entrant in the wedding industry, offering both rental and purchase options. Founded in 2012, The Black Tux was created because many traditional wedding retailers were "stale" and did not have the selection to meet your needs. Since the company has entered the game, wedding suit rentals have become more affordable and high-quality. It offers full-canvas construction wedding suits for rent at affordable prices.

The company's sizing algorithm allows it to customize your wedding suit based on your height and weight. However, if you're under 15 years old, you'll need to send specific measurements. You can also ask Menguin to send you a fabric tape measure. Menguin offers sizes for both kids and big and tall men. Their pants also come in 60" waists. Customers can even try on their wedding suit rentals before they buy it, and if there are any problems with the fit, they'll replace it at no cost.


Looking for a wedding suit in Indochino? This Italian store has been serving the men's needs for over three decades, and it's no surprise that its tuxedo business is doing well this year. In fact, the company is now offering midnight blue/navy tuxedos for those getting married this summer. With wedding season upon us, the hottest trend is a wedding suit!

Indulge in the latest trends by renting a wedding suit at Indochino. With two showrooms in Manhattan, this clothing rental store has tons of options for you to choose from. You can also get digital customization, with colors, patterns, monograms, and collar felts. Then, you can have the suit delivered in three weeks. This service offers a high-quality experience, and it's great for those on a budget.

If you're looking for a customized menswear experience, Indochino is the place to go. They offer a seamless, hassle-free experience, and are known for their bespoke menswear. You can order a wedding suit online, choose the fabric, customize it with a monogram, or choose a lapel size that matches your preferences. And the best part? It's affordable.

If you want to travel to a destination wedding, you'll love Indochino's custom-made suits. You can get a tuxedo for your groomsmen for the same price as the wedding suit! It's possible to choose between a simple tuxedo or an elegant wedding suit, so you can wear the same look in every location! And there are a variety of styles and prices available, so you won't be disappointed!

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