Mormon Wedding Ring Traditions

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Mormons are among the various religious groups that have adopted the practice of wearing wedding rings. These groups include Adventists, Catholics, Jews, and Latter-day Saints. Read on to learn about the traditions of the Mormons. Depending on the particular rite, they may wear one or several rings.

Adventists now wear wedding rings

Adventists who wear wedding rings do so because of their devotion to the Lord. This is not because they are acting out of vanity or going against Bible teachings. On the contrary, they are just as devoted to the Lord as the people who do not wear them. According to the Bible, Peter mentions that beauty is revealed in virtue.

Adventists have a strict code of conduct that they follow. This includes wearing wedding rings, jewelry and other accessories. Some Adventists consider wearing wedding rings to be ornamental, while others view them as an expression of vanity and pride. Adventists have been divided on the issue, although other religions have strictly restricted ornamental jewelry and wedding rings.

Traditionally, Adventists did not wear wedding rings, but this has changed. Since the 1986 North American Division Annual Council, Seventh Day Adventists can wear wedding rings. Prior to that, they were forbidden to wear them in North America. However, they still forbid wearing other types of jewelry.

However, it is not entirely clear why the church requires Adventists to wear wedding rings. Some members believe that it is not appropriate to wear them out of principle. However, others believe it is the way the Lord wants them to look. If they are conscientious, it is acceptable to wear wedding bands.


Catholics wear wedding rings for a variety of reasons. They are symbolic of love and devotion to their spouse, and they remind a husband and wife of their everlasting allegiance. They also symbolically represent God's eternal love for them. The tradition of wearing wedding rings originated in the Roman Empire. Later, Catholic Church leaders incorporated the practice of wearing wedding rings into the Sacrament of Marriage. In the early 800s, Pope Nicolas I encouraged Catholics to wear gold betrothal rings as a symbol of their ability to provide for their wives. Later, Pope Innocent III endorsed the use of silver and iron betrothal rings.

In the Catholic faith, wedding rings are traditionally worn on the left hand, since the left hand is closer to the heart and senses. This is a tradition that has evolved over time, and it is also accepted in other religions. Some traditions have shifted the traditional location for the wedding ring, but Catholics generally wear them on the left hand, as it is considered more appropriate for a marriage.

In early Christian Britain, the third finger of the left hand is traditionally worn for wedding rings. Experts speculate that this was due to the fact that the second and third fingers of the left hand are touching each other. It's thought that the right ring finger is the blood vessel to the heart, and wearing a wedding ring represents where that thread is coming from.


The Mormons are not the only religious group that wears wedding rings. The Christian denominations also use them, although some do not. While the Roman Catholic Church mandates that the bride wears a ring, the Eastern Orthodox Church and Eastern Lutherans do not. In addition to the bride receiving her rings during the wedding, the priest also exchanges the couple's rings. The priest asks God to bless the couple's putting on of the rings with His heavenly blessing.

In the temple, the bride and groom are sealed together during the sealing ceremony. This sacred ceremony is performed by an officiator who holds the sealing power. The bride and groom's families are generally present for the sealing ceremony. In addition to the sealing ceremony, the Mormons wear wedding rings during the reception or open house.

The Mormons place their wedding rings on their right hand. The right hand is associated with honor and virtue, and so it is important for both the bride and groom to place their rings on their right hands. The wedding ring is blessed three times by a priest during the wedding ceremony. The priest places the ring on the hands of the bride and groom. It is believed that the ring symbolizes the virtues of the Church.

Mormons wear wedding rings to symbolize eternity and marriage. The LDS ring ceremony explains that the ring "continues without end." Thus, it is important to carefully choose the perfect wedding ring for the couple.

Latter-day Saints

Most Latter-day Saints wear wedding rings. Others wear other kinds of rings, usually with themes or symbols related to the Church. These rings are meant to remind the wearer of the commandments. The CTR ring is one example. It reminds the wearer to "Choose the Right" by keeping the commandments. The traditional CTR ring is in the form of a shield with CTR letters arranged around it. There are many styles of CTR rings, some of which do not have the shield.

Adventists and other non-Mormons can wear wedding rings. However, Adventists do not wear other pieces of jewelry. Adventists do not consider wedding rings to be a requirement. In their beliefs, wearing wedding rings is not an indication of vanity. In the Bible, Peter mentions that beauty is in virtue, not in appearance.

Weddings conducted by Mormons typically take place in a church's cultural hall or Relief Society room. The Relief Society room is more intimate and comfortable. The cultural hall is typically a multi-purpose room. It might even have court markings! Although the ceremony itself is informal, attendees should wear modest clothing. Alcohol should not be consumed during the ceremony.

Latter-day Saints wear wedding rings for a number of reasons. One is to make the wedding ceremony more inclusive for non-LDS guests. The officiator will mention that wearing a ring is not part of a temple ordinance, but it is an acceptable custom. The officiator will often refer to Joseph Smith's statement that the ring is a material adornment. Consequently, a ring should not be burdensome for a groom.

Orthodox Christians

Mormon couples may wear wedding rings, but it isn't part of the temple ceremony. Instead, Mormon couples often have a ring ceremony outside the Temple, similar to a traditional wedding. The bride and groom walk down the aisle, exchange rings, and then share a first kiss.

Mormons wear the CTR ring to remind themselves to "Choose the Right" and follow the commandments. The ring features a shield on its background with the words CTR inscribed in it. While the shield is traditionally the most common design, you can also find CTR rings in Spanish or other languages.

Marriage sealing is an ordinance performed by a priest or other authority in the Church. It binds a couple to one another for life and for eternity. It is a formal event, and non-Mormons cannot attend. Even if they do, they are not allowed to talk about the ceremony, and photographs are forbidden. However, some ex-Mormons have told of their experiences during the sealing ceremony.

In order to get a temple wedding, both the bride and groom must go through a private interview with their local bishop. During the interview, they must swear to maintain a high level of religious diligence. They must abstain from alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea, and they must be morally pure. They must also follow the law of tithing.


If you're wondering whether Adventists wear wedding rings, you're not alone. The Church's general policy is that Adventists don't wear wedding rings because they're vanity-driven. In fact, Ellen G. White once said that anyone who wears a wedding ring without a cultural requirement deserves to be disciplined by the Church.

Many Adventists wear wedding rings, but not all. Some groups are 'Holiness' groups and don't wear any jewelry at all. Other groups interpret Paul's and Peter's teachings on modesty to exclude jewelry. Regardless of your own beliefs, it's important to wear modest jewelry.

The Church's policy on wearing wedding rings has changed since Ellen White's time. Initially, the church had a strict policy against wearing wedding rings. But in 1986, the North American Division changed that policy. The change was the result of the concerns of some church members. Many believe that wearing wedding bands is a symbolic expression of faithfulness to a marriage vow.

Adventists can marry in church or outside the church. Adventist wedding ceremonies are similar to those of other protestant faiths, and may vary by country and culture. Generally, an Adventist wedding will take place in a church.