How to Become a Wedding Planner Quiz?

Event coordination, especially for weddings, is currently a hot career choice. A lot of people are now looking at it as a viable career option. However, stepping into the shoes of a wedding planner isn’t as easy as one might think. It requires a variety of skills and personal traits. Do you think you have what it takes to excel in wedding planning? Keep reading to find out with our quiz if a career in wedding planning is right for you.

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are a lot of works that need to be done. From finding the services to negotiating with the vendors to putting up the venue, they require a lot of hard works. You will actually require having a lot of capabilities to become a successful wedding planner. Keep reading the article to find out further information.

How to Become a Wedding Planner Quiz?

In the below part of the article, we will ask some of the questions with details. If your answer is yes to most of the questions, you might be going forward to become a wedding planner.

Are You Good at Communication?

Communication is one of the most crucial skills that every wedding planner must have. You will require talking a lot with the clients, vendors, service providers, and a lot of other people. And, you must be able to put out the words in the write away to make sure that they are understanding you. Apart from just talking, you will also need to be a good listener and you should be able to understand the point of others.

Just having decent communication skills is not enough for the wedding planner. You should be able to communicate clearly with diplomacy, respect, and confidence. Sometimes, you will require negotiating with the vendors on a lot of things. In these stressful situations, you must be able to handle everything carefully and efficiently.

Are You Creative?

Another thing you need to have been created to become a wedding planner. You will find a lot of different variations of the client while working as a wedding planner and each of them will have different conditions and requirements. You should be creative enough to deal with them and be able to turn their hypothetical into practicality with your creative thoughts.

There are actually a lot of places in the wedding that will require your creative mindset. From the design of the arch to the lighting, wedding invitation, flowers, and other decorations, you need to always add aesthetic value. If you think doing creative things is not something that you can do, you should better search for some other variation of the career.

How is Your Budgeting Skill?

When it comes to weddings, the budget is very important. Oftentimes, the couple will put a couple of thousands of dollars on your hand and you will require managing everything at this budget. It can be pretty stressful to budget for the small details of the wedding. A wedding planner must be capable to throw a wedding party at any given budget. You should also be able to let the clients know how you are spending the budget.

Another skill that you will require a lot is negotiating. Although it is connected to communication skills, it is also linked to the budget. You will often require negotiating with the vendors and service providers to make things done within the shortest budget possible when you are on a tight budget from the client.

How Good is Your Organizational Skill?

Organizing thing is another skill that you will require at a wedding. The details of the wedding day are extremely important. Starting from the flowers to the drinks to the sound of the speaker, you will require organizing everything on the wedding day almost single-handedly. And, there are so many other things, like coordinating the travel, managing the hotel rooms, making the events happen at a specific time, everything will require an adequate organizational skill.

Are You a Multi-Tasker?

Multi-tasking is something which you will require doing at almost every wedding event. A wedding usually happens within a single day and there are thousands of details you be taking care of on this day. Such as, you might find some problems with the arch on the wedding day. And while working on this, another problem occurs. In such a situation, you have to manage everything singlehandedly. That means you must be able a pro-multi-tasker for the wedding.

Can You Stay Calm and Focused in Stressful Condition?

Being able to be calm and focused in stressful conditions is another must-have skill for wedding planners. In a public event which include couple hundreds of the guest, things can get bitter within a matter of seconds. And, you mustn’t feel everything is falling apart in such situations. You need to be kept your mind calm and work on fixing the issues as soon as possible accurately.

There will be situations in which you will feel very harsh but, in the meantime, you need to talk with a smile with the clients, guests, or vendors.

How Well is Your Networking Skill?

Networking is one thing that you will require a lot like a wedding planner. Even before you start working professionally, you will need to start building the network. That is because you will require taking services from a lot of vendors and services for the wedding. And, it would be better if you have previous familiarity with the persons. Your networking skill will help you to find the right vendor at the right place who offer the service at the right cost.

These are just a few skills that a wedding planner should have. It is not going to be wise if you think they are enough to be a wedding planner. Here are some other skills that you must have: knowledgeable, charming, patient, resourceful, easy going, attention to detail, adaptable, etc.


Being a wedding planner is an excellent choice and it is also very tricky. Asking the above quiz questions might be a great way to know whether you can become a wedding planner or not.

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