What Should the Return Address Be on Wedding Invitation

The return address featured on a wedding invitation serves two primary purposes for guests: it indicates the location to where gifts should be sent, as well as where responses should be mailed. This element is a crucial aspect of wedding invitation cards, enabling guests to swiftly dispatch their replies or presents to the specified return address listed on the envelope. 

The return address is usually written in the back flap of the envelope. Guests who want to send their gifts in advance can deliver them to that address. So if you think about what the return address should be on your wedding card, Obviously it will be the address that you can communicate with the guests. It can also be an e-mail address where you can get their reply or response. As in most cases, the bride's parents are the host so the bride's resident address is included in case of physical communication. 

Wedding Invitation Return Address: Everything You Need to Know About

Usually the term "Return Address" refers to the inclusion of the sender's address in a letter or a mail-in case they feel the need to send a return message. The return address on a wedding address is written in the wedding invitation to indicate to guests which address they should respond to. So it means the return address is mainly the address of the host. 

The etiquette says the return address should be handwritten on your wedding card. But in modern days we often see it printed in the invitation envelope. It is your choice what you want, traditional or casual.

What Should the Return Address Be on Wedding Invitation 

The return address is mainly the address where you will collect gifts and responses from guests. Traditionally it is the host who collects responses from guests. But you can also put someone in charge to do this work. In that case, the return address should be according to that. 

When the Host is Bride's Parents

Most of the time we see the bride's parents host the occasion. So considering the case, the return address is the bride's parents' address and email address they use (if guests want to send a response in the mail). 

When Couples Host on Their Own 

Couples hosting their own wedding event is pretty common nowadays. They can use both the bride's and groom's addresses or choose an individual one. But you should always keep it simple for the return address. 

Why is The Return Address Important?

Including return address in the wedding invitation envelope. It has been normal etiquette for a long time. The return address is of great help to the guests. They can communicate through the address and also can send their reply. 

Some guests may be unable to attend the wedding ceremony due to problems. Return address will enable them to send good wishes and gifts to the newlywed couple. On the other hand, some prefer to send their gifts in advance they can also use that address to do so. 

Where to Put the Return Address of Wedding Invitation 

The return address on a wedding card usually goes on the back flap of the envelope. It is seen in the envelope that contains the invitation card. In case you are using 2 envelopes for your invitation, the return address should be mentioned in the outermost envelope. It means you don't have to provide your return address in the inner envelope. 

Whose Name Should Be in the Return Address 

Normally, you don't mention names in the return address. Return address just contains an address that guests will mail or send their response. 

As we said before it is your choice whether or not you will follow traditional ways. So, if you wish you can add names to the return address. You can use the bride's parents' name if they are the host. But if the couple is hosting then you can put their names. But you have to keep in mind that usually, you do not put couples' names together anywhere before the marriage. 

But your response envelope must have the couple's name on it. 

Do You Add Return Address on RSVP Envelope

RSVP stands for "répondez s'il vous plaît" which means "please reply." Wedding invitation includes an RSVP writing along with it that catches the attention of the guests

Usually, there is no need for a return address on the RSVP section as the invitation envelope itself has it on it. But you can add it if you want. 

But when it comes to the return RSVP the guest should mention the return address the host mentioned. As it will be delivered to that address. 

Some Formats Return Address of Wedding Invitation 

Return addresses can be of many styles and formats. You may now wonder how to write the return address. We are here to help you with this. 

Return Address on the Outer Envelope of Invitation 

As we mentioned before, traditionally you don’t include names in a return address. So just keep it simple. Add an address where you want to receive gifts. Also adding an email address will be a good option as some prefer sending wishes and response messages through the internet 

As Example:

23 Park Lane, Alabama  

(Email address) 

But if you want to add names simply add them at first like :

Jennifer and Jason 

3257 Tenmile 

Norfolk, Virginia 

(Email address)

Return Address on RSVP Return Envelopes 

Since RSVPs will be collected by the host, the return address should be included in it. Most often parents host the event and the return address is as per them. So on the RSVP, you have to write down the return address along with their name. 

As Example:

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith 

23 Park Lane, Alabama 

But if couples are hosting on their own, you should mention their name on the RSVP. 

As example: 

Ms. Jennifer Smith 

Mr. Jason Shaw 

3257 Tenmile 

Norfolk, Virginia 


The return address is a key factor for your invitation card and also it plays a vital role. So while making your invitation ready you should also come up with what your return address is going to be. Throughout this article, we described the return address on a wedding invitation. Hope it will be of great help to you. 

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