When to Book Hair and Makeup for Wedding

When is the right time to book your wedding hair and makeup? A wedding is an incredibly significant event in a woman's life, with many aspiring to look their best on this special day. The appearance of your hair and makeup significantly influences your overall look. Therefore, it's critical to book your wedding hair and makeup appointment early. So, what's the perfect time to schedule these services? Keep reading to discover.

Actually, there is no exact answer to this question. You can even book them a week earlier. However, you should book the hair and makeup specialist a few months earlier. This will help the artist to plan ahead and offer you the best service. Keep reading the article to find a bit more about the topic.

When to Book Hair and Makeup for Wedding

Knowing when to book services for your wedding is very important. It is a very important part of your wedding planning. When you should book the service mostly depends on the time you are getting married. Furthermore, it will also depend on what types of wedding you are planning. Such as the ceremony can be lowkey in your backyard, or in the town hall, it can be a destination wedding, etc.

Furthermore, you should also consider the wedding peak season as most service providers will be extremely busy in this time. While picking a wedding planner, you need to start with a trial run. If you are planning the wedding months prior, we will recommend going for the trial run at least 6 months earlier. Note that it is not highly important but this will assist you to get the best vendor out there.

While planning for the hair and makeup service providers, make sure to prepare a list of the possible choices. You should do it as earlier as possible. Then narrow down the list and go for the trial with the selected one. You will get plenty of more time to go and try different artists if you are not happy with the trial from the one you have chosen. Another benefit of doing this is you will have one less thing to worry about.

Note that there are vendors that can offer you the service within short notice. In such cases, you might or might not get the service from the preferred vendor if they are already booked for the wedding date. This will take a bit more effort from their end. However, you will require paying a bit more than usual in respect of their additional; work.

What to Consider While Booking Hair and Makeup for Wedding

Picking the right makeup service is not going to be easy work. You will require considering several things to find out the best choice for your budget. One thing about the makeup artist is they can become the trend of the town and be very busy at certain times. When you know what to consider and when to hire, you can easily be able to pick your artist easily.

Make a List

Wedding makeup artists and hairstylists are two things that are usually widespread. However, sometimes it might be a bit hard to find out who will be the right pick for you. Not all of the artists out there can understand what you want and provide you with that. So, it would be better to make a list first and try to know about their service. Check out the portfolio and read the reviews for a better idea while creating the shortlist. You might also consider their service charge range.

While making your list, you can ask friends and family members about recommendations. You might end up finding the best options following this way. Besides, you can search for the hairstylist and makeup artist provider in your area by searching online.

Checking the Portfolio

It becomes easier for you to decide over the wedding artist when you know what you will get. Nowadays, all makeup artists and hairstylists maintain portfolios online to give the customer an overview of what they are offering. Moreover, their social media can also be a great way to see their works. You can consider checking the Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. profile to see the previous works. You can also find reviews about the service on Facebook, Google, etc.

Meet in Person

Once you think you have found the right fit, the next thing you need to do is to go meet them in person. This will be the best way to discuss the wedding makeup requirement.  Make sure that she understands what you want. Also, try to understand their personality and working procedure to decide whether you are okay with it or not. Also, talk clearly about the wedding date and make sure they are available for that day.

Go for the Trials

Trails are very important to know what you are getting as compromising with your look is not an option for the best day of your life. Before you finally book the service, we highly recommend you go for the trial. You can also get a better idea of the style, color palette, makeup products during this. If you are happy with the trial run, then you can go forward and book the service. However, a trial might not be necessary if the artist is familiar or someone very well-known.

Other Things to Consider

In the current situation, we are going through a pandemic and makeup artists are someone who works with a lot of people on a daily basis. So, you should be aware of their hygiene and sanitation practices. Also, be aware of the products they are using. They should be good in quality and not unhealthy for your skin.


We hope this article will help you to know when to book Hair and Makeup for the wedding. we said above, you should start searching for makeup and hair artists as soon as possible. You can consider the above recommendation while searching for the artist to end up with the best one.

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