Where Was Wedding Bells Filmed?

Where was "Wedding Bells" filmed? Based on the movie's dialogue, one might deduce it was shot in the United States. Yet, it may come as a surprise to find out this guess is wrong. Keep reading this article to uncover the true location where the film was shot.

The Wedding Bells is a popular movie that was released in 2016. The movie is from Hallmark, one of the popular producers of wedding movies. The beautiful location of the movie might make you think about where it was filmed. As they mentioned in the movie, most people think that it is filmed in California or somewhere in the USA. But, that’s not true.

In the below part of the article, we will let you know the filming location of the wedding bells. Furthermore, we will discuss how the story of the movie goes along with providing a little review of the movie. Keep reading the article to acknowledge everything that you don’t know about the film.  

Where Was Wedding Bells Filmed?

Somewhere in the Wedding Bells movie, it was mentioned that the movie was filmed in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. But in reality, the movie was not filmed there and not even anywhere in the USA. It was filmed in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Surprisingly, a lot of hallmark wedding movies are filmed in the location. These include harvest weddings, frozen love, hitching for holidays, marry me at Christmas, and much more.

There is an abandoned resort in the Wedding Bells movie titled the Inn. But the real name of the palace in Foxglove cottage. It consists of three bedrooms along with two-bath cottages. The cottage was built in 1918 by a Russian family. Interestingly, they want to build something like their palace which is was in Russia. You will also be shocked to know that the cottage was featured in several movies including The Age of Adaline.

The Story of Wedding Bells Film

The Wedding Bells is a romantic TV movie from Hallmark movies with their popular wedding theme. One of the main characters of the movie is Molly Quinn. She is a fashion designer in NY who lives a very busy life and doesn’t have a lot of time for romance. But she got no chance to resist when her best Friend Amy asked to be the maid of honor for Amy’s wedding. That is not, Amy also requested Molly Quinn to be the wedding planner.

Amy then introduced Molly to Nick who was the best man of the groom James. Interestingly, Molly already met Nick the best man earlier at an event where she was catering. The bride and groom requested Nick and Molly to work together for making the wedding event perfect. There was a money problem and it was a challenge for the maid of honor and best man to make the wedding perfect at cheap.

While working together, Molly and Nick were stuck during the first period. But they started sorting things out gradually. Unlike Molly, thinking of Nick about love is it only led to heartache. But surprisingly while working together, they also started falling for each other. But things were different for the to-be couple (Amy and James) due to the stress and issues.

Unfortunately, during the wedding day, Amy and James realized they are not suitable for each other and decided to call it off due to the issues. As the wedding of Amy falls apart, Molly becomes confused about whether her relationship with Nick will work out or not. Finally, Molly went back to NY but she cannot resist the thought of Nick. We don’t want any spoil and you need to watch the movie to acknowledge what happens next.

Wedding Bells Film Review

There were some notable actors and actresses in the Wedding Bells film. The role of Molly Quinn was played by Danica McKellar where the character of Amy was illustrated by Tammy Gills. The best man character Nick Turner was played by Kavan Smith while the character of the groom was played, Christopher Russel. Some other characters include Daniel Bacon, Sabrina Prada, Tom Tasse, Lydia Campbell, Ian Carter, Robyn Bradley, Pete Graham, Elfina Luk, etc.

The movie is directed by Gary Yates and the writers are Les Alexander, Rob Gilmer, Julie Sherman Wolfe, etc. The Wedding Bells movie is no exception compared to the other romantic comedy movies from Hallmark. Like the other, it is filled with a lot of twists, suspensions, and surprises. You cannot easily guess the ending of the movie and you will require watching it whole for it.

In the IDMB, the rating of the movie is around 6.4 and it got mixed reviews. Some viewers liked it very much while some other things there was space for improvement. Some say this was one of the best movies they ever watched by Hallmark while some others find it terrible. You should give the movie a try to find out whether it suits your taste or not.

Why Most Hallmark Movies are Filmed in British Columbia?

Apart from the hallmark movies, a lot of your Hollywood movies are filmed in British Columbia. As per BBC Canada, the world’s most popular and biggest movies and TV shows are filmed in Canada. There are actually a lot of things that make British Columbia a perfect place to shot movies and shows. One of the main reasons is the location is naturally beautiful with everything the producer needs for the movie.

There are beautiful cities, towns, villages, mountains, glaciers, sea beaches, and others that the producer requires to make the film perfect. Another main reason is the low cost of filming compared to the USA. The dollar rate is cheap while the government of the place also offers lucrative tax breaks, making it more perfect for shooting. Producers can easily illustrate Canada as a place in the USA.


The Weddings Bells was filmed in British Columbia like a lot of other popular movies from Hallmark. If you are searching for a perfect weekend wedding movie to watch, you can consider this.

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