Who Gets Boutonnieres And Corsages At The Wedding?

Upon saying yes to a proposal from the person you've shared a life with, the subsequent phase involves planning the momentous day when you'll be united in matrimony. A wedding isn't only about the joining of two hearts, but also a celebration of the relatives and friends who have supported and cherished the couple over their lifetimes. The giving of corsages and boutonnieres at the ceremony is a way to express gratitude towards these special individuals. However, the question remains, who is supposed to don these floral accessories at the wedding?

One of the most interesting and beautiful parts of arranging and preparing for the wedding is the floral segment, as flowers can add so much beauty and carry a lot of importance. Have you ever wondered why flowers are given out at weddings and who gets boutonnieres and corsages at the wedding?

It is considered that flowers have always been used as a symbolic present to express feelings of love, friendship, honor, gratitude, and encouragement, among other things. And as a result, personal wedding flowers, such as boutonnieres and corsages, are used to recognize and honor the most important people to you.

Giving someone an individual flower means you are crowning that person visually as someone that means a lot to your life. And to honor such beloved people in your life, let us get to know who gets boutonnieres and corsages at the wedding.

Who Gets What On Your Wedding Day?


It is customary for the groom to be the first to get a boutonniere when it comes to distributing boutonnieres. He is the man who has promised to hold your hand till the very end of time, and he should be known that he is extremely important to you as well. Then comes the groomsmen, then we have our fathers of both bride and groom. You can add your stepfather too.

If you are fortunate enough to have a grandfather, give them this token of honor first. In fact, for both sets of grandfathers, a boutonniere would be a special gift from you. It will also express how much you love their presence. Your brothers, your male pals who have helped you get this far can wear it. Besides, your ring bearer and any male readers can wear boutonnieres on your wedding day. The boutonniere is often pinned on the left lapel. However, men can also choose to wear the boutonniere with or without a pocket square. It mainly depends on the size of the arrangement on the boutonniere itself.

Do you know? It is known that boutonnieres tend to be one of the most forgotten items on the wedding day. So, during the hustle and bustle of getting dressed up, don't forget to pin up your boutonniere!


Now that you have done honoring your favorite men, it's time for the women of your life. Corsages are one of the most popular bridal flowers. Traditionally, corsages are floral arrangements worn on the wrist or pinned to the dress. But before you order corsages, you must discuss with the wearer if they would prefer bracelet corsages or pin-on corsages. Some might not be comfortable wearing bracelet corsages.

In contrast, others do not want to pin anything on the dresses; especially these pin-on corsages are not ideal for those strapless attires. So now let's get to know who wears the corsages? The first person to own the right to wear a corsage are the mothers of both the bride and groom. That is because they are the ones who have brought you into the world. Imagine how proud she would be, seeing you getting a partner for a lifetime!

Then the next category is for someone most people consider fortunate to have in life, your grandmother. If you are lucky to have your grandmother, give them the corsage. In fact, if both grandmothers are present at your wedding, they both deserve it. Make sure to ask her favorite desire for flowers and color for the corsages. That would express how essential she is in your life. Ad how important it is to you that you listen to her thoughts on important matters.

Be sure to order corsages matching it with their attires. Besides, her preference should be noted down regarding a pin-on or wrist corsage.

While your bridesmaids will usually carry bouquets, other female members of the can wear corsages. Your flower girl can also get a corsage. It would be adorable to see your flower girl walk down the aisle with her bouquet of flowers!

Other Family Members Or VIP Attendants

When it comes to who receives boutonnieres and corsages at a wedding, there aren't any hard and fast rules or traditions that have been established. However, this is about persons who are chosen by couples to be honored. Consequently, you are free to give any of your loved ones their boutonnieres and corsages for them to wear if you so choose.

A boutonniere and corsage could also be given to someone who isn't very close to you or your tight-knit community but with whom your relationship is particularly strong; this is something you should consider doing as well. If you don't want other wedding attendants to feel left out, you can choose another option: giving single-long-stemmed blooms such as roses or daisies, or a single-long-stemmed flower such as a lily flower, to thank visitors.


Everyone appreciates when boutonnieres and corsages are kept simple and elegant. That is because they are intended to make your loved one feel special on their big day. So, when ordering boutonnieres and corsages, keep in mind to select flowers and colors that are delicate and gentle in appearance.

And don't forget to hand out your boutonnieres and corsages in front of your photographer. Especially if you and your partner are handing them out to your parents and grandparents, as the photographs will serve as lifelong memories of your special day.

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