Who Gets Boutonnieres For Wedding?

A boutonniere adds an element of refined grace to every wedding, evoking a range of feelings amongst attendees. Despite its small size, this accent can significantly show your appreciation to the special people in your life. Hence, when thinking about handing out boutonnieres as presents, recognizing the deserving individuals is crucial. But the question is, who qualifies for a wedding boutonniere?

The boutonniere is a small bunch of flowers that are worn by the groom’s side. A common question that comes to the mind of many grooms is who should be specified the boutonniere on his wedding day. Well, that’s really a matter of knowing. Giving boutonnieres to somebody means you are portraying the person who is important and meaningful to you. Keep reading the article to get a clue of who should get your boutonniere.

What Is Boutonniere?

A boutonniere is a single flower or a small bunch of flowers from many flowers that are allocated for various formal occasions. The wedding is one of the ceremonies where boutonniere is used the most. It is also known as a 'buttonhole'. This impressively enhances the prettiness of the boys' outfits. However, boutonniere can be of different colors, shapes, and designs.

Typically, boutonniere boys wear the top of their suits. To put it more clearly, it is worn with the help of a pin just above the heart on the left side. Of course, now it can be attached to the suit button with a magnet. The fun part is that this beautiful and cute flower item is often missed because of the busyness of other activities at the wedding. Though it’s pretty rare.

Who Gets Boutonnieres For Wedding?

Not everyone gets boutonnieres at the wedding ceremony. Those who are very close to the groom usually get the opportunity to wear boutonnieres such as the groom himself and the bride's father, grandfather, brother, any male usher, even the male officiant. Now it is completely up to you to whom you will gift boutonniere. But below is a list of people who traditionally get boutonnieres. Let’s checkout.


When it comes to who will get the boutonniere, the groom is first and foremost. The groom's boutonniere will be unique from other boutonniere-wearer. Because the groom is one of the attractions of a wedding. Florals are the most common type of boutonnieres that most brides wear. There are also some more creative boutonnieres like Legos, golf tees, action figures, feathers, guitar picks, pinwheels, and more.

Wearing a boutonniere is the best way to show the groom's personality and interests. Note that traditionally groom itself bears the cost of these boutonnieres. Sometimes the bride's family also pays.

Grooms Mate

After the groom, Grooms Mate is also considered to be one of the key players in the marriage. A boutonniere is not only a colorful accessory but also a lovely way for the groom to thank his Grooms Mate. It is also called complementary to grooms mates by the groom.

If Grooms Mate is included in your marriage then they are definitely eligible for a boutonniere. Make sure it is well adjusted to the suit with the pin or it may cause panic.

Couple’s Grandfathers

They are really lucky to have grandparents present at their wedding. So wearing them boutonniere means making their presence great. If your grandfather is alive and has the ability to attend your wedding, you must give him a boutonniere. It proves in front of everyone how important and meaningful their value is to you.

Couple’s Father And Stepfathers

Dad puts the strongest claim on getting a boutonniere. It is your responsibility as a child to give them a boutonniere. This does not mean that they have to wear boutonniere because they are your elders and seniors, it shows respect and gratitude towards them.

Ring Bearers

The ring bearer is also a groomsman. Because he is doing a very important task like carrying a ring on the wedding day. So it is better to give him a boutonniere on the wedding day

Ushers Or Conductors

Ushers refer to those who manage guests. It means that they show the sitting position to the invited guests, solve their needs and even answer their various questions. So it is very important to maintain their pretty look. They are in the spotlight for communication. So it is their right to get a boutonniere.


Your wedding official may wear a boutonniere. If your officiant is not religious and maintains a formal outfit then courtesy he can also get. You must ask your marriage officiant before putting on a boutonniere. Because it is wrong to think that all the officiants will feel comfortable wearing a boutonniere. So keep this in mind.

Special Family Members And VIPs

There are some guests at the wedding whom we treat as special family members or VIPs. Because of them, the splendor of marriage is doubled. They can be any political personality, celebrity, teacher, favorite personality, or anyone else. The boutonniere is like an honor for the special family members and VIPs.

If you truly have a favorite person in your marriage, then you must include them in your boutonniere's list.

How Much Does Boutonniere Cost?

This is a very common question that everyone is very curious to know. The value of boutonniere differs depending on the season you are purchasing. Also, their values may vary according to the variability and design as well. Nonetheless, it costs around $ $ to $ 20 for each boutonniere.

What Kind Of Flowers Make Boutonniere?

A single flower that spread fragrance is enough for making the boutonniere. Some of the flowers include carnations, chrysanthemums, mini calla lilies, orchids, roses, and spray roses. Flowers that uphold loveliness and fragrance without water throughout the day are perfect for making a boutonniere.


Boutonnieres are considered as a sign of the inviolability of a wedding. You can enhance flowers according to your individual favorite list. You can take the help of a flower expert to get the colors, designs, and shapes of boutonnieres that are attractive and pleasing to your wedding. I hope this article is beneficial for them who will offer boutonnieres on their special day.

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