What Does the Bible Say About White Wedding Dresses?

Wedding ceremonies mark a one-of-a-kind event in a person's life. They symbolize the union of two individuals in a way that is recognized by society, culture, and religion. Within the bible, marriage is frequently mentioned. For example, it states that upon marriage, a man and woman come together to form one flesh (Genesis 2:24), emphasizing the spiritual importance of the marriage bond. Yet, what does the Bible say about white wedding dresses?

Most of the wedding dresses currently are white. Is there are any reasons behind that? Typically, the color white is often associated with purity. This is one of the main reasons why most wedding dresses are white. Keep following the article to know what the bible says about the white dress, the history of a white dress, and some other important info.

History of White Wedding Dress

The thing about the white wedding dress is it was not that popular in the early centuries. The dress was made popular by the Queen Victoria of England when she wore it during the wedding. Before that, different colors of dress were chosen for the wedding dress. As Queen Victoria wore that white dress, it becomes an instant hit. Brides become more interested in the white dress than any other color. It was during the early nineteenth century.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert got married in 1840. As the bride was already a queen before the marriage, she had the freedom to select the wedding dress. To support the artisans of the kingdom and to show solidarity to them, she worn hand-made laces and flower crown. She also found that the white dress goes perfectly than any other color with these things.

There are definitely also some other reasons behind the popularity of white wedding dresses. That is like, white colors express purity and virginity. Furthermore, this color also represents the purity of the soul. Earlier, people didn’t use white wedding dress as it was hard to maintain. The thing is white color becomes a trend around 1920. At this time, it becomes widely believed that this is the color of purity.

Earlier, the white dress was also shown as a sign of wealthiness and social status. However, currently, the white dress doesn’t represent this value. Instead, it’s a way to express the purity of the bride to the relationship.

What Does the Bible Say About White Wedding Dresses?

You will be shocked to know that nowhere in the bible mentioned that the wedding dress needs to be white. White is associated with the color of virginity, purity, innocence, goodness, and a lot of other things. Sometimes, it’s also considered the most perfect color. Although the white wedding dress wasn’t mentioned in the Christian bible, there are a lot of places where the white color is mentioned as positivity.

The book of revelation also says a lot about the white wedding dress. There, Jesus says to the Sardis people that a few people from the Sardis will work with him who have not soiled their garments and they are worthy. The book of Revelation says the worthy ones will walk with Christ in the robes of white. The book also says that Jesus said to wear white garments for covering the body.

Furthermore, the book of Revelation also says the martyrs underneath the altar are given a whiter robe. The book also says that the armies in heaven were clothed in fine linen, clean, and white cloth. These signs actually tell us the white color is a sign of purity. Although there is no information directly mentioned in the bible about the white dress, people prefer to wear it because of signs and other verses that represent the influence of white color.

Some Other Meaningful Colors for Wedding Dresses

As we mentioned so many times earlier, the white color is mostly used for wedding dresses to resemble purity and innocence. Below, we will discuss some other colors that are also meaningful for the wedding:


The ivory color is very common aside from white in modern weddings. It signifies the value of the white color along with also representing love and commitment. It is widely used because it suits most skin tones nicely. If you want the dress to be white but a bit unique and meaningful than the others, this color can be an excellent pick for you.


The blush is another beautiful color which can be also called pinkish-white. As the name recommends, the color is a combination of pink and white. The color can represent the flirtatious and feminine nature of the bride. This color goes very well with almost all skin tones.


The red dress is also very widespread currently. We all know that red is the color of love and it is a perfect way to represent passion and desire. Red is also a bold color, which can be a great way to represent the mentality of the bride.

Other Colors

Some other colors of the wedding dress include orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, mocha, grey, black, gold, etc. Each of the colors has its own meaning. If you don’t feel like wearing a white dress during the best day of your life, you can consider one of these colors. Note that just because everyone wears that white wedding dress doesn’t mean that you also need to do this. Be unique!

Can You Wear a White Wedding Dress if You are not Virgin?

Obviously, you can wear a white wedding dress if you are not a virgin. Even, if this is your second or third marriage, you can still wear the white dress without hesitation. There are no hard and fast rules on that. The color of your wedding dress is completely the choice of bride. Even, religion doesn’t say anything like that. That means you can wear a white dress without any further thought.


As white is the most common wedding dress color, a lot of us think that bible says something about white wedding dresses. In fact, it’s not and it’s more like a trend that started with Queen Victoria. So, the white dress is not something compulsory and you can go for any other color of the wedding dress.

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