How to Dress Up a Plain Wedding Dress

During your nuptials, the wedding dress is an eye-catching element that draws the gaze of all present. Like every bride, your desire is to be the most luminous on this momentous occasion. The selection of your bridal gown plays a crucial role in defining your look. While a number of brides choose intricately designed gowns brimming with details, others lean towards a more understated elegance. Nonetheless, the challenge lies in figuring out ways to elevate a simple wedding dress.

If you have decided to dress up in a simple plain wedding dress, our article will help you how to look better even with your simple wedding dress. This dress idea is excellent if you are someone who loves to wear simplistic and minimalistic dresses. Keep reading the article to know how to dress up perfectly in a plain wedding dress.

How to Dress Up a Plain Wedding Dress?

The simplistic wedding dress is not only cost-effective but also a great way to express your passion and thought about life. If you are someone who cherishes a simplistic life, then you should consider the plain wedding dress.

Plan the Accessories

You are not going to hit the marriage ceremony with a simple and plain dress. Apart from the wedding ring, you might want to wear some other jewelry. While wearing a plain dress, you will also require planning ahead about the jewelry. Such as you can consider wearing a crystal necklace with the dress to make it look more beautiful. Selecting the right necklace that goes well with your dress is the key here.

Another impressive thing you can add is the crystal drop earrings along with the crystal bracelet. That can assist you to achieve the minimalist look that you want. Usually, the brides also carry a handbag during their wedding. Pick a handbag that goes with the dress and all other things you are wearing. Whatever you were, make sure that everything is following a color pallet to make you look better.

Choose the Veil Carefully

One of the important parts of the wedding dress is the veil. Whether you are wearing a gorgeous dress with a lot of details or a simple dress, you need to make sure that you have the right veil with it. Picking the right dramatic veil will make the plain wedding gown more perfect. There are actually several options for you when it comes to the veil. Some of the choices you can consider include the veil with embroidered lace edge, delicate tulle, floral appliques, and much more.

When it comes to the plain wedding dress, you don’t need to work hard to bring the small details to it. Rather, your main goal is to beautify the entire thing in a simple way. Also, consider the length of the veil carefully. As they are available in different lengths, you need to make sure that you are picking the ones that look simply perfect with your minimalistic wedding gown.

Some of the experts recommend going for the bigger veil which brings a more magical feeling in the appearance of the bride. Make sure to talk with your stylist or the seamstress about this.

Be Aware of the Fit

This is very important when you have selected a plain wedding dress. The dress must be perfectly fit in every way. Even when you have the most beautiful wedding gown out there, if it is not perfectly fit, then it might not make you look beautiful. If it requires go to an experienced seamstress for the alteration of the dress. The seamstress can make the dress fit for all the parts of the body. Note that when it comes to altering, there is a lot of things to do.

Usually, you will require to go to the fitter or seamstress around three months earlier than the wedding. That is because there can be much more work than you can ever imagine. The usual alteration works include shortening the hem, adding train buttons, reshaping the chest, shortening the straps, redoing the waist stay, redoing the neckline, etc., and much more.

You will also require a good budget for the altering which can vary based on the dress. Usually, the average cost of altering is around $300. However, it can be a lot more or less based on the amount of work. It can also vary based on the experience, talent, and popularity of the seamstress.

Consider Adding the Lace

Adding lace to your dress is one of the best ways to make it more beautiful. So, if your wedding dress doesn’t include lace, you can consider adding some of it. There is a common misconception that the lace thing is very costly. But that’s not true at all. You should find some decent choices at an affordable range.

If you have no prior experience of sewing, don’t ever try to add anything to the dress from your own. You can end up spoiling the dress. There are a lot of things that you can do with the dress. Consider talking with the stylist to find out what to do. You can also look for ideas on online platforms.  

Add Some Details

If you think adding some details can make the dress better, then consider doing it without any hesitation. Such as, you can add different variations of necklines. Some of the best necklines for the minimalistic dress include sweetheart, sleeveless, square, high neckline, etc. All you need to do is to make sure which one will suit you the best. Note that adding a lot of details might hurt the minimalistic appearance of the dress.  


Wearing a plain dress can be a great way to express your minimalistic mindset at the wedding. You can make the dress more beautiful by adding some matching details. As we said earlier, you can work on the veils, accessories, and laces to make the dress look better. We hope that you will find this article helpful while dressing up in a plain wedding dress.

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