Where to Rent Wedding Tents Near Me

Are you planning a large outdoor gathering? If so, you need to rent wedding tents. There are many places near you that rent wedding tents. The following article will tell you about Frame and Pole tents, sidewalls, and Sperry tents. You can choose the right one for your event based on its location, size, and style. Then, read on to learn more about different types of wedding tents.

Sperry Tents

If you are searching for a beautiful wedding tent, Sperry is a good choice. They have the most beautiful tents in the Hamptons. Plus, their team is very professional. It's a dream come true to work with them. They'll make your wedding day as perfect as possible. Contact Sperry Tents to find out how they can make your wedding day a success!

If you're having a nighttime ceremony, you will want to consider the lighting options. You can choose bistro lights strung across the ceiling, twinkle lights mounted on the ceiling, or even theatrical-style stage lights with gels. You can also DIY the lighting, but you should remember that the tent company won't hang it for you unless you do so yourself. Also, they will want to remove it before breakdown, so make sure you don't forget about that!

While many tent rentals are pole-style and have sides made from vinyl or sail-cloth fabric, Sperry Tents has a full line of pole-style wedding tents. Their tents are perfect for outdoor weddings and other special occasions. They make a beautiful backdrop for your special day, and the best part is they can be rented almost anywhere. There are so many benefits to renting a tent and you can even choose to rent multiple tents, which is great for parties!

If you're planning an outdoor wedding, a beautifully draped tent can provide the protection and privacy your guests need. A canopy tent is an attractive addition to an outdoor wedding and can be draped with lush fabric to create a soft, meditative atmosphere. Some tents also feature hanging floral installations, which draw guests' attention upwards. These designs also free up table space and eliminate centerpieces.

Frame tents

If you are planning a summer or fall wedding, consider renting a frame tent to accommodate the space and the weather. It's the best way to protect your tables from the elements and keep your guests' name cards in place. In addition to being a practical option for outdoor weddings, frame tents are also an elegant option for indoor receptions. Here are some tips for finding the right tent for your event. - Ask the caterer for recommendations!

- Ask for a written quote. Make sure you get a quote that includes delivery and setup, as well as any taxes. Be wary of vendors that will charge you too low, or those who will only set up and tear down their tent once and take it back down again. Likewise, you should avoid any vendor who will not respond to your phone calls or messages within 24 hours. These vendors may have more affordable prices, but their tents will not be of high quality and won't be a good fit for your wedding.

Poleless tents are also an excellent choice for weddings, as they provide excellent views from each seat without restricting the interior setup. You can choose a smooth or gathered tent liner to hide the tent frame. You can also buy leg drapes to cover the poles at the side. While choosing a frame tent, remember that direct sunlight can be damaging to guests during the ceremony. Besides, you may want to protect your guests from the harsh rays of the sun while taking your pictures.

Another style of frame tents for weddings is called the stretch tent. This type of tent is more versatile than other styles. It can be set up in unusual places and is the most versatile. Stretch tent fabric creates sleek lines, and comes in a variety of colours. These tents can give your wedding a modern or rustic feel, depending on the fabric you choose. And if you're looking for a modern or rustic tent, a stretch tent is the perfect choice.

Pole tents

There are many reasons to rent pole tents for your wedding. These tents are more durable than traditional wedding tents, and can accommodate large groups of guests. If you're considering using a pole tent for your big day, make sure to choose a site that doesn't have underground utilities. Make sure to inquire about your venue's policies before making a decision. Also, remember to check whether the venue has a policy regarding tent rentals. Make sure the tent's site is at least 25 feet from any power lines or sprinkler systems.

The tops of some pole tents are woven from a light, breathable material. This is great for creating an airy atmosphere inside the tent. You can add leg drapes or decorative poles to add decorative touches. And don't forget the liners! A sailcloth tent will be a great option for weddings held on a beach or in a waterfront location, since the fabric will glow under certain lighting conditions.

Another option for outdoor weddings is the frame tent. Frame tents are typically more expensive than pole tents, but they're also great for covering landscaping and smaller structures. The frame tent will also give you more flexibility when decorating your tent with fabric and flowers. They will cost a little more than a pole tent, but they're worth it for the more versatile design and less obstructive space for your guests.

If you want a traditional wedding venue, a frame tent is a classic choice. Frame tents are made of crossbars and metal frames. They resemble the roof of a home. Their structure may require additional guylines and weights, but they're not as expensive as a pole tent. They are commonly available in white or clear fabric. This style is often a good option for a casual wedding.


In hot and humid weather, wedding tents come equipped with sidewalls to reduce wind. These structures also protect the wedding venue, supplies, and inventory from damage and sunlight. Moreover, these sides shield the guests from the elements. Depending on the style of tent, they can either be made of mesh or tarp. But which type of sidewall is right for your wedding? Here are some tips to choose the perfect sidewall:

Solid White Sidewalls are usually used in Winter months or when the temperature is at or above 45 degrees. The clear vinyl that creates the "window" may crack or break if the temperature gets very cold. Mesh Sidewalls, on the other hand, allow a breeze to circulate and allow sunlight to penetrate the tent. The downside of mesh sidewalls is that they do not prevent rain, but will let in the light.

Ohenry Tent Sidewalls are designed with the party tent rental industry in mind. They are available in Cathedral Window Walls, solid white walls, and Velcro sidewalls. The sides are built using heavy-duty 14 and 16-oz blockout material. You can choose from solid-white, round, or square cathedral window sidewalls. If you're looking for a custom sidewall design, you can customize the sidewalls to fit your wedding tent's unique style.

In addition to the main body of the tent, there are other options you can consider for the sidewalls. The most popular sidewall is a clear one. Clear sides are good for viewing outdoors, while cathedral sidewalls mimic a ballroom. Cathedral sidewalls are good for drawing attention to a specific area or to hide unsightly equipment. Besides, solid white sides provide a clear distinction between areas.


If you're planning a wedding, one of the major pieces of the wedding planning puzzle is the wedding tent. Many rental companies offer wedding tents that can be combined with other services. This will make the planning process easier. Here are some tips for pricing a wedding tent. Consider the size of your event when comparing pricing. Keep in mind that tents that are smaller than 40 square feet per person are typically cheaper. However, if you're planning on holding a large reception, you'll likely need more than that amount.

The size of the wedding tent will depend on how many guests are expected to attend the event. For a wedding reception of 150 guests, you'll need a tent with at least 1,500 square feet of interior space. Some tents have multiple poles to keep the structure steady, which can affect pathways. But a larger wedding tent will be more expensive than a smaller one. If you're planning a large outdoor event, a large party tent with two entrances is a great choice.

The cheapest option is a flat surface, but it's often soggy in the rain and uncomfortable for guests to walk on in high heels. You should also consider the flooring if your wedding is outdoors. If you're not certain of the ground's level, you can test it beforehand. Make sure that your venue will allow guests to wear comfortable outdoor shoes before the wedding. If possible, consider hiring a professional DJ to play music during the reception.

Depending on the number of guests, a large wedding tent can cost upwards of $1,500. This price does not include other rentals such as tables, chairs, and catering. You'll also need to consider the weather and decor when comparing tents. For example, you can choose a tent that looks good in your venue's location, but may not be the best choice if you need to accommodate 150 guests.

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