How Much Should Wedding Dress Alterations Cost?

What's the average expense for modifying a wedding dress? The cost for tailoring a bridal gown can vary greatly due to a variety of factors. In today's guide, we'll explore more about the topic of wedding dress alterations.

Wedding dress alteration is highly essential to make the dress a perfect fit for you. The designer wedding dresses hardly suit the body shape of the individual bride. Alteration is the process of making the wedding dress ready to fit the bride on every angle. Usually, almost all wedding dresses require altering. If you have just bought the dress, maybe the next thing you need to worry about is the alteration.

The budget for wedding dress alteration mainly varies based on the range of work. Some of the dresses might require less alteration while some other can require a lot of work. Keep going through the below paragraphs to find the average cost and how it can vary on a large scale.

How Much Should Wedding Dress Alterations Cost?

As we mentioned earlier in the article, the budget for alteration will depend on how much works it will require to make the dress ready. Based on the variation of the dress, the different dress requires a discrete amount of effort, time, and work to be fit. As an example, some dress might require taking in while other can require shortening the hem, taking out, managing the train, and much more.  

The more complex alteration you will require, the more amount you will require paying for the work. Sometimes apart from adjusting the dress, you might also add, remove or customize the details of the dress. Such as you will want to add a strap, remove the zipper and add a ribbon, redo the neckline, add some lace, etc. The more work you require, the more you need to pay for the alteration.

 If the range of the work is small and short time consuming, then you might complete the alteration work at around $150. But based on the complexity of the alterations and the variation of dress and other factors, it can go up to $600 on average. However, some of the wedding dresses might require around $1000. The rate of alteration also varies depending on the seamstress you are picking.

It is obvious that an experienced and talented seamstress or bridal shop with many years of experience will charge you more. On the other hand, you may make the work done at a less charge if you go for the local seamstresses. Some of the bridal shops charge you a flat rate based on the amount of work. Some others might charge you for each of the alterations.

How Alteration Cost Can Vary Based on the Work?

The cost of each alteration work will be different than the other. Such as, if you want to take in or take out the dress, it will not cost you that much. It can be done within $35 to $50. Taking in or out of the sides of the bodice or skirt will even cost you less. You can make this done within $30 in most places. On the other hand, if you want to hem the dress, it will cost around $40 to $100. Adding bra cups to the dress will cost you around $20 to $60.

Some other alteration work including reshaping the neckline, shortening straps, adding a belt, bustle, steaming, etc. will cost you around $20 to $60. The alteration work can be divided into two divisions where one is basic hemming while another can be detailed alteration. Basic hemming can be making the dress bigger, shorter, tighter, or broader. These alterations are very important to get a perfect fit of the dress according to the bride's body.

As per the wedding experts, a well-fit wedding dress should never be very tight nor be broad. It should support different parts of the body including the bust, waist, accentuate, and others comfortably. Another variation of the alteration is changing or customizing the details. It is the process of altering the details like sleeves, train length, buttons, bustle, lace, etc. This variation requires more effort and work.

The basic alteration requires less work and it is also less costly. But as the detail alterations will require more effort and time, it will also be expensive. Note that the range of work is not the only thing that makes the cost vary. It can also depend on other things. Like the premium saloons or seamstress will ask for a bigger amount.

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How Long It Takes to Alter the Wedding Dress?

The required timeframe for alteration will also change based on the range of works and the other factors. When you just need the basic hemming, it will require less time. But when it comes to modifying the details, you will have more time. Usually, it takes around 3 months to alter a wedding dress which can go up to more months based on the required amount of work. It might require additional time in the peak wedding seasons.

Of course, the seamstress can do the alteration faster when you are in a hurry. They might require overworking to make it done quickly. But this way, you might not get the best outcome. A wedding dress altered in 15 days will never be the same that took 3 months. You will also require paying extra for the quick alteration time. So, it is your best interest to go for the alteration at least 3 months prior.

How Should You Budget for the Alteration?

You can save an amount of $500 for the alteration. This is something that is between the average cost and the highest cost. If you want an exact figure, it would be better to go for an appointment with a seamstress. She will let you know how much of the work it will take to make the dress fit and how much it will cost you.


Finding the right wedding dress is never enough. It will require some alteration to bring up the look that you deserve. We hope this article will help you understand how much it will cost for alterations of the wedding dress to perfection.

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