Wedding Thank You Card Wording for Someone Who Wasn’t Invited

Navigating the sea of thank-you notes that need dispatching post-wedding can feel overwhelming, yet it's imperative. Crafting messages for those individuals who didn't make the guest list (be it due to social distancing measures, budget constraints, or simply oversight) can prove even more challenging. Furthermore, receiving a gift or monetary contribution from them can evoke a mix of emotions, including gratitude, awkwardness, and melancholy, all at once. Continue reading to discover more about crafting the perfect thank you card verbiage for someone who was not invited.

Whatever the situation is, writing a good note to the guest can ease out the cloud. Though, whatever you write is meant to deliberately come from the heart and must be authentic to you. But it is common to be out of words, maybe it is hard for you to come up with perfect words to express your feelings. In that case, this article may help you to find words.

Wedding Thank You Card Wording for Who Wasn’t Invited: Why It is Important?

It is a good and expected etiquette rule to follow for the bride and groom. Also, to express gratitude if they have sent you any gift or money. Guests who might not have attended or were not invited but have sent you presents would expect a thank you note. And a physical card rather than an e-mail or message is classier and is more engaging. Writing a physical card shows genuine care for the guests and is much more heartwarming. 

The fact that you put the effort in making the card, finding words for the note can make the guest feel included even if they were not there on your wedding day. Through the wording, you can appreciate the guests' blessing and acknowledge any given gifts. A paper card with good notes can go a long way to show significant gratitude towards the guests' presence in your life.

When to Send A Thank You Card?

As a newly married couple, you must send thank you cards to every guest, not only to some selected ones. But you can prioritize whom to send first. Within three months after the wedding, is a good time frame to send out all the thank you notes. 

Although, you never know how life will flow. Problems can arrive. But at least keep a goal to send the notes out within three months or as soon as you can.

Tips for Wedding Thank You Card Wording for Who Wasn’t Invited

  • Don't remind them that they were not invited. Don't show regrets that they were not there or add photos of your wedding(unless they want to see them). Avoid anything that can remind them about not getting invited. 
  • Don't mention the amount of money if they have sent you. Focus on explaining how it will help you to build your life better or what accomplishment it would fuel.
  • Add pictures with the gift that they have sent to make them feel included and let them know that their gift has an impact on your life.
  • It is best to handwrite the notes. And personalize each note to the guest. Give yourself time for that. It is not about sending the cards in a rush because you have to, it is about reaching the heart of the guests from your heart.
  • Focus on expressing gratitude.

Wedding Thank You Notes Samples

Writing is not something everyone is good at. Especially if you rarely write. Finding some inspiration can help in that case. We have put together some sample words for the different situations to inspire you to find the right words for your notes.

To Someone Who Was Not Invited But Sent You Gifts

It is exciting to get gifts. But if it comes from an uninvited person it can be hard to express your feelings in words. Here are some words you can use to thank the person.

" Dear xxx,

Thank you so much for your attention and care for the big moment of our life. We loved the toaster you sent us. It has already made a bold place in our home, had toasts every day for breakfast ever since you send it to us. Thank you again for your thoughtful gift and blessings."

" Dear xxx,

Thank you so very much for your generosity. The gift and the best wishes that you sent means a lot to us. The crockery set is beautiful, will help us decorate our dining space much more elegantly. Thank you so much again for thinking about us. Looking forward to having a dinner together we go back"

To Someone Who Was Not Invited But Sent Monetary Gift

Writing a card like this can be tricky. Try to express your genuine feelings and gratitude without sounding like money doesn't matter. Rather, express how this financial help can help you and appreciate their generosity. 

Be as personal as you can in describing how you are gonna use it or why their contribution matters.

"Dear xxx,

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for your contribution to our life. We can't appreciate enough your generosity. We are planning to use the money for renovating our new house and finishing it as early as possible. Thank you again for thinking about us, sending good wishes, and adding to our good experiences! "

"Dear xxx,

We are beyond grateful for the money that you sent us and can't thank you enough for your largess. We plan to add this to our honeymoon fund to be able to have better experiences. Your best wishes have reached our hearts. Thank you so very much again. Sending you best wishes and happiness"

"Dear xxx,

Sending our heartfelt thanks to your way for the generosity. Your monetary contribution has made so many of our future life choices easier. We are very happy and thankful that you thought about us in the new chapter of our life. Sending you love and wishing you happiness. Thank you a lot."


If you are going to choose wedding thank you card wording for someone who wasn’t invited you should acknowledge their feelings and graciousness. If they felt the need to send you wishes and gift even though there were not invited to the wedding, it comes in your humble responsibility to respond to them by sending them a well written Thank You card.

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