How Much Is a Wedding at The Venetian NJ?

How Much Is a Wedding at The Venetian NJ?

The Venetian is a wedding venue in Garfield, NJ and its prices start at $125 per person. The venue has been around for 43 years and was once owned by Robert Zweben. However, he sold it to partners, who now own Seasons and The Venetian. Brownstone NJ is also a wedding venue in Garfield, and it starts at $10,118 for 50 guests.


Prices for a wedding at The Venedian NJ range from $125 per person to $12,000 for a large, lavish affair. Weddings at the hotel can feature anything from a traditional beach ceremony to an elaborate three-day fete with overnight accommodations for 75 guests and a champagne brunch. There are a few optional extras that will make your day extra special, including a shimp bar or a chocolate fountain. You can also include a scotch and cigar bar.

The wedding staff at The Venetian NJ can help you plan the perfect event, from selecting the perfect flowers to creating the perfect invitations. There are even wedding planners on staff to help you select your favorite vendors. The wedding team at The Venetian NJ will take care of all aspects of the reception, from valet parking to a fancy three-course dinner. You can even opt for a custom-designed invitation or order a gourmet Italian meal. In addition to the culinary staff, The Venetian NJ's staff can help you select a wedding theme and design your invitations. They can also recommend professional florists, photographers, and tuxedos.

Prices for a wedding at The Venedian NJ vary by package type, size, and season. Micro and mini weddings, however, include a ceremony venue and all standard rentals, including catering, decorations, and a wedding cake. The price for these weddings can be quite expensive, so be sure to ask your friends and family for help in planning your event. The best way to make your wedding budget work for you is to find a balance between amenities and price.


If you are planning your special day, you should definitely check out The Venetian NJ. This beautiful resort is nestled in the heart of Bergen County and is within an hour's drive of New York City. The venue features tropical plants that surround the courtyard and an indoor water feature that is perfect for wedding pictures. It also has an air of sophistication throughout the whole building. Read on to discover more about weddings at The Venetian NJ.

For those of you looking for a buffet, this venue offers a fantastic catering hall with a beautiful interior and delicious food. Their food is well balanced and offers more than other places in the area. Prices are reasonable and the staff is very friendly. The Venetian on River Road is located in a very industrial part of the city, but is still worth a visit. Its beautiful surroundings make it a memorable event.

The Venetian NJ has many wedding vendors that can help you plan your perfect celebration. Experts in their fields can help you plan a wedding, handle floral arrangements, and even suggest tuxedos. They can also help you choose the perfect wedding theme and make custom invitations and floral arrangements. You can also choose from the latest and most stylish designs in the Venetian's artful venues and create an unforgettable celebration.

Weddings are the most common event at The Venetian. The penthouse is 3.000 square feet and can accommodate twenty-four guests. The venue has 10 wedding suites, a large event hall, and an indoor balcony where you can hold a ceremony. The Venetian is a luxurious wedding venue and event hall, with exquisite interiors and elegant details. You'll be sure to enjoy your special day at The Venetian NJ.

Off-peak season

The off-peak season for weddings at The Veneretian NJ begins when temperatures dip in November and lasts until April. In these months, couples can save five to fifteen percent off their total wedding bill. The price of a wedding in New Jersey typically ranges from $125 to $220 per plate. Be sure to factor in the 7% sales tax charged by New Jersey venues. For more information on off-peak season weddings at The Venetian NJ, read on!

For those looking for an outdoor wedding, consider planning your wedding in May or June, when temperatures are not so hot. The venue has plenty of options, including an outdoor ceremony and a wedding reception. The Opal Ballroom is an elegant setting for a large celebration, and the semi-private River Room and Ocean Room provide privacy. The Pearl Gallery is one of the venue's gems, featuring breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and water.

The best time to plan a wedding at The Venetian NJ is when prices are at their lowest. The busiest months of the year are June and September. For those looking to get married outside, late spring and early fall are the most affordable. The summer months, which tend to be warm and sunny, are also popular, but these months may be too cold or overcast to hold an outdoor ceremony. This will ensure that your guests stay comfortable and you get beautiful photographs.

Off-peak season for weddings at The Veetian NJ is usually the warmer season, with the warmer months bringing milder temperatures. The first two weeks of November and March seeing an increase in wedding bookings. During these months, you can also receive a small discount for hiring DJs and other services. And if you are planning a wedding, consider hosting your reception at this venue.

Venue size

The Venetian NJ offers the perfect setting for a wedding or any other special event. Their staff can help you create a memorable experience by offering advice on floral arrangements, invitations, and the right type of entertainment. You can also choose from a variety of different party packages, including wedding receptions, corporate events, fundraisers, and other parties. With a variety of event options and a luxurious interior, The Venetian is an excellent choice.

In-house catering services and a staff of expert event planners make a wedding at The Venetian an exceptional experience. This venue is equipped with premium liquors and a team of professional chefs. The Venetian's catering team can also recommend trusted vendors and provide drapes, linens, and glassware for the event. A full bar is also available to satisfy guests with the best food and drink options.

The venue is ideal for both small and large weddings. A rustic wedding in a restored barn or a rehearsal dinner in a charming carriage house can be held here. The grounds of Grenville Park are also perfect for an outdoor ceremony. The Venetian NJ also offers a beautiful and elegant space, complete with crystal chandeliers, marble floors, and a grand staircase. It can accommodate up to 500 guests.

The Venetian NJ is one of the most luxurious wedding venues in the country. Aside from its grand columns, it also features a 35-foot cathedral ceiling and multiple ceremony areas. Whether you're planning a small intimate wedding, or a large event, The Venetian has the space for you. Aside from their impressive venue, you can also rent the venue for your rehearsal dinner or reception.


For those planning a wedding in The Venetian NJ, the options are limitless. The Venetian offers several packages for your wedding day, including valet parking, coat check, and champagne greeting to your guests. The staff can help you select a theme, create custom invitations, and suggest floral arrangements. You can also plan your event with Venetian staff to ensure everything is flawless. Aside from weddings, The Venetian NJ also hosts corporate events and parties and fundraisers for charities.

The Venetian offers a variety of catering options, including full-service, buffet-style, and custom menus. The Venetian NJ has an in-house event planner who will guide you through the planning process and recommend trusted vendors. A wedding at The Venetian NJ is sure to be a memorable event. From the ambiance to the food, you can rest assured that the catering team will take care of every detail.

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed a buffet-style reception that featured breakfast pastries and fried calamari. Other foods served during cocktail hour included paella and sushi. The wedding was held in a small room, but guests enjoyed the variety of dishes. The staff also collected plates and provided drinks throughout the reception. It was a beautiful venue for an elegant event. The Venetian NJ has many options to suit your needs.

If you're planning an indoor ceremony, The Venetian NJ has banquet halls that offer more intimate spaces for the reception. You can have a beautiful ceremony with chandeliers and cozy seating, and even enjoy cocktails and tropical flowers. A dance party will follow the reception at the Venetian NJ and the reception will continue into the night. After the ceremony, you'll have the opportunity to celebrate with your guests on the dance floor.

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