Where to Buy Miniature Wedding Cakes

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If you are looking for a unique alternative to a traditional wedding cake, you might want to consider purchasing miniature wedding cakes. Individual cakes are perfect for modern couples who would like to express their unique personalities through their wedding cakes. These cakes can be made with rolled fondant and buttercream designs. For more information, visit Rachel Dyke and Laduree. You can also try making your own miniature wedding cake if you want to make your event even more special.

Rachel Dyke

For the most elegant, beautiful, and edible wedding day ever, you're going to need a wedding cake - but where to buy them? The first place to start is an art gallery. These miniature creations are created by artist Rachel Dyke. Her miniature wedding cakes are micro-sized replicas of the real thing. You'll want to take a peek at her work if you love miniatures. If you're wondering how these cakes are made, you might find some inspiration in the photos below.

When choosing a miniature cake, consider what it's intended purpose is. Do you plan to serve it to your guests as individual desserts? Or would you prefer to serve a smaller wedding cake to each table? Miniature wedding cakes allow you to reduce waste and have a beautiful, elegant wedding without the mess. In addition to slicing the cake, they also make for a perfect vegan wedding cake. And if you're looking for a more affordable option, consider ordering one with a colorful or whimsical statement topper.


The famous French patisserie Laduree has teamed up with American fashion designer Vera Wang to create haute desserts, including macarons dipped in coconut Chantilly creme and an all-white mango and coconut wedding cake. The collection, which was announced on January 11, is a first-of-its-kind collaboration. Starting in January, the desserts will be available at Laduree locations in New York.

The Vera Wang Pour Laduree line includes mango-and-coconut macarons and tiered white confections decorated with roses. They'll be available through the end of 2018. Pricing is $20 per serving and 40 guests. Wedding cakes, macarons, and wedding cookies will set you back between $24 and $425. However, they're well worth it for the atypical wedding cake.

Laduree’s custom cakes

If you're planning a dream wedding, consider a custom miniature cake from Laduree. The French bakery makes delicious desserts for special occasions, and it offers custom wedding cakes for a special occasion. The macarons and cakes come in all shapes, flavors, and colors, and can even be ordered as a croquembouche or reception favor. Brooklyn-based pastry chef Emily Lael Aumiller specializes in vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free cakes, and she uses unusual flour blends and local fruit for her creations. They're a treat for the eyes, and they're easy on the palate.

The macarons are world-famous, and each wedding cake is custom-designed for the couple. You can choose from nine classic flavours, as well as seasonal flavours. The macarons are available in white, milk, and dark chocolate, and are packaged in an elegant gift box. These edible wedding favors make a perfect keepsake for guests. Wedding cakes from Laduree are always a hit!

Laduree’s bakery

You'll find a variety of flavors and designs in Laduree's macarons, which make for adorable reception favors and croquembouches. The bakery also specializes in vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free cakes, and pastry chef Emily Lael Aumiller uses unusual flour blends and local fruits to create sweet treats that are easy on the eye and the palate.

While the pastry chef at Laduree was not involved with the company's creation of the Cronut, he was an executive at Hermes before joining the family business. While it hasn't yet taken off in France, there are plans to expand. This fall, Laduree is launching Laduree Picnic, a line of boxed lunches in New York.

Laduree’s pastry chef

New York-based pastry chef Emily Lael Aumiller specializes in vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free cakes. A variety of local fruits and unusual flour blends are used to create delicious creations that are pleasing to the eye and the palette. The bakery's Soho location is also a popular gathering spot for celebrities and French ex-pats. And with wedding season approaching, couples looking for a unique wedding gift are sure to find a sweet treat here.

The bakery's pastry chef offers a selection of wedding confections and can customize them to suit your style and taste. Laduree uses the finest ingredients, including Swiss Felchlin and French Valrhona chocolates, and offers cakes for every occasion. Wedding cakes and other confectionary are also available in small-scale individual size. At Greenberg Bakery, they have been making Upper East Side wedding cakes since the 1940s. They offer both custom designs and mini wedding cakes.

Dyke’s work

Rachel Dyke, a fine miniature wedding cake artist, has been obsessed with miniatures since she was a child. She began making toy trains and Barbie accessories at age six and grew into a career in miniatures as an adult. She found her niche in the wedding industry when she was 20, and today her work is so detailed and intricate that there is a two-month wait list. Her miniature wedding cakes are available for purchase online, and her Instagram feed features pictures of her work.

Despite the popularity of miniaturization, Dyke says that many of his customers cry when they see the finished keepsakes. The process of creating a miniature wedding cake begins with a detailed vision of what the bride and groom want. The cake's design may have a theme or design, but it should be realistic. After seeing how these miniatures are created, Dyke adds details and a "frosting" of paint to make the cake look real.

Ivory mini wedding cakes

If you're looking to make your wedding day special with a taste of ivory, then you should think about purchasing an ivory mini wedding cake. These little treats are very elegant and in style right now. If you're having trouble deciding where to buy one, you might want to consider a bakery that specializes in ivory wedding cakes. You can also find a variety of ivory wedding cake decorations to help your big day come together.

If you're on a budget but want to make a stunning wedding cake, consider purchasing a small ivory wedding cake. Ivory is a pearly color that's associated with elegance. You can find ivory buttercream in various shapes, including blossoms and floral designs. You can even find cakes flecked with real gold leaf. These cakes also look great topped with white chocolate glaze, macaroons, or chocolate feathers.

Ivory painter palette cakes

Inspired by the classic elegance of art deco architecture, this decadent wedding theme is one of the most popular trends in cake design today. The art deco style was most prominent during the 1920s and 30s, and featured bold geometric shapes and extravagant ornamentation. Art deco styles have been featured on many famous buildings, including the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building. You can make your own art deco cake by choosing a colour from this palette to create a unique cake.

Classic ivory has a timeless beauty that works well in almost any setting. These cakes look stunning when adorned with gold or silver fondant. One three-tier cake was decorated with an ombre effect of orange roses and peach roses and was topped with an opulent gold cake topper. Another example is a white, four-tier cake, covered in sugar peonies, roses, and fern sprigs.

Fresh flower accents

One way to add a unique touch to a miniature wedding cake is to add fresh flower accents. The popular types of wedding flowers are Juliet roses and romantic blooms. However, some couples choose unusual, unique flowers such as passion flowers or protea. These flowers will set your cake apart from the rest. Here are some great ideas for decorating miniature wedding cakes with fresh flower accents. You can also use edible white to create a whimsical effect.

The use of edible flowers is becoming popular again. These flowers aren't just for adorning a wedding cake; they are also great for cocktail garnishes, appetizer accents, and cake decorations. Edible flowers come in every color and shape. They are also better for your health than florist's flowers. You can use fresh flowers to cover an entire cake or blend them into icing for a flecked finish.

Statement topper

A statement topper for a miniature wedding cake is a perfect way to top off the decorations on the cake. Choose something romantic like the famous Chinese symbol for love, the double happiness, which symbolizes double happiness for the newlyweds. This cake topper looks stunning with cherry blossom icing, or something more unique like porcelain feathers. These topper ideas will go well with a bird theme, too!

Another idea is to have a superhero or comic book character as the topper for a wedding cake. If you're the super hero type, you could choose a superhero topper or a pixelated version of the bride and groom. This would be a great way to get guests talking and start the conversation! You could even have a cake that's a replica of a video game, with the couple sculpted as characters from the movie. And if your wedding is aimed at kids, you can even give them Lego kits as a gift.

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