Who Gets Corsages And Boutonnieres For Wedding

During your wedding, it’s crucial that important people in your life sport Boutonnieres and Corsages. As you plan your wedding, you may wonder who ought to be adorned with corsages and boutonnieres. It would be perfect to pick them out so they complement your wedding’s theme and style.

Typically, the corsage is worn by the bride’s side and the boutonniere is worn by the groom’s side according to the usual tradition. In this article, we will let you know who will get corsages and boutonnieres on your wedding day along with some unique picking concepts of them. Keep reading this article to know who is appropriate to get corsages and boutonnieres.

Corsages And Boutonnieres - What Do They Symbolize?

Corsages are something that is worn at weddings, proms, formal events, mother’s day, holidays, semiformal occasions, graduations, and any vital occasion. They are made with different types of flowers, ribbons, ferns. They can be elegant, creative and fun, it is only suitable for girls. It makes them feel honored.

The word boutonniere comes from the French word buttonhole flower. A boutonniere is a single or bunch of flowers that boys wear over their jackets. Moreover, the boutonniere is a symbol of fragile life and love. It is a simple and small gesture through which men are especially honored.

Who Gets Corsages And Boutonnieres For Wedding

Not everyone gets corsages and boutonnieres. Only those who are special and close to the bride and groom are considered eligible. However, let's see who traditionally gets corsages and boutonnieres.


The corsage is one of the most important and individual flowers. It demonstrates respect for those who wear it. Traditionally, the groom’s and bride's mother, all grandparents, female friends are the main front-runners of the corsage. In some cases, honorary index corsage is also offered to VIP female guests. Moreover, if your marriage official is a woman, she can also get a corsage.

Older people, especially your grandmother, are at the top of the corsage. Through this, respect and gratitude towards her erupt. If your grandmother is alive, start the journey of giving corsage with her. Next, the bride’s mother is the strong applicant to the corsage. At the same time, if you have a stepmother, give her a corsage.

Brides mate is also one of the most suitable for getting corsage. At the wedding, they stay in the form of a group for a long time as a support for the bride. So it is their right to get a corsage.


Wearing a boutonniere is the finest way to show the groom's personality. When it comes to who gets the boutonniere, the groom himself is the first claimant. Make sure the groom's boutonniere is unique from other boutonniere wearers. Because the groom is one of the attractions of a wedding.

After the groom, his grandfather and father get boutonniere. They are the blessings of marriage. Marriage seems to be complete with their arrival. Wearing them boutonniere proves how meaningful they are in your life. Then the groom's mate stays after the boutonniere. Because they act as the shadow of the groom at the wedding and keep the ceremony going by dancing, singing, singing.

After the groom's companions come to the ring bearer and ushers who are better for getting a boutonniere. Because they maintain your event by providing their tireless service and keep it free from any kind of occurrence. Also, there are some special family members or VIPs who get boutonniere as honorary.

Things To Consider When Picking Wedding Corsages And Boutonnieres

Before picking corsage and boutonniere you should consider some of the things which are as follows:

Decide How Many You Need

After fixing who will get the corsages and boutonnieres, it's time to make them. Make these according to your list of preferences so that they do not become scarce later. The advantage of making per head is that the extra cost can be reduced.

Choose The Type Of Flower

After deciding how many corsages and boutonnieres to make, it's your turn to add flowers. Fragrant flowers are acceptable for making corsages and boutonnieres, the remnants of which remain throughout the day.

If you have a budget issue then you can take mixed flowers. Just like roses cost a little more than other flowers. So with some roses, bellies, and some wildflowers you can create your desired corsages or boutonnieres.

Adjustable pin for wrist or clutch

After taking the flowers, how to set them now? Well, now you have to collect some pins that can be easily adjusted with the wrist or suit. When picking the pin, make sure it matches the design of the corsages and boutonnieres you make. Otherwise, it can cause embarrassment on the wedding day.

Last Touches

The last thing is to arrange matching ribbons and accents. You can collect ribbons by matching them with jewelry and dresses. For example, if your mother's dress color is silver, you can buy a silver ribbon. Similarly, all kinds of rhinestones, pearls, and feathers can be arranged according to the wedding theme and dress design.


Where To Wear Corsage And Boutonniere?

Girls wear corsage by pinning it to their clothes or wrists. On the other hand, the boys wear boutonnieres pinned to the left over the suit lapel.

What Is The Best Color For Corsage And Boutonniere?

It is difficult to say which color is best for corsage and boutonniere. However, use different flowers of bright and bold colors like orchids, pink roses.

Should The Color Of Corsage And Boutonniere Match?

Not mandatory. However, you can use a mixture of flowers of different colors. This will make your corsage and boutonniere look more amazing. It is best if you can match them with your outfit and wedding theme color.


It is said that there is no specific rule or tradition on who will get the wedding corsage and boutonniere. It totally depends on your will. Typically it involves parents, grandparents, close friends. Flowers that keep prettiness and fragrance without water throughout the day are suitable to make corsage and boutonniere.

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