Can Wedding Dresses Be Dyed?

Can wedding dresses be colored? Absolutely, you have the option of dyeing a wedding gown if you wish. Keep reading to learn how to go about this, the costs involved, and other relevant details.

White is considered a color of purity and virginity. That is why the wedding dress is usually white. However, nowadays a lot of brides choose other colors of wedding dress. Some of them even consider dying their wedding dress to make it more attractive.

In this write-up, we will discuss what it takes to dye a wedding dress. We will also discuss where you can dye the wedding dress and how much it will cost.

So, Can Wedding Dresses Be Dyed?

A lot of brides now think that the traditional white wedding dress is too mainstream. If you are one of them, dying the wedding dress can be a great option for you. In fact, it is completely okay to dye the dress or prepare it any other way you want. There are several ways to dye a wedding dress. Usually, brides do this professionally with the dying services. You can also dye the wedding dress DIY using the right tools.

However, if you don’t have any previous experience with DIYing, you shouldn’t even try this. You might end up spoiling the beautiful wedding dress. Along with the dying knowledge, you should also know in-depth about the fabric and its characteristics.

Where to Dye the Wedding Dress?

We said earlier, it would be better to leave the dying process to the professionals if you don’t have much experience with dyeing. The good news is there are several types of services that you can use for this. Even some of the bridal shops also can dye the wedding dress for you. Moreover, you can dye it in the high-end custome shops near you. There are also some dedicated services that can do this for you.

Talking about the bridal shop, not all of them can offer this service. As dying is a new trend, only a few bridal shops or salons can offer you this service. In some cases, you will require purchasing the dress from them. That is because not all variation of the dress is suitable for dying. Even, some variations can be damaged when you try to dye them. You can also consider the professional costume designers as they got professional dyers to prepare the clothes.

How Much to Dye a Wedding Dress?

Well, it can vary on a large scale. There is a different variation of dying and different qualities of the material are used during the procedure. It will not require a great amount if you are going to DIY dye the dress. Usually, you will require purchasing supplies worth $30 to $40 or a bit more or less while doing this. However, the professional services might cost you a handsome amount of money.

The cost of the professional dye can vary on several things. If you go for the high-end or premium service providers, the cost can go up to $300 or more. Although they will cost you a good amount, you can be assured of a perfect outcome. That is because they use quality materials and skilled persons to do this for. Note that you might get some great deals on the local DIY service providers. Consider them if you are on a low budget.

How to DIY Dye a Wedding Dresses?

If you have previous experience of dying the wedding dress, you can consider dying the wedding dress on your own. This will be a great way to save a good amount of money also get the perfect outcome as you want. However, we will recommend not do this if you are not 100% confident about it.

Before you begin, make sure that you have an adequate supply. First, you will require the dye. Make sure to use the best quality dye. You will require around one 1 oz. of dye for 1 lb. of the dress. Then you need a digital scale, bathtub, plastic hanger, soapy water, rag, bucket, large spoon, etc.


Now you can follow the below steps to complete the work:

  1. Begin with finding out the accurate weight of the dress. Make use of the digital scale to do this.
  2. Then purchase around one ounce of RIT dye of your preferred color. There can be different colors like light color, deep color, etc. Just pick the right one as you need.
  3. Fill the sink with hot water. The hotter the water, the better the dye can be absorbed by the dress. It is recommended to do this at 140 F to 180 F for the best outcome. If you think the sink cannot do this, consider using your bathtub.
  4. Now add the right amount of dye based on the weight of the dress. Then use a large plastic or metal spoon to create the mixture. Now soak your dress in hot water (not in the dye water).
  5. Now put the dress in the sink or bathtub with DIY and then stir it for around 25 minutes consistently using the spoon.
  6. Then remove the dress and rinse it with warm water properly. After that rinse again with cold water until it becomes clear.
  7. Once you are done, hang the dress outside to air dry it properly. You might put a basket below to collect the water falling from it. You might leave it overnight this way for proper drying.

That’s it you are done. Make sure to remove the colored water from the sink or the bathtub once you are done. Else, the color can cause stains on the surfaces.


Dying your dress can be a great way to make it unique if you are not a fan of the usual white wedding dress. You can easily dye the dress following the above information. If you want to do this at cheap, consider the DIY method. Else, leave it to the professional for the best outcome.

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