Where Was My Favorite Wedding Filmed?

The movie "My Favorite Wedding" is a popular choice within the Hallmark cinematic universe. In this article, our goal is to uncover the shooting locations of "My Favorite Wedding" as well as provide more information about the movie.

The My Favorite Wedding is a romantic comedy film. If you are a fan of the romantic movies from Hallmark, then you may already great a grasp of it. It is a mediocre romantic comedy film that was released in 2017. As the name of the movie recommends, it is about the story of a wedding with a lot of twists.

If you want to know a bit more about the My Favorite Wedding, keep reading the article. In the below part of the article, we will discuss the exact location along with some other interesting aspects of the romantic film.

Where Was My Favorite Wedding Filmed?

The My Favorite Wedding movie consists of some of the beautiful locations. If you have watched the movie, you might be wondering about where it is filmed. Most of the people think the movie is filmed somewhere in the USA. But that’s not true. You might be shocked to know that the movie was filmed in Vancouver, a major city in Canada. It is situated in the British Columbia province of the country. One of the mention-worthy locations of the film is Maple Ridge Florist, which is a popular place in Vancouver.

You will also be shocked to know that there are several movies from Hallmark that are filmed in this area. In fact, there popular romantic movies like The Art of Us and Harvest Wedding are filmed in the same place. It is a beautiful place with a lot of advantages which make it a perfect location for films. Some of the other Hollywood movies and series are also filmed in the Vancouver city of Canada for the same reason.

My Favorite Wedding Plot

The My Favorite Wedding movie is a perfect comedy and romantic movie that you can consider enjoying at the weekend. The movie is about a wedding but the brides and the groom are not the main characters. Instead, the film focuses on the best friend of the brides and the best man of the groom. They were united to do some works of the wedding together and “save the marriage from disaster”.

The name of the bride’s best friend is Tess Hopper. She was a doctor and a very kind person who thinks it is her duty to comes to rescue everyone. Amber Tilton is the name of the bride who is a childhood best friend of Tess. She can’t miss the wedding of her best friend. Another reason that bought her for the wedding to Chicago is to bid for a fellowship at a university there. On the other hand, Micheal, the best man was a divorce lawyer.

Later at the wedding, she created a duo with the best man Michael to complete some ridiculous tasks to help the bride. While fulfilling the duty of the helpless bride, they ended up liking each other. Tess starts thinking that her long-term messed-up boyfriend might not be the perfect person to pass the rest of her life. This is how the movie goes and you need to watch it to know the rest as we don’t want to spoil it.

Why Vancouver, British Columbia is a Popular Filming Location

Vancouver, British Columbia is one of the most popular filming locations in the world. A lot of popular movies are filmed here and there are some reasons behind this. One of the main reasons is the Canadian tax incentives as well as a highly favorable exchange rate. It started in the 90s and a lot of film ventures headed to this location. As a result, now this place gets a perfect infrastructure for filming with local crews and cast with years of experience.  

Another main reason behind the selection of this location is the unique geography of the area. Vancouver is blessed with some of the best outdoor locations which are very favored for the location. This location has everything from the mountains, sandy beaches, oceans, subways, dairy farms, forests, rivers, deserts, and you name it. Even there are small towns, big cities with skyscrapers, futuristic buildings, racetracks, dams, train yards, shipyards, etc.

Not a lot of places in the world have some amazing advantages in one place. So here are the advantages of Vancouver as a filming location:

  1. Canadian government invested for the infrastructure for film industry and offered tax incentive in this area. Moreover, you can get necessary support of everything that includes writing, producing, legal, financing, and everything else.
  2. Another main reason is the dollar difference which makes it more affordable compared to the United States. This also include the tax credits.
  3. Crews and stuff required for the film who are already experienced. Cross-experienced crews are perfect for different movies.
  4. The infrastructure of Vancouver matches easily with the US big cities. As a result, it becomes easier for the film producers to illustrate the vibe of US.
  5. It is easier to work with the unions in that location compared to the US.

Who Acted in the My Favorite Wedding?

The My Favorite Wedding is not like your average Hallmark movie. In fact, it includes a lot of talented and popular actors and actresses in the industry. Meggie Lawson played the role of Tess Harper, the best friend of the bride. Besides, Paul Greene played the role of Michael in the movie who is the best man of the groom. The bride of the role was played by Christine Chatelain and her name was Amber Tilton in the movie.

Some other big names of the movie include Peter Benson, Ellen Ewusie, Giles Panton, etc. Mel Damski was the director of the movie and it was written by Keith Calabrese and Gregg Rossen.


As we mentioned above, My Favorite Wedding is filmed in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. The entire movie was filmed for 19 days which is pretty impressive considering all the works and final outcome.

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