When to Book Hair and Makeup Trial for Wedding

On the day you tie the knot, it's natural to want to showcase your most breathtaking beauty. Achieving that peak look means getting both your makeup and hair perfectly done. As your wedding day approaches, organizing trial sessions for your makeup and hair becomes crucial to perfect the exquisite look you aim for on this significant day. Ensuring everything, particularly your makeup, is spot-on for the biggest day of your life is paramount, and trial sessions are key to achieving a precise vision of your desired appearance. Yet, you might question the ideal timing to book a trial for your wedding hair and makeup?

"To err is human." makeup artists are no exception. So makeup and hair care can go wrong in many ways but you will not like that to happen on your wedding day. That is where you will understand the value of hair and makeup trials. This trial run will help you to get a look at your imagination of how you want to look that day. You have to schedule your trial at least three months before the big day. This will allow you time and scope to prepare yourself as best. 

When to Book Hair and Makeup Trial for Wedding?

Wedding planning is not only about hair and makeup. You will have lots of work to do in a short amount of time. So you must schedule everything properly. Hair and makeup trials are an important part of wedding plans. 

You should schedule your appointments at least 3 to 6 months before your wedding day so that it gives you enough time to think about any changes if you want. Also, think of consulting 2-3 sessions. This will allow you to mend things up that you didn’t like. 

Makeup Trial Appointment 

Makeup is a key factor for a bride to look the best on the best day of her life. So in order to have that done perfectly, you must schedule trial sessions with experts and have a glimpse of your look. As we said above, the trial should be set at 3 to 6 months prior to the wedding.

Hair Care Trials 

If you are not planning to do any major changes like dye or having a big cut, you should plan to set a mindset of having your trial about 2 months before. On the contrary, it is better for you to have your trial 6 months before the wedding day if you want to make major changes. 

How to Book Hair and Makeup Trial for Wedding 

You will obviously look for the best makeup and hair care for your wedding. But you have to give yourself enough time before the wedding for a stress-free trial. Also, you have to keep some things in mind that have a great impact on the success of a proper hair and makeup trial. 

Get Your Wedding Dress Ready at First 

We will suggest you buy your wedding gown before going for the trial. Having the dress and other accessories (shoes, ornaments, veils, etc) prepared before the trial will give you scope to visualize your look on the wedding day. Also, you can guess what look will suit you the best. Your wedding dress and other accessories have a great influence on how your makeup will be. 

Prioritize Your Thoughts 

Every girl dreams of her wedding day and wonders how she is going to look. Many may have a certain thought or idea for her hair and makeup. In this case, you should prioritize your thoughts about this. If you have an idea set in your mind, discuss it with your makeup and hair artist in trial sessions. 

Schedule Properly and Give Yourself Enough Time 

While scheduling your trial sessions you should always keep in mind time. Time is a valuable aspect of your wedding plans. You should schedule your appointments at least 3 months before the big day. This will give you a stress-free trial. Also do not forget about hair and makeup trials for engagement photos, bachelorette day, and other occasions. 

Try to go with natural skin and hair 

Before going for a hair care appointment, do not apply extra products and keep them natural. Also, when it comes to makeup trials, just let go of your usual natural face. Besides, natural faces hold makeup better. 

Bring Someone Trustworthy Along

You should bring a family member or a friend you trust with you on the trial day. He or she may suggest what look suits you the best.

Things to Remember When You Book Makeup and Hair Trial for Wedding 

Your wish is the main priority. You should have a proper idea for your hair and makeup. How do you want your hair and makeup done?" That is the question your artist will ask you in the trial appointment. Here are some things that you should keep in mind during the trial:

Always Pay Attention 

During the trial, you have to pay attention to how you look. When you think some changes are not suiting you, just discuss them. Also if you have something else in your vision, talk to your artist and get that done. 

Don't Be Shy Open Up Your Voice 

Trial sessions are conducted with a view to having the best outcomes. So in your hair and makeup trial, you have to cooperate with the artist discussing your ideas and thoughts.

Keep Trying until You Find Perfection

In terms of you not having a proper idea about how you want your makeup and hair, you should try on various styles and designs and choose what goes the best with you. 

Related Questions

How Much it Cost to Book Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial?

Nothing comes without cost. You may think hair and makeup trials do not cost as it is only a trial session. But you are wrong. Wedding makeup and hair care trials will cost around $100-$150. According to expert artists, trials cost half the final makeup session. Also, you may have to pay extra charges for your additional demands if you have any.

Should You Book Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial Together?

If there is a chance, we will suggest that you should have both at the same time. When you consult a trial session for both hair and makeup together this will give you a clear idea about how the look is pulled together and what should be changed. On the other hand, separate sessions will not do so. So almost all experts suggest brides have the hair and makeup trial together. 


You will definitely want your hair and makeup to be up to mark for your wedding day. Consulting an expert and having two or three trial sessions will help you to fulfill your wishes regarding this. We have tried to demonstrate the facts about wedding hair and makeup. So, we hope that this article will help you to get a clear idea of when you should book makeup and hair trial for a wedding.

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