How to Display Dried Wedding Bouquet

Individuals frequently value keeping different artifacts from their wedding celebration, including clothes, shoes, and gifts. Consequently, it's logical to think about preserving a wedding bouquet, an aspect that is widely cherished. Sadly, bouquets have a short life span; they fast become withered or decay. If your goal is to retain it over a long haul, drying is the sole viable option. Keep reading to discover intriguing information on how to display the dried wedding bouquet.

Some newlywed’s couples are always looking for ways to keep their wedding bouquets dry for a long time. Because seeing it on display will remind them of their special day. There are some practical ways on how to display a dried wedding bouquet. If you want to know about those ways, keep reading the following article carefully.    

How to Display Dried Wedding Bouquet

Long-term drying of a flower-filled bouquet is a bit difficult. But no worry! In this article, we will discuss some effective and unique ways that will help you to dry the bouquet easily.  After drying the wedding bouquet, you can display it on the wall or door of your house. This will attract the attention of everybody and will also enhance the beauty of the house. Let’s see the following ways to dry the wedding bouquet.

Hanging Bouquets Flowers to Upside Down

This is the most used and common strategy that is followed for drying bouquets. This will help dry your wedding bouquet very easily through the air. First, you need to untie the bouquet and cut any tape or binding. Now instead of wrapping the bouquet together, Hang the stalks one by one.

Then hung them upside down in a dry and temperate area. Allow all flowers to air dry for at least a week or more. After the allotted time of one week, you can establish your bouquet in a vase or make a raceme through them. If you keep the ribbon with your bouquet, make sure to use it when making the raceme.   

Press the Wedding Flowers

If you want to press flowers on your wedding bouquet, you have to add the flowers you want. Then spread the whole bouquet on clean wax paper. They should be spread in such a way that they do not lift easily even when pressed. You can arrange it as you like during this step. Remember that once they are dry and pressed, you can no longer rearrange them.

Now place the wax paper with the flowers inside the cover of a heavy leaf on the top of the book. Then add another piece of wax paper on top to keep the flower ink-free and close the book. Keep pressing with something heavy. In this case, you can use a vase or more books. If you don’t have a heavy book, you can just put a heavyweight thing.

Let it dry around 7 to 1o days. Now it’s time to arrange them when the flowers are flat and dry properly. Decorating with framing is best because it creates a nice view.

Make them Into a Paperweight with Resin

You can also save the wedding bouquet flowers by drying them. Clean epoxy resin can be used for that. To make a resin paperweight you need a mold release that you can collect from a local craft store. The shape of the mold will depend on your preferences. It can be, square, sphere or cube, or love shape.

Now half-filled the mold with epoxy resin and finely position the flowers. Carefully remove the mold after it dries. This is how a great decoration is made that will keep your wedding bouquet blooming forever.   

Silica Gel for Archiving Bouquets Flowers

Silica gel is a substance that works wonders to retain the natural color and beauty of flowers. It is a perfect choice for drying flowers that will archive the bridal bouquet very easily. This way your flowers look as fresh as your wedding day. You can collect silica gel for less than $10 from any craft store.

Begin with pouring a layer of silica gel about 1.5 inches thick into a container. Then arrange the flowers face-to-face in a pot and continue to add more silica around the petals unit completely submerged. Now close the lid of the container and place it in a dry place. After a while, if they become a little weak, then you can apply fixative or hair spray on them.

Dry Them with Wax

You can use wax to keep dry the wedding bouquets flower. Although it’s not a permanent form, it will allow you to achieve your flowers for around 2 to 3 months. As well as the original integrity and color of the flower will remain intact.  

To keep drying the wedding flowers with wax, you need paraffin wax and a saucepan. Melt the wax in boiling water until the liquid is even and smooth. Then reduce the heat in the oven so that the wax mixture cools down a bit. Make sure that the stove doesn’t turn off at once as the mixture must maintain some warmth.

Next, take the flowers that look good and gently dip them in the wax solution. Refrain from taking anything that is stained or scorched. Now immediately pull them up and hang them upside down. Wait a while for these to dry. Once dry, you will have beautifully preserved dried for the next few months.

Send them to a Preservation Specialist

Finally, if you don’t want to bother to dry your wedding bouquet, simply send your bouquet to a preservation specialist. They will make your bouquet a 3D frame through special techniques that will look very professional and interesting.

The process takes around 15 to 20 weeks to complete. However, this time can vary according to your bouquet size. You can even add a photo in the background of the frame to make your special gift more memorable.


Wedding bouquets are always considered a special thing. Many newlyweds want to store these bouquets for a long time by drying them. Because it reminds them of that special moment in their marriage that gives them a somewhat nostalgic feeling. Hopefully, you will find the ideas on display dried wedding bouquet interesting and useful.

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