Mormon Wedding Etiquette

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There are several important things to know about Mormon wedding etiquette. Mormons hold sacred rituals and a Temple sealing is an essential part of the ceremony. Here are some tips to help you plan the wedding. Mormons generally wear a uniform and follow a strict set of rules when it comes to attire. You should also make sure to check out these tips before making your final decision on the Mormon wedding etiquette.

Temple sealings are a sacred Mormon tradition

A temple sealing can be an important part of the wedding etiquette for the newlyweds. Unless both the couple and the officiant are Church members, the ceremony will take place inside a temple. A worthy member of the Church must be the one performing the sealing. Guests should wear their Sunday best. Brides should prepare their wedding dress beforehand. If they're not Mormons, they can prepare a heartfelt letter or video to share with the priesthood.

The ceremony will include a short religious ordinance. Unlike traditional weddings in other churches, temple sealings do not involve the bride walking down the aisle or the groom giving her away. It's quiet, private, and preceded by words of counsel from the sealer. The ceremony itself may take a long time, so it's best to arrive early. Then, the newlyweds can enjoy the wedding together.

The ritual of a Mormon temple sealing differs from a traditional wedding. Instead of walking down the aisle, the bride and groom kneel on opposite sides of the altar. The person performing the sealing explains the importance of the ceremony and the eternal nature of marriage. The bride and groom make simple promises to God. The ceremony doesn't include the center aisle, grand entrance, or exchanging of wedding rings. It takes about twenty minutes.

Modern Mormons with non-temple-going families have found ways to honor both traditions. Ring ceremonies or elaborate parties are increasingly common in modern Mormon culture. Such gatherings may involve prayers, music, and a spiritual message from a local LDS leader. A priest of the LDS Church will perform the ceremony at a Mormon temple and will be able to tell the couple what to expect from their marriage.

Non-LDS guests can’t attend

A temple wedding is unique from a normal wedding in many ways. In addition to requiring a private interview with the local bishop, applicants must attest to their moral purity and religious diligence. They must abstain from alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea, and heavy petting. They must also follow the Law of Tithing and follow the guidelines to be a temple member. Guests cannot attend a mormon wedding if they are not members of the church.

Since the temple weddings are intimate, they don't need a large number of guests. The ceremonies typically last between four and 25 minutes and don't involve much ceremony. Guests should wear modest clothing that covers the knees and neck. Attendees should dress appropriately for the location and should avoid wearing alcohol. In addition, guests should dress for business-like attire. It's not necessary to invite non-LDS guests, but they should still follow the rules.

Outside the United States, Latter-day Saint couples may choose to have both a civil wedding and a temple wedding. A temple wedding is a religious ceremony that is conducted in a designated LDS temple. The ceremony must be performed by a member of the church. Since the temple wedding is a sacred event, only faithful Latter-day Saints are permitted to attend.

Traditionally, LDS weddings take place in a Relief Society room or cultural hall. Relief Society rooms tend to have more comfortable seating and more elegant decorations. Cultural halls often serve as multipurpose rooms and may contain basketball courts. Additionally, the music at an LDS wedding are different. The officiant will wear a suit. The bride and groom will exchange temple garments, which are considered magical underwear, but don't have any other special powers.


The etiquette for invitations to a Mormon wedding is not all that different than other weddings. The invitation should include RSVP instructions. This may be in the form of a card, return envelope, or map, depending on the location. Even though weddings are considered to be informal and unstructured, guests are expected to dress modestly. For example, women should avoid showing too much skin, and men should wear a conservative suit.

The most important part of etiquette for invitations to a Mormon wedding is that it reflects the type of wedding. If the couple wants to have a full church service, they must indicate this on the invitation. The words "holy matrimony" or "nuptial mass" should be included on the invitation. You should also include the parish name, as these are common in Mormon culture. Invitations to LDS weddings will generally mention the temple in order to invite temple guests.

Gifts are generally not appropriate, since wine is not allowed. However, the bride and groom will likely appreciate anything received as a gift. However, the best option for gifts is to buy a book that the couple will enjoy reading. This gift should cost no more than $15-20, and should not spoil quickly. You should also make sure that the gift does not go bad overnight. The recipient does not want a large box of sauces and spices, for example.

In addition, if you're invited to attend the ceremony, don't bring anyone who has not been invited. While this does not mean you shouldn't attend, it is best to pay attention to the invitation's venue and timing. If the reception is catered, you should refrain from bringing additional guests. If it is open, make sure to contact the host before arriving. Foods at Mormon weddings typically include more than just wedding cake, so don't show up hungry. Know what food is available and be prepared to skip seconds.


Attending a Mormon wedding can be intimidating if you are not familiar with the customs of this faith. However, the differences between Mormon weddings and other weddings are minimal. Listed below are tips for attending a Mormon wedding reception. To make the day as pleasant as possible, wear the proper attire. For male guests, you can choose a long-sleeved button-up shirt with khakis or slacks. Short-sleeved shirts are also appropriate. However, you should avoid wearing a tie unless you are a close family member.

Men should wear dress shoes. Loafers are okay, as are dress boots. If you want to avoid getting lost in a pair of dress boots, you can opt for plain colored pumps instead of embellished pumps. Women shouldn't wear sandals or open-toed shoes. However, if you are in need of comfortable shoes, you can wear high heels. However, the shoes should be flat, not strappy.

Afternoon receptions are less formal, with light snacks and mingling, while evening receptions typically feature a full meal and dancing. You must remember that all of the guests you invite to your wedding should attend. This means that the more guests you invite, the more you will spend. For this reason, you may want to split your reception into two or more events. There is no rule for how many people you should invite to a Mormon wedding, but it is good to consider the number of attendees if you plan to have more than one.

Receptions at a Mormon wedding are typically held on the evening of the ceremony. Most receptions last about two to three hours. Guests usually dress up and bring a dish to share. A wedding cake is the main feature of the event and is sometimes served. Children may also attend. During the reception, the bride and groom will throw a bouquet or cut the cake. The guests can then leave when they please. However, the LDS church does not serve alcohol.

Garter toss

When attending a Mormon wedding, one of the most memorable traditions is the garter toss. The bride will be required to wear a ceremonial garter, and the groom will throw it into the air. The winner will either find love or tie the knot. Some people find the garter toss to be cute entertainment, while others feel it is gender-specific and implies marriage is the ultimate goal.

The garter toss is traditionally performed during the reception. After the bride has tied the knot, the groom will remove the garter from her leg with his hands or teeth and toss it to the eligible bachelors. The groom can choose a song to play during the ceremony. The ceremony can also be performed in the presence of witnesses. Guests can participate in the garter toss if they are Mormons.

The reception for a Mormon wedding is similar to a traditional wedding reception. Alcohol is not served and the reception is usually dry. The reception will have dancing, a buffet, and toasts. There will also be a garter toss. Afterwards, the newlyweds will cut the cake and head off on their honeymoon. The celebration lasts for several hours. This is a beautiful and romantic occasion.

During the reception, guests can bring a gift for the couple. As a Mormon couple, you will sign in like other lovers. Traditionally, gifts are given to the couple during the reception. This tradition is unique to a Mormon wedding and should be followed. You may also want to designate a gift collector for the reception. This could be a child or a friend. For more information, check out Mormon wedding registry.

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