How to Become a Wedding Hairstylist?

Worried about selecting the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day? There's an extensive selection of wedding hair options, including everything from braids and ponytails to elegant buns and sophisticated twists. It's essential to have an experienced hairstylist assist you in making this important decision for your nuptials. Keep in mind, the hairstyle you choose will be captured in photos and become a treasured memory for years to come. Thus, it's imperative to look your absolute best.

Being in the bridal hair and make-up business can be lucrative if properly set up. The average American couple spends $30,000 on their wedding. With bridal hair and make-up being one of the most significant aspects.

You may establish your own bridal beauty business. With a few simple steps that will have all the happy brides shout your praises. To be a successful hairstylist, you need two things: first, exceptional hairstyling talent, and second, business intelligence. Wedding hairstylist is an honorable profession. So, how to become a wedding hairstylist is the primary question.

A wedding hairdresser is a specialist who styles hair for weddings. She also ensures that the style she chose for the bride compliments her facial features. And her wedding gown and other accessories (veil, tiaras, etc.).

Steps to Become a Wedding Hairstylist

Step 1: Create Your Own Lookbook

Now that you've decided to start your own wedding beauty business, the first thing you'll need to do is develop a look book. Clients nowadays are eager to examine examples of previous work.

Their perception of your ability and professionalism is enhanced as a result of this. Customers will feel more confident after browsing through your portfolio and seeing the many designs you can create.

Brides choose a stylist who will take the time to understand their vision for their wedding day. As a result, assemble all of the photographs of your previous bridal work and create a portfolio. This will demonstrate the breadth of your work. While also providing the bride with hair and cosmetics suggestions that are appropriate for her facial features.

If, on the other hand, you don't have any images of your past work, you can spend some money on models or college students. And have them produce about 7 to 10 different bridal hairstyles, which you can then have professionally photographed for you.

Step 2: Team up

Once you have completed establishing your portfolio, it is time to begin expanding your network. Remember that a wedding is a large event, and couples frequently prefer professionals related to one another to reduce the trouble of searching for new specialists outside of their circle of contacts.

Consequently, it would be best to form alliances with other professionals. Such as make-up artists, photographers, wedding planners, florists, and caterers. It will gain more clients and recognition in the bridal beauty industry.

Step 3: Join Bridal Expos and Trade Exhibitions

If you are not a social person, then taking this step might be beneficial for your situation. You must always remember that some money will need to be invested in expanding your firm and obtaining sufficient exposure.

As a result, you can participate in bridal expos and trade exhibitions to network with other people in the wedding industry.

Step 4: Trial

Now that you've booked your first customer under your business banner, the first step is a trial run. A trial run is simply a day service before the wedding, where you will work with the bride to create a look for her great day. This is believed to be the most important component of a bridal make-up process.

If this is your client's first visit, the trial section allows you to develop a connection, trust, and understanding. Secondly, you and your client would work with their hair to select the ideal products and accessories to use.

Finally, you and your bride can confirm a final hairstyle and receive a realistic picture of her hairstyling on her wedding day. Now, which will eventually make both parties more comfortable on the event day.

Step 5: Mobile Service and Inquiries

Many brides choose hairstyling on-site because the brides frequently do not have time to visit a salon. And if you can provide mobile services, you need a reliable car to reach early. Also, if you provide hairstyling service on-site, make sure to ask the following key questions:

  • Where is the event going to take place?
  • What time would you like to complete your hair and make-up?
  • How many people are going to need hair and make-up services?
  • Are you going to wear any accessories or veils etc.?

Remember, inquiring isn't a misstep. It ensures your time schedule is carefully planned so that you will have no surprises at the event.

Step 6: Get an Advance Deposit

Now that your client has approved your service, it's time to seal the deal. Getting a deposit for special event styling is vital for beauty experts. You can have the bride sign a contract document stating that the client is willing to work exclusively with you and your team in exchange for a deposit. Deposits are required since booking an event, especially a wedding, takes time.

Having a deposit policy ensures you are booked for four to five hours and reduces cancellations. Also, deposits are non-refundable; therefore, if a client cancels an appointment, the deposit serves as a cancellation charge. This will help your business expand and save you time and money in the long term.

Step 7: Apply Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social networking is the next frontier for boosting your company's reach. It is the most cost-effective method of advertising your service and your company. Create an online portfolio and make an effort. Then tag and share who your prior clients were, as well as their feedback.

Keep in mind that users appreciate reading reviews from clients. It will determine the authenticity of an artist. By doing so, your skill and portfolio will be exposed to thousands of users regularly, increasing your exposure.\


However, the bridal beauty industry is a large and long-term business. The key to running a successful business is to promote your service while also providing effective service.

Furthermore, suppose you are new to the industry and are wondering how to become a wedding hairstylist. In that case, you should first enroll in a beauty school to learn about various hairstyling techniques, coloring, and many other aspects.

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