Where Can I Get a Wedding Band Engraved?

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When looking for a place to get a wedding band engraved, be sure to follow certain tips to ensure the result is perfect. First, be sure to have your wedding date and name correctly spelled. Next, you'll need to choose an inscription for the band. Here are some common inscription choices. The inscription you choose should be appropriate and written correctly. You can also select any of the seven categories for the inscription: the couple's initials, surname, wedding date, and/or heart symbol. Finally, if you'd like a sentimental inscription, you can include it.

Tacori offers a modern take on a timeless classic

For over four decades, Tacori has been a symbol of Californian excellence. Its design process blends old-world art and craftsmanship with modern design and cutting-edge technology to create timeless, dazzling pieces. Every piece begins with a sketch by Tacori's head designer, who creates a 3D model, then uses CAD (computer-aided design) technology to create each piece. After the design is complete, the goldsmith finishes the piece with the company's trademark crescent detailing and other tidbits.

The RoyalT collection of engagement rings is primarily platinum and features a regal heirloom design. The Simply Tacori and Petite Crescent collections offer more modern interpretations of classic wedding bands. The Dantela collection is a versatile option, offering a sleek, modern interpretation of classic silhouettes and detailing. Tacori is an ethically sourced jewelry brand, which means its diamonds come from conflict-free mines.

The Simply Tacori collection of diamond engagement rings offers a simple, yet elegant design that can be customized to fit any diamond shape and size. Its diamond-encrusted band can accommodate any cut of diamond, and it's available in many different colors. And with a modern edge and a classic design, Tacori's Simply Tacori collection is a must-have.

The Tacori Engagement Ring Collection incorporates unique design and style, with distinctive crescent touches. The Classic Crescent design, for example, features a crescent silhouette and two intersecting half-moon arches. It has a distinctive crescent on the foundation. The Chandelier Crescent collection features windows that let light through and a crescent diamond string accent. Tacori also produces many other beautiful wedding bands with a more traditional feel.

For the ultimate classic wedding band, look no further than Tacori's Petite Crescent collection. This collection features a sleek, curved design that's sure to become a Tacori classic. The Petite Crescent is a delicate and refined version of the Classic Crescent, and the Reverse Crescent is a modern variation with more diamonds than its predecessor. The Classic Crescent features a distinctive crescent that is reminiscent of lace. A ring with a sculpted crescent is a striking way to express your personal style and a love of jewelry.

The Crescent Crown wedding band is elegant and regal. Designed to be worn above or below the engagement ring, it catches attention and is an excellent choice for a large center stone. The ring's millgrain handcraft and flowing lines are both elegant and contemporary, with a royal feel. It also fits comfortably on the finger. Tacori's collection of men's wedding bands includes mixed metals and designs.

Every Tacori ring is handcrafted in California and features the finest materials. Prices range from $1,300 to $26,000. Engagement rings can range in price from one to three stones, and can also be stacked with matching wedding bands or stackable rings. A Tacori ring will stand the test of time and your relationship. Take the time to shop for a perfect wedding ring today.

The Dantela collection is another great choice. Dantela means "lace" in Romanian, and its rings are beautifully detailed and intricately crafted. The pieces will become heirlooms in your family, making them a beautiful gift for your loved one. The Simply Tacori collection is equally elegant and modern. They feature the company's trademark crescent at the base of the ring.

Helzberg offers a modern take on a timeless classic

When it comes to wedding bands, Helzberg Diamonds is an excellent choice. This company has a large presence nationwide and a growing online market. It offers a full line of engagement rings, wedding bands, and earrings. This company emphasizes diamonds and offers nearly every style of engagement ring you can think of. It also carries the Helzberg Diamonds logo.

Men's wedding bands are available in a wide variety of precious metals, including gold, platinum, and titanium. The Helzberg brand also offers wedding bands for men made from sterling silver and titanium. These bands are available with both custom and standard engraving. The engraving can be simple or detailed, reflecting your personality and style. Helzberg wedding bands are available in sterling silver, platinum, titanium, and blended metals. The designs feature milgrain metalwork and matte accents to add an elegant finish. You can engrave a special message, date, or other detail.

Personalized engagement rings and wedding bands are an ideal way to commemorate a significant event in a couple's lives. Engagement rings are a symbol of commitment, so choosing the right one is a personal choice. At Helzberg Diamonds, you can find stunning engagement rings, dazzling wedding bands, and unique diamond designs for men and women. Helzberg Diamonds offers both unique and affordable engagement rings for your significant other.

Helzberg adheres to the highest quality standards and ethical materials. In addition to using ethical materials and diamonds, Helzberg works with master artisans to design and handpick each stone. Their commitment to quality, attention to detail, and ethical business practices make Helzberg an excellent choice for engraving wedding bands. The brand's commitment to a modern perspective on an age-old classic is evident in every piece of jewelry.

For the truly luxurious couple, diamond wedding rings are the way to go. Available in a wide variety of cuts, colors, and sizes, diamonds can be set in a variety of ways, and are mounted on choice metals for a more sophisticated look. Choose a diamond wedding band from Helzberg's collection today to celebrate your love and your commitment to one another.