When To Do Makeup Trial for Wedding

Stepping into the role of a bride marks a profound and memorable moment in a woman's journey. As the spotlight of the day, your objective is to stand out above the rest, requiring flawless makeup application. The secret to nailing that perfect bridal appearance lies in ensuring a professional meticulously applies your makeup. It's crucial to think about setting up a trial session with a makeup artist as part of your wedding makeup preparation. However, this leads to the question: when should you schedule a makeup trial for the wedding?

You should do the makeup trial before booking the makeup service. To know the exact time when you should do the trial, keep going through the article. In the below part of the article, we will let you know a lot of important information about the wedding makeup trial.

Why Do Makeup Trial for Wedding?

Wedding makeup is not like your usual day’s makeup. You must want to know what you are getting and how you will look on one of the most important days of your life. Just like you don’t purchase the wedding dress without trying it out, you also need to go through a trial to find out the perfect fit. Apart from helping you to know what you are getting; the makeup artist can also learn about your skin type and other things.

On the other hand, you can know about the capability of the makeup artist. Along with that, you can also know the personality of the artist. You might not want to work with someone who is rude and does not the following hygiene during the sessions. It is a great opportunity for you to understand everything to decide whether she is perfect for you or not. Apart from the desired makeup look, the makeup artist also needs to be someone with whom you are comfortable.

During the trial run, you might not always do what you want. But once you know this, you can easily discuss things out and know the other available styling options. Remember that a good makeup artist will always find out the perfect options for you to give you the desired look. Another important thing is your face skin might be allergic to some makeup products. Or some products simply might not go without a face.

The trial run is a great way for the makeup artist to understand the issues so that she can find the right and most suitable product for you. You can also discuss other things in the trials. Such as, your bridesmaids might also require makeup and you can discuss the charge about this based on the number of persons.

When To Do Makeup Trial for Wedding

As you see, the wedding trial is something very important which you should carefully consider. One question that might arrive while talking about the makeup trial is when to go for the trial. Usually, there is no hard and fast timeframe for this. You will require hiring a makeup artist. Wedding experts often recommend starting searching for the makeup artist 6 months prior to finding the perfect match who can give you the best outcome.

We will recommend you to go for the trial as soon as you find the perfect makeup artist. You might require to ask her for a schedule as the popular makeup artists are always busy. It doesn’t matter whenever you book the makeup artist, make sure to go for the trial run at least 3 to 4 months prior to the wedding. This will ensure that you are getting enough time even if you are not happy with this artist and want someone else.

How to Prepare for the Wedding Makeup Trial

Going for the wedding makeup without becoming ready can be the worst thing you do. Here are something you should do before you go for the wedding makeup trial.

Make Sure You Got the Dress

It will be a dumb idea to go for the trial if you didn’t yet get the wedding dress. Along with the makeup, the dress is also a big part of your look. The makeup and the dress must match properly to make you look great. You might try out some makeup styles and they might look great on you. But they might not go well with your wedding dress. So, make sure that you have the wedding dress before you go for the trial.

Understand Your Need

Another important thing you need to think of is your preferred style for the wedding day. Things become easier and quicker for the makeup artist when you know what you want. If you have no idea about the preferred style, do some research. Search on bridal makeups and styles on the internet, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram to find out some amazing ideas.

Don’t Be Late

Try to go for the trial makeup as early as possible. As a result, you can easily search for another artist or try another style if you are not happy with the trial run. As we said above, you should go for the first trial at least 3 months prior to the wedding date. If you are not happy with the look at the first trial, tell it to the artist and ask for a different style recommendation. Then you should book the second trial and try the other styles.

Bring Your Accessories

It would be great if you can bring most of the accessories you will wear on the wedding day. Apart from the wedding gown, this can include the veils and the headpieces. This list might also include the jewelry, earring, necklace, head clips, etc. that you will wear.  Bring your smartphone or the camera to take some snaps of your look. Bring a friend who can help you to decide easily. And, don’t forget your wallet, as the trails are not always free.


Wedding makeup is something with which you will not want to compromise. It is important to seat for a trial makeup to understand what you will get on the wedding day. We hope that this article will help you to find all the important information that you need to know about the wedding trials.

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