Platinum Weddings – Where Are They Now?

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Platinum Weddings is a reality television series that premiered on WE tv cable channel on July 23, 2006. The show documents couples as they plan extravagant weddings. It spawned several spin-off shows, including Amazing Wedding Cakes. In addition to the series itself, the show has been the subject of a number of books and online articles. Here's a look at what fans can expect when it comes to the show.


The rise in prices for precious metals, such as platinum, are causing changes in the bridal market. While platinum has long been a popular choice, many people are now looking at alternatives. Palladium is an excellent alternative, but the differences between the two are still dramatic. A five-millimetre platinum wedding band, for example, can cost 923 pounds. By contrast, a five-millimetre white gold wedding band, which has the same ring width, costs only 263 pounds.

Although platinum has been the most popular metal for wedding rings, palladium has recently become more expensive due to its industrial use. It retains its natural color, and ages gracefully, developing an attractive patina. The metal is also lighter than platinum, making it comparable in weight to gold. Platinum is the traditional choice for wedding rings, but palladium wedding bands are the latest trend. A platinum wedding band will last for years to come.

If you want to buy a platinum wedding band, you'll need to know that platinum weighs double as much as palladium. If you're concerned about nickel, platinum is a better option, but some jewelers can also source white gold without nickel. In the end, the decision between platinum and palladium wedding bands comes down to personal preference and your budget. The following platinum wedding band comparison chart may be useful.

Palladium rings are slightly harder than platinum. They resist scratches better than palladium. Palladium rings also have a slightly darker tone. Platinum wedding rings are harder than palladium rings, and are therefore a better choice if you are going to choose a colored gemstone. The two metals are nearly identical, but the palladium wedding bands have slightly different looks. If you are unsure of the right choice for you, it is important to consult an expert.


If you've been wondering where the couples from Platinum wedding have gone after getting married, you've come to the right place. This list includes photos from every episode of the series. Each episode is listed along with its original air date and cast. Each episode is listed by season, with cast and locations. You can also find the names of the wedding vendors. You can even find the menus for your reception! If you've watched Platinum wedding, you'll know just where to find them!

One of the most popular trends in engagement and wedding rings is matching rings. However, there's nothing wrong with wearing a bold love token on your ring finger. For example, a platinum wedding band can be adorned with over 250 diamonds, making it a versatile, bold love token. The band can also be worn on the other hand or on a special finger. You can even customize it to fit your own preferences!

Despite the increased popularity of palladium and white gold as bridal metals, platinum is becoming increasingly expensive. Jewellers are finding that they have to re-price their stock more often. However, they are unwilling to cut their quality by using less platinum in their wedding bands. For this reason, they are finding alternatives to platinum. Platinum wedding bands, for example, can cost as much as nine hundred and twenty-three pounds, whereas white gold wedding bands cost as little as 260 pounds.

As platinum is a much denser metal than white gold, many people have started switching to palladium wedding rings or 18-carat white gold to save money. This is partly because platinum is more attractive to women and men alike and is better marketed than white gold. In fact, a County Jewellers salesman said that some couples on a tight budget are choosing to go with cheaper metals like palladium.

14 karat white gold

In addition to choosing your ring in a platinum setting, you may also want to consider a band made from white gold, which is more affordable than its other counterpart. Among the options for a platinum wedding band is the Ashley Zhang ring, which comes in platinum and 14K gold. The band is medium-width, with a slightly curved shape. It costs approximately $480. It features no stones, so it's perfect for a couple who doesn't want a stone-studded band.

Platinum is the most expensive metal for jewelry. It does not tarnish, and is resistant to corrosion. Because it is less expensive, white gold is less expensive than platinum. Unlike platinum, white gold is an alloy made of yellow gold and other metals. White gold rings have a whiter appearance, which is achieved through rhodium plating. Although white gold does not tarnish, it does need rhodium plating to keep them looking as white as possible.

Platinum is harder than white gold, and is much heavier. It also tends to look better on fair-skinned people. However, platinum requires regular cleaning and polishing to keep its white look. A platinum wedding ring should be cleaned and polished every few years, as it will dull. In addition, cleaning and polishing will strip off some of the platinum, which makes it an expensive option.

Another major difference between white gold and platinum rings is their cost. Platinum is more expensive than white gold, and requires a higher level of maintenance. However, this metal is better for engraving than gold. It costs more than gold and costs approximately 160 tons compared to 1,500 tons. Regardless of your choice, both gold and platinum are beautiful choices. It is all up to you and your partner! Just remember to take good care of your platinum wedding band, and you'll be happy for many years to come.


One of the best things about a platinum wedding is the fact that the metal ages beautifully. The oldest platinum rings were used by the ancient Egyptians, a symbol of eternity. Platinum is the most durable precious metal and will remain the same as new as long as it is kept in good condition. The platinum band also retains its shine, even after many years of daily use. Platinum rings can be passed down through the generations and engaged couples can keep antique rings or have a jeweler redesign them.

Another traditional tradition is the exchange of wedding rings. Symbolizing love and commitment, a wedding ring has been the symbol of marriage since ancient times. It dates back to the Ancient Egyptians, when people believed that finger #4 contained a vein that went to the heart. They also believed that a circle represented eternity. Today, wedding rings are set with precious gemstones like rubies and sapphires. The rings have a long history, and each of the precious stones has a meaning.

In ancient times, a flower girl carried a grain-filled sheath down the aisle. This was done for luck. The Romans believed that carrying the wheat would bless future marriages. In modern times, brides often choose a gold or silver ring, although some traditions do not allow this. It is personal preference. Regardless of the tradition, a platinum wedding is a unique celebration that will stand the test of time.

Engagement rings have a rich history. The oldest known engagement ring was a braided reed ring that was worn on the left ring finger. The ring itself was believed to symbolize eternity and the vein that led to the heart. While some cultures still wear their rings on their left hand, others prefer to wear them on the right. Many couples choose platinum rings over gold or silver because of their rarity and beauty.


If you're planning to get married soon and are concerned about the price, there are a few things that you should know about platinum wedding bands. For one thing, platinum is more expensive than gold. The precious metal is seventy-five percent pure. Platinum weighs about sixteen grams more than gold. This difference in weight is a major factor in pricing, so platinum wedding bands can run anywhere from six to seven thousand dollars. If you're not too concerned about the price of platinum, here are some tips that can help you decide which type of platinum wedding band to get:

Although platinum wedding bands are more expensive than palladium, 14k white gold tends to look similar and is more affordable. This difference in price can make the platinum wedding band seem like a better choice than palladium. Platinum wedding bands are also more durable and will stand up to a lifetime of wear. However, palladium wedding bands were once cheaper than platinum wedding bands. Since then, palladium has gone up in price, whereas platinum has declined in price.

Another thing to consider is the purity level of the ring. Platinum is more dense than gold, so it takes more metal to create one ring than gold. Most platinum wedding bands contain ninety-five percent pure platinum. This means that they will be able to keep their shiny finish and look great over time. Platinum wedding bands cost more than gold, but the difference isn't significant when compared with gold rings. The more platinum a ring weighs, the higher its price will be.

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