What to Bring to Try on Wedding Dresses

Searching for the ideal wedding dress is undoubtedly one of the most magical moments in finding the perfect gown for the bride. No bride would ever compromise on her wedding dress, as it embodies the essential part of what will be the happiest day of her life. While it is the most important piece, it's not the only thing you'll be wearing on your special day. Naturally, there are other accessories involved. It's recommended to have these accessories with you when you are trying on wedding dresses.

So, what should you bring to try with the wedding dress? You might answer that the undergarments. But there are some other things that you should bring. In the below part of the article, we will let you know about some of the most important things that you should have with you while trying the wedding dress.

Things You Should Bring to Try on Wedding Dresses

Sometimes, the wedding dress salon or the boutique will suggest to you what you should bring for the trying with wedding dresses during the appointment. Don’t worry if you didn’t get any suggestions from them. Below, we will list all the important things that you will require. Check them out.

Inspirational Photos

The wedding dress is something on which we put a lot of thought. So, while searching online for the preferred dress, you might find some exceptional dress ideas that go with your preferences. In such a case, make sure to bring your inspiration. You can either save the photos on your phone or print them out to take in the appointment. Sometimes, your Pinterest board might also help. With the inspiration, it will be easier for the shopkeepers to show something similar.


You might already know about this; undergarments are the most important things while going for the appointment. When it comes to undergarments, the bra will come at the top of the list. Make sure that you are wearing the bra or taking one with you while going to the appointment. It is recommended to go for a strapless bra as the straps can cause issues. Also, go for a skin-colored bra to avoid any issues.

If you don’t want to wear any bra, then make sure to go for a dress that arrives in the right shape to hide your upperparts. Or, you can pick a dress that can be easily altered so that you don’t need to wear a bra. Then comes the underwear. The same thing is applicable here for plain simple color underwear. Besides, this thing should be lightweight and made of breathable materials so that the fabric cannot be visible.

Some of you might want to wear shapewear if you want to hide the extra fats and looks more fits. If you are going to wear shapewear, make sure to pick the one that will be stay hidden under your wedding dress. Also, pick the shapewear which is made of quality materials and well optimized to make you look better without causing any discomfort or suffocation. This should also be lightweight and comes in body color or dress color.

While picking the undergarments, make sure that they come in the right size. This is very important, both for your comfort and the look. Going bigger size undergarments will make you discomfort and might look bad with your wedding dress. Going for tight undergarments may cause suffocation. So, go for just the right size to avoid any issues. Here is another tip: choose the shapewear after buying the dress to find out the right fit.

Suitable Shoes

Although often underestimated, the shoes are an important part of your look on the wedding day. Moreover, you might require hemming the dress where shoes play an important role to understand how much to hem. That is why it is recommended to buy the shoe fast and then purchase the wedding dress. If you are going for the appointment without buying the shoes, simply wear something similar that you will wear on the wedding day (flat or heels).

Hair Clips and Ties

No that doesn’t mean that you will require styling the hair as you want to style it for the wedding day. But if you can do this, it will be much better. The goal of bringing hair clips and ties is to keep your hairs secured while trying out the dress so that they don’t create issues. Simply bring the clips and ties that you usually use to tie the hair. Or, if you are thinking about hair ties or clips to wear on your wedding day, you can also bring them with you.

A Few Close Friends or Family Member

While shopping for the wedding, it might be hard to decide which one you should pick from so many of the choices. Having a few friends and family members will help you to decide over the confusing choices. Moreover, having a few pairs of extra eyes with you will also help you to understand how you will look from another person’s point of view. While picking your squad, make sure to go for the peoples that will help you to take decision easily.

Be Aware of the Budget

The beautiful designer wedding gowns also come with an expensive cost tag. The cost of a wedding dress varies on a large scale from $500 to $4000. However, the average cost of a wedding dress in the USA is around $1600 which also includes the alteration charge. The cost can vary on a large scale depending on your preferred type and style of dress. While going shopping make sure that you have enough budget for the dress.


Purchasing a wedding dress is exciting and it can also be very hectic. To make things easier, bring the above things with you to find the best fit and style to try with wedding dresses. Especially, don’t forget the undergarments that include bra and underwear as they are very crucial (if you will wear them). The shoes, hair clips or ties, and the shapewear can be optional. You can purchase them later by matching them with the dress.

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