How Long Does It Take to Alter a Wedding Dress?

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How long does it take to alter a wedding dress? Well, it will depend on a lot of things. Keep following the article to understand how the required duration for altering a wedding dress can vary.

It is obvious that the wedding dress is one of the most important details of the wedding day. Every bride will want to look better on their wedding day and the right wedding dress is like the basis of it. The wedding dress is also a great way to express your thought, your seriousness about the ceremony.

So, you have found the dream wedding dress and take no time to purchase it and make it yours. But after trying for the first time, you got gloomy acknowledging that the dress is not fitting perfectly as you imagined. If this is the case for you, then we have some good news for you. You can alter the dress and make it a perfect fit for you.

Keep going through the below paragraph of the article. Below, we will discuss how long usually it requires for altering the wedding dress. Moreover, we will also let you know how the timeframe can vary and some other related information about the wedding dress alteration.

What Does it Mean to Alter a Wedding Dress?

Altering a wedding dress is the process of making it fit for the bride. Typically, the wedding dress or gowns are pre-made. Even you get a size available for you, it will still require few customizations to make you look better. To get the alter, you need to set an appointment with the seamstress or the fitter. They will take the measures to make the dress fit and also acknowledge your preference about the fitting. It might require several appointments (usually, around three) to make the dress fully ready to wear.

The wedding expert recommends altering the dress even if it requires minimal customization. It’s not only about fitness or about the look, it’s also about you being comfortable and confident in the best days of your life. To make the dress perfect from every angle, the alteration is a must. Usually, it requires around $50 to $1000 to alter the dress completely. It also requires a good amount of time for the work.

The cost of the alteration usually varies depending on a lot of things including the gown type, fabric, bride preference, amount of work, and much more. Make sure that you have allocated enough budget for the alteration along with the time. Below, we will discuss how long it will require to alter the dress.

How Long Does It Take to Alter a Wedding Dress?

It is actually pretty hard to tell you an exact time about the exact timeframe to alter a day. However, most seamstress, fitters, or service providers usually expect three months of time. The times seem pretty huge for this work, isn’t it? Well, there are a lot of things that the alteration might require that you are not aware of. Furthermore, the seamstress takes enough time to assure perfection for such a day of your life.

The alteration mostly depends on the variation of wedding dress or gown. The thing is this dress can be altered within one day. The seamstress can do the work in a hurry but you will never the get perfection that you would’ve to get with enough time. Besides, most of these service providers will also charge you extra for making this tough job within such a short period. In fact, most of them will charge you if you require work of fewer than six weeks.

Furthermore, while you are doing the customization in quick order, they may not be able to offer you a detailed adjustment. It is better to go for the alternation three months prior to the wedding. Especially, if you want to add or remove something apart from fitting, you must give them adequate time. As you see, the alteration work will require a good amount of time. That also means you will require planning and purchasing the dress a lot earlier.

As we said earlier, there can be several appointments that you need to join with the seamstress. The first appointment or initial fitting is when you are making the deal and letting them know about the preference. The second fitting period is usually one month prior to the ceremony. And, the final fitting is usually around two weeks or fifteen days before the ceremony. Sometimes, there can be four appointments on some occasions.   

Most Common Wedding Dress Alterations

There are can be a lot of things to alter in a wedding dress as we said earlier. Most commonly, you will require shortening the hem of the wedding dress. The manufacturer tends to keep the wedding dress a bit long so that a long-range of customers can purchase it. As a result, almost all wedding dresses require the alteration of hem. The hem length can vary based on your preferred style. You can decide whether it is needed or how long to keep the hem by talking with the seamstress.

Another common alteration work includes the train loop and buttons which are equipped to lift the train for ease of movement during the reception. They help you to go hands-free during the dance or reception. Apart from this, you might require taking in or out the hips and waist. As these two measures vary a lot in individuals, you might also require altering these parts for perfect fitting.

Sometimes, you will require adjusting the chest and shortening the straps of the wedding dress. Some other alteration works include adding a waist stay, the neckline fitting, fitting the back, the closure, adding sleeves, etc. There can be some other things that the seamstress will recommend to you.


It is quite impossible to find a wedding dress that will fit you in every way. You simply cannot get the perfect fit until you alter the dress. Altering will require around 3 months on average. It might require more time based on the number of works that need to be done.