How Much is a Wedding at a Kiawah Resort?

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If you have a dream of getting married in the most picturesque setting on earth, a kiawah wedding could be the perfect destination. If you're planning a wedding on Kiawah, you're likely wondering: how much does a wedding at a kiawah resort cost? Here's some advice. Keep in mind that the cost of a wedding at Kiawah depends on several factors.

Cost of a kiawah wedding

There are a number of hotels in Kiawah that will suit your needs and budget. The Andell Inn is one of the closest hotels to Kiawah Island. It is about six miles from the ceremony and reception locations and costs about the same as renting a villa on the island. Guests can also take advantage of discounts by staying at this hotel located in Freshfields Village. However, you should keep in mind that if your guests are arriving late and want to take advantage of the shuttle service, you may have to spend additional money on a hotel.

A bank account for your wedding is a great way to track the cost of your wedding without interfering with your regular financial situation. This will also ensure that any money you save is used for the event. You can even use this account to hold money you receive from family and friends. This will help you save money for the wedding, and your guests will appreciate the effort! If you are not sure where to start, keep these tips in mind:

Venues on kiawah island

If you are planning a destination wedding, you will be asking yourself, "How much is a wedding at Kiawah Island?" With countless options for a ceremony and reception, the answer to this question may vary. Here are a few of the most popular venues for weddings on Kiawah Island. For instance, if you want a wedding on a beautiful golf course, there are many great options to choose from. Golf courses are great options for weddings because they provide a sense of privacy and picture-perfect settings. If you're looking for a more traditional wedding setting, you can choose from Mingo Point, The River Course, and The Sanctuary. Each one offers a unique mix of Southern charm and elegance.

For a less-expensive option, you can also choose a smaller beachfront wedding. Check the weather conditions before you book the location, as the climate is usually better in early spring and early fall. If the weather does not cooperate with your ceremony, a small reception on a beachfront home is the perfect backup plan. If you choose to get married on the island during the rainy season, make sure to book a venue a year or two in advance.

If you choose an elegant location for your reception, you'll pay less for the venue. A palatial venue such as the Cooper River Room on the island offers both indoor and outdoor ceremony venues. A 5-hour reception will cost around $62 per person, which includes bar services. The venue also offers picturesque marsh views and the iconic "wedding tree" for wedding photos. The Charleston Marriott Downtown is also a great option for a wedding. For those who live in Charleston, you can also receive a special discount if you purchase your wedding packages at this location.

Options for elopements or beach weddings

Whether you're planning a beach elopement or an extravagant wedding, there are many options for an island location. Many couples choose to get married at the Kiawah Island Marriott Resort, which recalls the look of a seaside mansion. Its opulent interiors feature light southern decor and grand spaces. The lobby features hand-planked walnut flooring, installed on sleepers. There are also expansive oceanfront lawns and a courtyard to host your ceremony.

Choosing an elopement can help you make the day about the marriage and the commitment you've made. Instead of focusing on the big party and the celebration, an elopement can help you focus on the joys of your love and commitment to one another. Traditional weddings often split attention between the wedding and the celebration, which highlights the excitement of the day and takes away from the solemnity.

Many couples who have chosen an elopement want a more intimate ceremony with no large crowds. While the traditional wedding has an unrivaled reputation, people are getting more creative. There are many planners and venues that specialize in elopements and beach weddings. In addition to offering wedding packages for couples who want to avoid the formalities of a wedding, you can also elope with just a few close friends and family.

For elopements, the Magnolia Garden provides professional hair and makeup artists, a wedding officiant, and a bridal suite. The wedding venue is not included in the package, but it is possible to rent a wedding hall. While elopements and beach weddings at Kiawah Island may be expensive, there are many rental options available. While it is not ideal to have guests at your elopement, it's an excellent location for an intimate, romantic beach wedding.

Catering options

There are many options when it comes to catering for your wedding at Kiawah Island Gold Resort. From outdoor lawns to elegant ballrooms, this location can accommodate any style wedding, and the food is guaranteed to be delicious. You can even have an oyster roast or marshmallow roast for a memorable touch. The resort also offers a wide range of other services, from golf package services to spa salons. The hotel offers custom-designed wedding packages and flexible food and beverage minimums.

The first step to securing a caterer for your wedding is to choose a menu. Using the Internet, you can find sample menus and read reviews. You may also consult with people who have previously attended weddings to help you narrow down the list. They can also provide references. This will help you make a decision that will best suit your needs. While choosing a menu is a major decision, you should not have to feel pressured into picking just one. A sample menu will help you make the best decision for your big day.