Where to Buy LOTR Wedding Band

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If you're looking for a Lord of the Rings wedding band, then you've come to the right place. The Lord of the Rings wedding ring is IP plated yellow gold and made of Tungsten. It is inspired by the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies, and is available in 14K yellow gold and 18K rose gold. The wedding band is also available in Elvish-inspired wedding rings, so you don't have to go to the movies to find one!

Gilletts Jewellers

If you've always wanted to buy a Lord of the Rings wedding ring but didn't know where to start, consider Gilletts Jewellers, an Australian jewellery store. Since the trilogy was first released, Gilletts has been supplying the film industry with branded Lord of the Rings jewellery. Each piece comes with an official certificate and branded packaging.

Jens Hansen

When choosing a Jens Hansen lotr wedding band, it's best to consider the designer's artistic sensibilities. Unlike some of his contemporaries, he's well known in art circles outside New Zealand. In fact, his work is in the collection of Te Papa, New Zealand's National Museum. Besides LOTR, Hansen is also known for designing contemporary and movie prop replica rings.

For those who are looking for a unique wedding ring that will captivate your partner, you can get a replica of the One Ring. This piece of jewellery is available in 18k yellow gold and weighs seventeen grams. It's 2.7 millimeters thick through the band and 7mm tall when it's laid on its side. The replicas are also available in a unique wooden box. The rings' designs include logos of the Weta and Jens Hansen.

A behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of the Lord of the Rings shows how the prop ring played a major role in the original trilogy. Goldsmiths and craftsmen created the One Ring and wizard staffs, and a craftsman made the buttons on wooden chests. Jens Hansen, a Gold & Silversmith in Nelson, New Zealand, designed the prop ring to be as close as possible to the ring seen in the movies. Inspired by the real-life wedding ring worn by the famous LOTR producer Rick Porras, the ring is a true symbol of love and loyalty.

A replica of the One Ring is another popular piece of Lord of the Rings jewelry. This replica rings has a comfortable profile and a classic, elegant look. You can increase the size of your replica by taking it to a competent jeweller. You can't enlarge the One Ring, however, due to the inflexibility of the Tungsten-carbide material. This is one reason why it's so hard to enlarge it.

If you love the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films, you can't go wrong with a Jens Hansen LotR wedding band. The ring's minimalist style is a striking addition to any wedding. And, the movie actors were even asked to commission the designer for the ring! What's more, the ring is made of solid precious metals and is sold with an exclusive One Ring inscription. A unique wooden box makes the item look even more special.

Elvish-inspired wedding rings

If you and your husband share a love of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, then you can make your Elvish-inspired wedding rings a reality. These rings are made from solid precious metals and can feature your names or other custom engravings. You can also opt for a platinum or yellow gold band, which are both classic choices. These unique styles are also available for men and women alike. However, you must keep in mind that these unique wedding rings are not licensed merchandise.

Another type of Elvish-inspired wedding ring is the Celebrimbor ring. This ring was created by Elven craftsmen and was inscribed with spells by Sauron. Isildur was given the Celebrimbor ring by the king as a wedding gift. He swore to keep it forever for his son's wedding and did not break his vow, despite being attacked by Orcs near Anduin while escaping Middle-Earth.

Another choice for an Elvish-inspired ring is a wooden one. These may be studded with emeralds, diamonds, or rhinestones. For the royal couple, you can opt for a crown-shaped diamond ring. You can also go with an engagement ring in which the stones are stacked one on top of another. There are many more options for an Elvish-inspired ring, and you can be sure that she'll love it!

Official supplier of Lord of the Rings jewellery

If you're looking for Lord of the Rings jewellery, you've come to the right place. Gilletts Jewellers is proudly Australian-owned, and is the official supplier of Lord of the Rings jewellery. You'll be sure to find a genuine piece of Lord of the Rings jewellery with branded packaging and an official certificate of authenticity. And what's even better, you can find some that are more affordable than you might think.

The One Ring is one of the most iconic pieces of Lord of the Rings jewellery, and this replica is officially licensed by Warner Bros. and features Elvish script inscriptions along the outside. This exclusive piece is complete with a wooden presentation box and storage bag, and is also available in sterling silver or 10K yellow gold. The One Ring replica is a popular gift idea, and the quality of this incredibly realistic piece is unmatched.

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