Engagement is The Time When the Primary Focus Should be on Planning the Wedding

A wedding marks a significant milestone in our lives, with the excitement for this event being indescribable. Unlike other occasions, a wedding requires thorough preparation well in advance. Additionally, the planning must be detailed to guarantee a smooth celebration. It is often mentioned that the engagement period is mainly focused on planning the intricate details of the wedding.

If you are doing the engagement, then it means you are ready to plan for the wedding. But how do you do the planning for a wedding without any experience? Well, we can help you with that. In the below part of the article, we will let you know how you should plan for the wedding.

How to Plan for a Wedding

Planning a wedding is not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot of work that needs to be done. You need to make the plan months earlier. That is why people often say that engagement time is when your primary focus should be on planning a wedding. Below, we will let you know how you should plan the wedding.

Be Sure About Your Budget

Budget is the first thing you need to be aware of. That’s because it’s something that will cost you a good amount of money. Although it’s possible to complete the event at less, usually it takes around a minimum of $30,000 on average for a wedding. This includes fees for everything starting from the venue to catering, decoration, flowers, dresses, and other service fees. So, you have to make sure that there are enough funds to use different activities.

Note that you might be able to complete the wedding at $20,000 if there is no venue charge. It takes around $8000 for the venue. So, if you have a low budget, you can consider a backyard wedding. This will save a good amount of money and allow you to use the venue charge for something else.

List the Priorities

This is something that you need to be aware of. Make sure that you have your partner while preparing the priority budget. You will require deciding about the main priorities. Such as, you can decide which venue to pick and what the will be wedding date. You might also decide about what to serve and whom to invite. You can also decide about the guest list and how many guests you want to invite.

Decide Your Style

Bridal style is something you need to be aware of. Wedding is the best day of your life and you will want to look best on this day and decorate things in the best way. Search for resources online to find out how you should make up and dress up for the day. You can go through Instagram, Pinterest, Wedding Magazines, and other reliable bridal sites for the information. When you have found some decent styles, you can discuss them with the vendors to decide everything.

Preparing the Guest List

The guest list is something that needs to be made very carefully. While preparing the guest list, you need to consider a lot of things. At first, decide how many guests you want to invite. This will mainly depend on your budget. Usually, around 170 persons are invited to every average American wedding. One thing we need to be sure that you simply cannot uninvite someone or shrink the wedding guest list after inviting.

Usually, the immediate family members from both sides, close relatives, some friends and colleagues of bride and groom should be invited to the wedding. Note that you are open to inviting anyone you want as long as there are places and budgets to accommodate them.

Decide the Venue

When it comes to the wedding venue, it can be pretty hard to decide which one will be the right choice for you. Moreover, in some cases, you might not find the right venue that you have wanted for the wedding. While deciding over a venue, make sure that it’s a perfect location. Go for a venue that is located in such a place which be easier to visit most of your guests.

Sometimes the wedding place and reception places are different. In such cases, you will require to make sure that both of the places are closed so that you can lose less time traveling. Another thing you need to be aware of is the capacity of the venue. Make sure that the place is big enough to accommodate all the guests you are inviting.


Although not talked about much, catering is also a very important detail of your wedding. You might not serve something which the guest doesn’t enjoy. To make sure that the best quality and tasty food is served, you will require going for the best catering service. While hiring the cater, make sure that you are discussing what to serve, how much it will cost, and other related things. Also, be aware of the drinks as they are nowadays like crucial for the wedding.


The wedding ring and the wedding dress are something that you need to be aware of. How you will look on this day, will mostly depend on the dresses and makeup. Make sure that you are planning the wedding dress at least 3 to 4 months prior to the ceremony. That is because chances are high that you will require altering the dress and it can require around 3 months.

You also need to be aware of the wedding ring. If you have a specific budget, then make sure that you are searching for something on this. Also, shop around to find the best deal.

Go for a Wedding Planner

If you and your partner are super busy, then the wedding planner can be a solution for you. They will cost you some bucks but it’s worth it when you are busy. All you need to do is to tell them the wedding budget and your requirement, they will do the rest.


A wedding is something with which you will not go to go wrong. That is why it is very much to preplan everything and every detail of the wedding. We hope this article will help you to do that.

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