Mormon Mass Wedding – The Temple Ceremony and Reception

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If you are considering a Mormon mass wedding, you're likely curious about what is involved in the ceremony. You can also learn about the temple ceremony, wedding gifts, and other pre-wedding rituals. For a full understanding of Mormon mass weddings, read the following article. It will cover everything from the Temple ceremony to the reception. Here, we'll talk about what to expect during the temple ceremony and how to prepare for the big day.

Temple ceremony

In the days before the Internet, a temple ceremony required a church recommend card. While church leaders do not divulge how many Latter-day Saints have a temple recommend card, it is estimated that less than half of them have one. In addition, some families do not allow their members to marry outside the temple because the marriage was prohibited by church law. Additionally, the Mormon religion does not allow couples to hold a wedding at a temple unless they are members of the Church.

Unlike a traditional wedding, a temple wedding only requires a sealing ceremony. The rest of the ceremony can be planned separately by the bride and groom. Other components of a typical wedding celebration may not include a reception, a dance, a honeymoon, or even bridesmaids or groomsmen. Additionally, a temple wedding does not require food or other items that are typically included in a traditional mass wedding.

While the wedding ceremony at a Mormon temple is similar to one in a church, the bride and groom wear typical church clothes. The priest presides over the ceremony and speaks softly so that others are not distracted. The Mormon bride wears a modest wedding dress. The priest begins the ceremony by giving a short speech to the couple. He is known as a sealer and has authority from God to "seal" the marriage. This speech usually lasts for five minutes and includes a message about a happy marriage.


The reception of a Mormon mass wedding is a relaxed event. Guests wear nice clothing, sometimes dance, and often bring children. The bride and groom often cut the cake and throw the bouquet, and then leave together. Alcohol is rarely served. Although the bride and groom are often very casual, the guests are expected to wear appropriate attire. For the reception, the bride and groom may opt for a formal wedding gown rather than a more casual, informal one.

Guests at a Mormon mass wedding wear the typical church attire, including a long sleeveless dress. The bride wears a modest wedding dress to the wedding. The wedding ceremony is preceded by a short speech from the Mormon priest, who has been ordained by God to seal the marriage. His speech, which lasts about five minutes, contains a message about a happy marriage.

Non-Mormon parents may be banned from attending the wedding. They must meet strict membership requirements before they are allowed to attend. Parents of non-Mormons may be denied permission to attend the wedding, and must wait a year before they can get married in the temple. However, the wedding can be held in a civil ceremony earlier in the day for non-Mormon guests. The couple must then wait a year before they are allowed to attend the reception.


A gift is always welcome at a Mormon mass wedding, but what to give a couple who has not yet met is a bit different. Gifts can range from religious items to luxuries. It can be a simple announcement about the ceremony or an invitation to attend an open house or reception. Often, the invitation will have instructions on the best time to give gifts. If you're not sure what to give, here are some ideas to make the reception special.

Consider the location of the ceremony. Most LDS weddings take place in a church or cultural hall. The Relief Society room typically has better seats and more elegant decorations than the cultural hall, which often has basketball courts. If the location isn't the ideal choice for your guest list, consider giving them an edible treat instead. The couple's guests may find it difficult to find the location, so consider the route so that everyone knows where to go.

The bride and groom will appreciate a necklace that symbolizes their relationship. The bride can wear a temple charm necklace, and the groom can wear cufflinks that represent their temple. The bride can also wear a special Sunday suit with temple cufflinks. Whether you're gifting for a Mormon mass wedding or a traditional Christian wedding, your choice will surely be appreciated. If you're not sure what to buy, try one of these ideas and be sure to give your new spouse the wedding gift of a lifetime.

Pre-wedding rituals

There are several pre-wedding rituals for a Mormon marriage. The Mormon wedding ceremony begins with a short speech by a priest, known as the "sealer," who has authority from God to "seal" a marriage. His speech lasts about 5 minutes and gives the newlyweds advice about how to have a happy marriage. After the sealer's speech, the couple exchanges rings and kisses.

Mormon marriages differ from weddings of other religions. You can learn more about Mormon weddings by reading our guide to the LDS religion. The Mormon wedding includes a wedding reception, which is "dry," meaning no alcohol is served. The celebration can include dancing and music, a garter toss, and a cake cutting ceremony. Children may need to be accompanied by an adult for the ceremony.

Mormon marriages are top-secret affairs. Non-Mormons are not permitted to watch. They must wait outside the Temple if their Mormon friends and family aren't worthy enough to be married in a Mormon temple. For non-Mormons, this can be an emotional experience. It's easy to understand why Mormon marriage ceremonies are so unique, but don't let that stop you from participating in this spiritual event!

Another of the pre-wedding rituals for a Mormon marriage is the sealing ceremony. The sealing ceremony is conducted by a priest or bishop. It is a solemn affair that involves both parties wearing temple clothing and making promises to each other. While Mormons don't reveal the details of the sealing ceremony, it is important to understand that it is important to be chaste in the temple.


If you are planning a Mormon mass wedding, you should be aware of the costs involved. These expenses include the wedding dress, food, decorations, and DJ. They also cover the costs of holding the wedding ceremony and reception. In some instances, it may be necessary to pay a deposit to reserve the temple. This deposit may amount to $200 or more. This deposit is usually refundable, so it's worth looking into.

The church's policies on weddings have changed in recent years, but they still retain some traditions. For instance, ring ceremonies and civil weddings are no longer mandatory outside the temple. Additionally, brides and grooms may need to be flexible when it comes to the date of their wedding. Some Latter-day Saints also believe their marriages are eternal. So, a Mormon mass wedding is expensive, but it's worth it for the unique experience.

The Church teaches its members to avoid debt, and weddings take place at the Church's facilities. While the Church's facilities are free, cultural pressures can lead to higher expenses. One Mormon man attributed these expenses to the Church's strict guidelines. However, the cost of an LDS mass wedding is lower than that of an average wedding in other religious groups. This could be due to the lack of alcohol consumption, and the fact that many Latter-Day Saints marry younger.

Who can attend

Who can attend a Mormon mass wedding? In 1980, Sue Bergin was 22 years old when her brother was married in the temple. When her brother and future wife decided to move to California, she helped them get married. The church has changed its rules regarding weddings to make them more family friendly. For example, after a civil ceremony, a couple will no longer have to wait a year before they can have a temple wedding. While the religious ceremony is still strictly limited to members in good standing, it will be possible for other family members to attend a mormon mass wedding.

Mormons are a faith-based organization, and this religion's rituals are highly sacred. The wedding ceremony is performed in a temple or in a church building by a bishop. The marriage is not eternal, but the couple is still legally bound until their death. This means that both sets of parents and children must be present at the ceremony. However, a mormon mass wedding will have all members of the family present.

For example, guests should wear church clothes. Mormon temples are like libraries and people must speak quietly in order to avoid distracting others. Mormon brides wear modest wedding dresses, and the priest will give a short speech to the couple. This speech is called the sealer's speech and has the authority of God to "seal" the marriage. It will last for about 5 minutes and include a message about a happy marriage.

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