Can We Celebrate Wedding Anniversary in Islam?

Islam extends further than just ritualistic observances; it encompasses an all-encompassing lifestyle approach. This religion offers detailed guidelines on numerous facets of daily life, ranging from how one dresses to the methods of hair maintenance, which sets it apart from several other faiths that lack extensive instructions for everyday life. Is it allowed to celebrate a wedding anniversary in Islam? This inquiry elicits a range of answers.

Some of the Muslim scholars says it is permissible while other recommend to prohibit it. A wedding anniversary is something that is not directly prohibited or encouraged in the Quran or the hadith. Moreover, different scholars have different points of view on this. As a result, it is very hard to tell you whether it is permissible or not.

Can We Celebrate Wedding Anniversary in Islam?

The Positive View

Dr. Yasir Qadhi is the dean of Al-Maghrib institution and also holds a doctorate degree in Islamic Studies. As per this scholar, it is completely okay to celebrate a wedding anniversary in Islam. As per Yasir, it is very unrealistic to say that the wedding anniversary is Haraam or Bidaah. When the husband and wife are celebrating their partnership, they are not doing any kuffar or such other things. As a result, it is permissible.

The wedding anniversary is a cultural thing and it was not a culture in the Arab. As a result, there is not much information regarding this whether it is permissible or not permissible. When we think wisely, we see that you are not doing anything wrong while celebrating the anniversary. Instead, you are making your partner happy, which is very much encouraged in Islam and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

Islam made some specific things haram not permissible. Doing these things are a sin. Such as, drinking alcohol is haram. Another thing considered as a very bad sin is Kuffar which is comparing Allah (God) with anything else. That is because Muslims believe that Allah is one and there is no God except Allah.

If celebrating the wedding anniversary is non-permissible, then talking any other language except Arabic should also be haram as per the scholar. The same thing goes for the western technology we use, the western cloth we wear, and such other things. So, celebrating the wedding anniversary is completely alright. Just make sure that you are not consuming alcohol or doing any other things that are haram.

The Other Points of View

Some other Islamic scholar says that it is nonpermissible to celebrate the wedding anniversary. That is mainly because the celebration of anniversary and birthday are the way of the non-believers. As per them, Allah sent us to this world as a test. Like non-Muslim, Muslims are not here to enjoy their life. There is a hadith that says “Whosever emulates a nation is amongst them”.

Things like birthdays and anniversaries come from ancient periods. Celebrating them is to keep the evil spirit and other bad things from happening. If you celebrate the birthday and anniversary for the same purpose, then it is going to be shirk, which is a very bad sin in Islam. So, a lot of Islamic scholars recommend avoiding such celebrations.

Different Ways to Celebrate Wedding Anniversary on Islam

If you want to celebrate the wedding anniversary as a Muslim, you can do this without much thought. But you should be careful while doing so. That is because you might end up doing something which is more sinful. Below, we will let you know about some interesting ways to celebrate the wedding invitation as a Muslim.

Be Grateful to Allah for Your Partner

Nothing in this world happens without Allah’s will. So, if you have knotted with the partner, then you should be grateful to Allah for him/her. You can ask Allah for more blessings to make a good life both here and hereafter. As per Islam, Allah likes it when the followers become grateful for whatever they got. So, the best thing you can do is to say Alhamdulillah and pray for Allah’s blessing.

Go on a Vacation

One of the best things you can do is to go for a vacation. Especially, if both you are very busy and hardly manage time for each other, a vacation can help you to be more connected. Couples often forget how to be romantic with the business with kids and the family. In such a situation, the vacations will help to increase spiritual connectivity. You might consider going to a place where your honeymoon happened.

Pray Salah Together

Salah is the prayer by which the Muslims connect to their creator. Praying nafl salah together can be a great way to celebrate the wedding anniversary. Both of you can perform salat together and remember Allah SWT. You can be grateful for the person you have got and ask for more blessings for a happy life. You can also pray to Allah to make you together in Jannah.

Exchange Gift

Another excellent thing you can consider is to exchange gifts on this special day. You will be amazed to know that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) often brought gifts for his wives. That means giving a gift to your loved one is a Sunnah. Apart from making your partner happy, you will also be rewarded. You can gift anything halal such as food, dress, watch, or any other things you want.

Spend a Romantic Night

What could be better than this to be a bit more connected with your loved one on a day like a wedding anniversary? You can consider spending the night together and treat each other in a romantic way. You can consider this night as the first night you have gotten together as a couple. As per Islam, taking care of your partner and bring romance to him is a great way to make the marriage successful.


As we said above, it is not clear whether the wedding anniversary is permissible or not in Islam. There is no saying about this in the Quran, the holy book of Muslims, or in the Hadith.  

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