What To Ask Your Hair And Makeup Artist For A Wedding?

Having done your homework by looking through social media and your favorite magazines for wedding day beauty inspiration, what do you do next? The next step is to pick a makeup artist capable of making your dream look a reality. However, before you commit to a booking, there are a number of critical questions you should think to ask your makeup artist. This article will walk you through the key questions that need to be asked of your wedding makeup and hair artist.

Choosing the proper wedding day vendor is critical if you want to look and feel your best on your wedding day. You'll avoid any unwelcome surprises on your wedding day by asking these questions in advance of your initial appointment with a beauty professional. Then, all you have to do is enjoy your special day and celebrate your love with your spouse.

The wedding day look is something you've imagined countless times, and to achieve that flawless bridal makeup. You need someone you can put your faith in. Given that it is your wedding day, it is quite acceptable to have high expectations for your wedding makeup.

After all, it is your big day! Because of this, your wedding makeup and hairstylist must be someone with years of expertise in the industry. Someone who will meet your expectations and deliver on their promises. But now comes the important question: what to ask your hair and makeup artist for your wedding?

We've compiled a list of questions to ask a makeup artist before you decide to hire them; keep reading to know more about them in-depth.

What To Ask Your Hair And Makeup Artist For Your Wedding?

1.   Do You Specialize In Weddings?

Not every makeup artist has the same range of abilities. Some are focused on weddings, while others are focused on theater, while others are focused on fashion looks. Make certain that the makeup artist you choose is capable of creating the style you desire.

2.   Are You Available On My Wedding Day?

This is one of the essential questions you'll want to ask yourself before moving further. Why? If the artist of your dreams is not available on your scheduled day, it is advisable to find out as soon as possible rather than later. Also, make sure to inquire about when they will be available for trials.

3.   What's Your Standard Charge, And What Does That Include?

You'll have to factor in the cost of your wedding makeup artist into your overall wedding budget. So go right to the point and inquire about pricing at the beginning of your conversation. There may be additional charges to consider even though your artist has advertised single pricing (for example, do you have any tattoos that need to be covered up?

It's likely that it'll take more than a few loonies to say goodbye to them). Specifically, you'll need the remaining funds to cover pre-wedding trials, your wedding day services, and any other expenses that may arise.

4.   How Do You Charge? By The Hour Or Per Person?

Why you should show concern: If your wedding party is huge, you should seek a makeup artist who doesn't charge by the number of people at the party. Logistics such as how they charge, how they pay, and when payment is expected should be negotiated in advance are important. This way, nothing will come as a surprise on your wedding day.

5.   Do I Need To Travel, Or Can You Work On-site?

Most makeup artists will go to your location to do your makeup. But you should check with them first to make sure they will travel to you. Ensure to include enough time in your schedule to allow for travel time to and from the studio if they won't be working on site.

Also, if you're planning a trip out of town, this is an important topic to ask about. Because they may have other appointments or customers to attend to. Wedding makeup artists are not always accessible to get on a plane or train to attend a wedding.

Please inquire with your artist about whether or not they will be able to accompany you to your destination straight out of the gate. If that's the case, it's on to the next one. Find an artist who already lives in or around your wedding venue if you want to save the trouble and expense of traveling.

6.   What Beauty Products Do You Use? Is It Allergen-free?

Anyone who has had trouble with their skin or hair understands that using the wrong product may cause serious damage to their skin and hair. You'll want to learn everything you can about the products. And brands that your makeup artist intends to use so that your skin doesn't break out on your wedding day.

Please keep in mind that this is also an excellent opportunity to ask questions regarding parabens, cruelty-free cosmetics, and all-natural cosmetics, among other things.

Also, if you have a history of allergies, it's vital to know whether or not the materials used by your makeup artist are hypoallergenic. When it comes to the Big Day, the last thing any bride wants is to experience a negative reaction to her foundation or other cosmetics!

7.   Can I Schedule A Trial Appointment For Wedding Makeup?

Regardless of how much you trust them, you do not want your makeup artist's first session to be on your wedding day. Request a trial run or two so that you may experiment with various styles and products to see what works best before making a final commitment.

A makeup and hair trial will allow you to specify precisely the cosmetics and hairstyle you like for your wedding day. You'll get to observe your makeup artist in action and get an idea of how long your look will take—an essential aspect to consider when arranging your wedding day.

8.    What Wedding Makeup Look Would You Suggest For Me?

It is not uncommon for makeup artists to be approached with such inquiries. Because wedding makeup is intended to be a one-of-a-kind look. The majority of clients are clueless when it comes to selecting the most appropriate makeup style for themselves. If you're having difficulties deciding on a beauty look for yourself, consult your makeup artist for suggestions based on your face shape and skin tone.

Because they have dealt with various face shapes, features, and tones, makeup artists have more in-depth expertise. In addition, you may explore photos of people who have skin tones and other traits that are comparable to yours.

Some makeup artists would love to see your makeup inspiration, and it will also help them have a better understanding of what you are going for in terms of your style. As the saying goes, having a visual reference is always beneficial.

9.   Do You Have An Online Portfolio Of Your Work That I Can Look At?

This is the last question to ask your wedding makeup artist. A portfolio will show you their skill level and the looks they specialize in. You'd also know if your artist uses cakey makeup or a natural finish.

Take a look at most makeup artists' internet portfolios. Check out actual customer feedback to see if your makeup artist follows style requests, if her makeup appears cakey on all faces, or if she improves each complexion according to form and tone.


Note that your wedding day is meant to be about you, and as such, you should not be shy to ask and make proper queries of your makeup artist about your wedding style. These are the most common question that you can ask to hair and makeup artist for wedding.


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