How Much Lavender for Wedding Toss?

Nowadays, numerous pairs are opting to sprinkle lavender instead of rice. Lavender, known for its appealing flowers, closely resembles the size of rice grains. Moreover, it releases a pleasant scent. A further benefit is that lavender, since it is biodegradable, eliminates the need for cleanup unlike rice. You might be curious about the amount of lavender necessary for a wedding toss? Keep reading to discover.

Lavender flowers can be a great alternative to rice as you are aware of the wastage of the rice. But it is important to know how much lavender you will require for the wedding. In the below part of the article, we will discuss how much of this you will need. We will also discuss some other information about the lavender you need to know.

Why Toss Lavender at Wedding?

Throwing rice in the wedding ceremony was a widely practiced thing at the wedding at first. But now a lot of couples don’t want this at their wedding because of the wastage. That is mainly because of the wastage of food. You might think that birds can eat rice but rice is something that is known to expand in the stomach of the bird and cause death. Rice is also very costly in most cases. In such a situation, lavender tossing can be an excellent alternative.

As we said above, the lavender flower buds are almost like rice grains. In addition, they produce a very beautiful fragrance which brings the vibes of the wedding more. The best part is there is no need for any cleanup while you use lavender instead of rice. That is because the lavender grains are biodegradable and they will vanish within a few days. Nowadays, lavender is widely available in a lot of places.

Like the rice, you can put them in small bags or boxes for tossing at the right time. Both the dried and fresh lavender are suitable for tossing at the wedding. Especially, if the wedding is in the summer season, you can source fresh lavender and make the day better. In this case, get them delivered on the morning of the wedding to get the best smell and freshness.

If your wedding is in the other season, you can always purchase the dried lavender which is also widely available. Overall, the lavender can be something amazing to give the guest an amazing moment at the wedding. They even look beautiful after tossing on the ground. With the smell, freshness, and color, a lavender wedding can be a very meaningful and enjoyable one.

How Much Lavender for Wedding Toss?

Well, it will depend on a lot of things. One of the main things that will make the quantity vary is the number of the guest. Usually, there are around 16 cups of the dried lavender buds in every pound. And, when it comes to the lavender, the most common size of the sachet is around 3”x4” bags. That means you will require around 1/3 to 1/4 cups of the dried lavender buds for each favor bag. The number of the bags will depend on the number of the guest.

Note that the quantity of the lavender will be different for tossing. The amount of lavender per guest for tossing will be around one tablespoon. It will not be a problem it is a bit more or less. This will sum up to around 1 pound of lavender buds for every 50 guests. So, if there are around 150 guests, you will require around 3 pounds of the lavender buds just for tossing alone.

Note that some excited guests might want to gram more than the usual amount you are planning. So, it would be better if you order a bit more than the planned amount. On the other hand, if you are going to use paper cones for the tossing, they will require around ½ cups of lavender per cup. Do the aftermath and find out how much of the lavender you will need based on the number of the guest.

When to Order the Lavender for Wedding Toss?

If you want to order the fresh-picked lavender from the garden, you should order book them earlier and get them delivered at the wedding venue on the morning of the big day. This will assure you the best smell as well as the freshness which will impress the wedding guest for sure. If it is not possible to source the fresh lavender, you should consider placing an order for the dried lavender buds which are available packaged.

One of the impressive things about the lavender buds is they will last for years if you can store them in the correct process. That means you don’t need to stress about the order and delivery of the dried lavenders. Simply order them at any time prior to the wedding and store them in the correct way. Place them in a dry place and tape the package if you have opened it.

A lot of the lavender manufacture order them at least two weeks before the date. That is because, if there are any issues with the batch, you can talk with the manufacture and get them altered. It usually takes around two days in most cases for getting the lavender delivered to your doorstep for normal order size. If you are going to order bulk for the tossing and favor, they might require around 5 days for the delivery.

While storing the lavender, make sure to put them in a cool and dry place. They should not get direct sunlight or heat by any other means. Make sure that they are in the package or the box till the wedding day. Also, avoid putting anything else on the package of lavender that can make them flat.


There are several alternatives to the rice toss for the wedding ceremony. Amongst them, lavender is the best choice with amazing color and fragrance. We hope this article will help you to understand how much lavender you will require for the wedding day.

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