Can Wedding Dresses Be Let Out

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Wedding dresses are widely available in outlets all around the country. But still, it can be pretty hard to find out the one that suits you perfectly and make you look better. Even if you find the one that you like, you need to think about whether the dress will suit you or not. Especially, if you found a dress that is a bit on the tight side, you will be thinking can wedding dresses be let out.

The good news is a wedding dress can be let out. Usually, most of the wedding dresses available ready-made arrive with the around one-inch seam allowance on both sides. That means you can redo the seam and make the dress wide so that it can fit you perfectly. However, this is not going to be easy as there are chances of losing the integrity of the dress if anything goes wrong.

In the below part of the article, we will discuss how you can let out a wedding dress. You will actually have several options for letting out a wedding dress to make it a proper fit. Keep going through the below paragraph to find out exactly what you need to do?

Can Wedding Dresses Be Let Out

It can become a fearful thing when you realize that your wedding dress is a bit tighter than your preferred fit. That’s because when a dress becomes tight, we do have not much option to make it a perfect fit. When the dresses are a bit bigger than you want them, you can easily make them smaller through an experienced seamstress. But can they make a dress fit when it’s smaller? The answer is yes.

Wedding dress comes in various sizes. You might find a perfect dress just as you wanted only to realize that it does not come in your size. Although the bigger dress can be altered, the smaller dresses are not left with many options. Realizing this, the wedding dress designers nowadays put around one inch and sometimes even two inches of space left on both sides. You will require a seamstress to bring it out for you.

It can be quite easy for the seamstress. At first, they will require measuring the extra space required. Once you wear the dress, they can measure the space between two teeth of the zipper. That’s the exact space that needs to be taken out. Then she can undo the stitching to bring out the extra cloth and sew it again. You will be lucky if it’s around 1 to 2 inches. Anything more than that will require different kinds of alteration work.

Techniques for Wedding Dresses Let Out

Letting out the seam through the above technique is the best way to make your dress fit without changing any details of it. However, if the dress needs to take out more than one to two inches, it will not be possible for the seamstress to make it fit for you following the above process. Some of the dresses might not also include the extra clothes. You will require trying the below options

Use Zipper Extender

A zipper extender can be a great way to take out the wedding dress if it’s tight on the bust. The seamstress can alter the built-in zipper with the zipper extender. This will add some space and allow you to wear the dress perfectly. However, it can be a bit tough to find out which zipper extender will go perfectly with your dress. You can search online and also discuss the seamstress about the thing.

Alter Zipper with Lace-up Corset

Another way to let our wedding gown can be the lace-up corset. They not only make the dress easier to wear but also makes the dress more comfortable and classier. A talented seamstress can remove the zipper and add loops instead of them. Then a ribbon or lace can be tied up instead of the zipper to make the dress more forgiving. Apart from making the entire thing easier, it is also more comfortable compared to the zipper.

You can also adjust the ribbon anytime you want. Such flexibility makes it a perfect choice for those who are worried about gaining or losing weight before marriage. While using this technique, you will need to make sure that the ribbon and the laces are matching with the fabric and color of the dress. Also, replacing the zipper can be tricky. Make sure that the seamstress you have chosen is a condiment to do this.

Add Gussets

A gusset is an additional fabric that can be added to the seam to make the dress larger. However, it can be tough to find out the right fabric that is exactly like your wedding dress. One option can be the removed portion from the bottom of the dress was bigger. You can also think about adding this on the zipper area as there can be different variations of colors of the fabric can be added that match with the dress.

Important Note: There are some strapless dresses that are designed to be tight. That is because if they are not tight, they can easily fall all of a sudden, which is something you will not want. So, if your wedding dress is something like this, you should never consider letting it out. Instead, wearing it for a few moments extra will stretch it out and make it the perfect fit.

How Much It Will Require to Alter the Dress?

It can be really tough to say how much the alteration will require without knowing the intensity of work. That means the cost can vary a lot depending on what needs to be done. Moreover, it also varies based on the experience of a seamstress, your location, season, and some other things. Usually, the alteration cost can be around $300 and it can go up to $1000.


You might not want to wear a very tight dress for the whole wedding day. Apart from causing your comfort, it will also make you less confident. So, it’s important to make your dress perfectly fit prior to the wedding. We hope the above information on letting out a wedding dress will be helpful.

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