What To Do with Old Wedding Dress After Divorce?

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What To Do with Old Wedding Dress After Divorce? A wedding dress is like one of the main memories of your wedding day. To almost every woman, the wedding dress is so significant and memorable. But sometimes because of accidents like divorce, it turns into obstructing to start a new life as a single, independent, and happy woman. But you can release the burden by using some of the easy steps.

In the below part of the article, we will discuss how you can get rid of the wedding dress after a divorce. We will discuss several available options for you. You can use the perfect one based on your preference.

What To Do with Old Wedding Dress After Divorce?

Divorce is something that none of us expect while getting married. But this is also something you cannot control much. The only option after a divorce is moving up with your life. But how to do this with so much memory of your ex? In the below paragraph, we will specifically discuss the wedding dress, which is one of the main memories of a wedding. Keep reading the article to find out the options available for you.

Give it to Charity

You may be lucky to have a wonderful and expensive wedding dress. But not everyone can afford an expensive wedding dress. So, you can take a chance to make someone's special day more special. Maybe your wedding dress didn’t bring happiness to your life, but someone would be happy to have this.

You can also donate your dress to some charity, which helps to turn wedding dresses into 'angel gowns for babies who are born too sick or too early and live outside the hospital. Through this, you will feel relieved that the dress may do not brought happiness to you. But believe me, this type of the charity will make someone's life beautiful.

There are also some charity firms that collect wedding dresses, sell them and use the amount for raising awareness or use it for treatment of cancer-affected people. Through this, your dress will be used for some great work. Which can make you feel better about your past life.

Sell it

If your wedding didn’t work, doesn’t mean that others wedding wearing your wedding dress will also be unhappier. Trust me someone will be happy to have such a wedding dress on a low budget. As you are going to sell it at a low price. So that one may make her day special on a low budget.

Selling wedding dresses doesn’t mean that you are poor. If you think of others happy with your dress, then this is another best option with Wedding Dress After Divorce. You can sell the dress to auction sites or consignment shops, which will make your dress reusable and give you some dollars too.

Burn it

The day which made your life sorrowful and hopeless can make you feel abandoned. But trust me your life is not finished with such an event. You can start afresh life without any hesitation. And if your wedding dress reminds you of your old days or ex, just destroy the dress.

It may sound silly, but it will help you to move on. You can invite your close friends to an open beach and burn the wedding dress at a party. It will remove all your confusion and help you to start a new life.

You can also get rid of the dress by throwing garbage, or cut with scissors. And then throw it away from your life forever.

Keep it

Your wedding dress may remain significant to you. Sometimes it may be made and designed by your mom. In this situation, your failed and unsuccessful wedding shouldn’t affect the dress. As it is your mother’s memory and blessings. You just keep the dress safely.

Again, your daughter may want to wear your wedding dress at her wedding. Don’t worry, your wedding didn’t work that doesn’t mean hers will also be cursed or unsuccessful. Just take the dress and keep it safe. So that when the time comes, she can alter the dress and make her special day more meaningful.

Transform it

Well, you can make your dress re-usable. Just forget about your past and transform your favorite dress into a super nice cocktail dress. Which will make you look more gorgeous. This transformation on your wedding dress will make you think positively and go ahead.

You can give your dress to a seamstress so that she can give a better idea and transform it. And if you know sewing, then start transforming the dress. You can get better ideas from DIY tutorials.

You can also transform your wedding dress into a hand purse or baby dress. It will give a totally new look to your wedding dress. Which is more satisfying.

Send it to your ex’s new girlfriend

Well, it may sound awful. But you will have great fun. Especially when you find out that your ex is happy with his new girlfriend. That ex who made your life suffer. It’s a time to take some funny reprisal. Just collect your ex’s girlfriend's address and send it with a sweet note.

It may make her furious. But you will definitely have fun. You can send it through courier, or you can give it personally. You can call it a gift to her for her happy life.


Every bride wants to look special and beautiful at their wedding. As it is so important for a women’s life. And a wedding dress is the most special which can make you extraordinary among all. If your marriage didn’t work, doesn’t mean your life is finished. If your wedding dress reminds you of your ex or makes you feel abandoned. Then sit peacefully and think of a way which is mentioned above and make a choice.

Getting rid of your unsuccessful wedding dress will make you start a fresh life and move on. Maybe this decision didn’t work, but life can’t be paused. So, stop worrying and move forward with your life.

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