Wedding Or Mortgage – Where Are They Now?

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If you haven't seen Wedding or Mortgage, now is a good time to check it out. The two couples get along really well, but they don't date. But, they do know each other well enough to be useful in wedding and real estate situations. You can stream this Netflix series to get the latest scoop on their lives. In the meantime, enjoy this clip from the show. We'll see how they fare a few years later.

Raven and Antonio

Andrew and Hayley married last December, but are they now in a marriage of their own? Raven and Antonio met on the campus of Tennessee State University. They had their first child six months after meeting. Then, they had another one three years later. Until eight years ago, they were living in a two-bedroom apartment. Despite their difficult circumstances, the couple managed to save up enough money to buy a house.

Marriage or Mortgage is a Netflix show that has made it to season one. While it's frustrating to watch, many couples are looking for their first home. After all, who wants to live in the same place for five years? But while the show may not be as realistic as you might hope, it's worth a shot. Raven and Antonio have been dating for eight years and have two young sons.

After the wedding, the couple stayed together and moved to Park City, Utah, to pursue their Masters degrees. They also bought a dog. So where are they now? Are they happily married? Let's find out! And stay tuned for more updates! If you want to know if Raven and Antonio are still together, tune in to Marriage or Mortgage. You won't regret it. And you'll learn something new about love, marriage, and money from the show.

Hayley and Andrew

In the seventh episode of 'Marriage or Mortgage', the couple were faced with a decision - should they spend money on a wedding or a house? Fortunately for them, they chose marriage. Today, Hayley is pursuing her master's degree and Andrew is putting money aside for a down payment on their first house. However, their relationship is far from over.

Before Andrew and Hayley decided to tie the knot, they had been living apart for the last year. Hayley shared Andrew's apartment with his roommate Tyler and their dog. They also hosted church groups on a regular basis. They had little time to start looking for a house, much less plan for a wedding. Andrew had to move to a bigger apartment to accommodate the growing family.

The show is currently on Netflix and is based in Nashville, Tennessee. In the show, engaged couples are given the opportunity to make their dream wedding or mortgage. The couple's wedding planner, Sarah Miller, competes with a real estate agent, Nichole Holmes. While both women have different ideas on what their futures hold, they do agree on one thing - a wedding. In the end, they choose a big wedding.

Despite the many rumors circulating online, the couple's real estate investment has continued to flourish. After a lavish wedding at a Tennessee wedding venue, Braxton and Emily are living in a two-bedroom apartment. The couple have a baby on the way, and they also have a house. The two have denied rumors that the show is a fake. The show has since become a hit and has attracted a massive number of viewers.

Sarah and Eli

Having a big wedding isn't the only reason to avoid a mortgage, as you'll see when Sarah and Eli get engaged. This couple is also sentimental, and they wanted to invite their Marine Corps brothers to the big event. Unfortunately, their first apartment wasn't handicapped-accessible and their neighbors complained about the noise. They had to settle for a second-floor apartment, which was a bit of a problem.

Sarah and Eli's relationship started when Sarah moved to Clarksville, Tennessee, and she was conspicuously absent from his social media updates. But she recently posted a video to Facebook revealing her plans to move to Massachusetts, where she'll be able to regain her fitness. She also mentioned that she'd be paying for a downpayment on another house, which makes it likely that the couple won't live in the same home. Despite the rumors, the couple has yet to officially announce their split, which would leave them in a precarious position.

The couple, who were once unable to afford a wedding, decided to put off their big day until they could afford their dream home. Despite the financial strain, Sarah and Eli's love affair has been going strong. The couple is planning a large wedding, which is important to them, but are also motivated by the desire to own their own home. They also say they're excited to plan their wedding when they have the funds. While Eli was recuperating in the hospital, Sarah has been actively pursuing her music career and has even posted pictures of herself skiing and diving with her new prosthetic leg.

Evan and Liz

The couple's engagement was recently featured in a new season of Marriage or Mortgage, a new reality show on Netflix. Evan and Liz are saving for their first home together. They didn't spend money on rent while at the wedding, or even after. Luckily, they have saved enough money for a down payment on a house and will be ready to move in soon. But what about their dream home?

As they waited for the wedding, Evan and Liz were chatting online. Liz was planning to get married in Nashville, so she had saved her money. During their first year of dating, the couple attended twenty different concerts together. Evan finally proposed a year later, after they'd become closer. Their wedding day turned out to be a memorable one. The couple now live in an apartment building in Nashville. Until the wedding, they're searching for the perfect house.

When the couple first got engaged, they were living in Florida, but they had recently moved to Nashville for work. Evan had been offered a job in downtown Nashville and had 30 days to find a house. Evan consulted with wedding planner Sarah Miller and real estate agent Nichole Holmes to help them decide whether to get married in the new city or get a mortgage. Despite their limited budget, they still wanted to have the wedding of their dreams.

Raven and Emily

The couples on the CW show Marriage or Mortgage faced a tough choice: would they have their dream wedding or a mortgage? The choice was complicated by the fact that they were still living apart. Luckily, the couples in Marriage or Mortgage made their choice after talking about their own plans. Here are their choices:

When the couple got engaged, they lived separately in apartments with their parents. While Braxton wanted to jump on the property ladder, Emily was content to live with her parents. In the end, they decided to get married. A year later, they moved into their own two-bedroom apartment. They later gave birth to a son named Kingston. This was a huge financial sacrifice, but the couple is happy and enjoying their new home together.

Meanwhile, Raven and Antonio are a sweet couple who have been together for eight years. They plan to have a lavish wedding on the show. However, their small house is too small for their two children. Raven and Antonio have also been to the emergency room a lot, leaving them with no time to plan their wedding. They both want a home where they can enjoy a romantic night alone. While it is important to them, they need to decide which option is best for their family.

Antonio and Raven met at Tennessee State University. They were just 16 when they met. Eight years later, they had two children. The oldest son, Aiden, had reached the age when he began questioning his parents. They needed a larger house and wanted to get married. They finally managed to save enough money to get a mortgage. However, the couple's budget only allowed for a $20,000 wedding.

Raven and Braxton

If you are wondering if Emily and Braxton are still together, you can check out their social media accounts. The newlyweds were first seen in an episode of the show where they went to the White Dove Barn in Beechgrove, Tennessee to tie the knot. While they stayed at their parents' house, they eventually decided to get a mortgage. While their love is still very much alive, it is unclear if they are still living in the same apartment.

Emily and Braxton had separate homes when they got married. Emily and Braxton were living with their parents before they got married. Braxton wanted to get on the property ladder, but Emily chose marriage. After they tied the knot, they moved into an apartment together. They were also reportedly accompanied by their baby boy, Kingston. If they are still living together, it is unclear if they are still living in the same place or if they are living in separate apartments.

In the meantime, the couple had two children before they got married. The oldest, Aiden, was just a toddler when the couple met. They had a small two bedroom apartment when they married eight years later. Their children had grown up and were questioning their parents. The couple opted for marriage instead of a mortgage because they wanted to celebrate their love, rather than their financial status.

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