Where to Buy Wedding Accessories in Singapore

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If you're in the market for some Chinese-themed bridal accessories or want to get some rental items for your big day, here are some places to visit in Singapore. You can also check out a Rental store, a Chinese-centric bridal shop, or a shop that sells Paper decorations and vintage doodads. In Singapore, you can find just about anything you might need, from traditional motifs to more modern designs.

Chinese-centric bridal shop

Looking for a Chinese-centric bridal shop for wedding accessories in the city-state? Then you've come to the right place. Chinese-centric bridal shops are more than just a wedding accessory shop. These are one-stop shops, which cater to all aspects of a wedding day, including betrothal and dowry items, accessories, and party items. They offer custom Guo Da Li packages and even dialect-specific wedding customizations.

When it comes to weddings, most people immediately picture a traditional white dress. Western influences have made this image deeply entrenched, but a recent shift in the way the Chinese dress has been interpreted is helping revive the traditional wear in China. Now, brides are choosing colors that express their individuality and personal style. While this trend may have begun in Taiwan, it has now spread to Singapore. And if you're planning to get married in China, it would be a wise idea to check out Chinese-centric bridal shops for wedding accessories in Singapore.

In mainland China, the sky-high price of brides has become a national public social issue. The National Bride Price Map (MB) was first issued in June 2013, an important we-media channel. At the time, the highest price was a house and 100,000 RMB (S$20,000). The average price of a bride is significantly higher than the average Chinese citizen's annual income. This trend is likely to continue into the future, as the average bride price has doubled in the country.

Rental store

There are a number of bridal boutiques in Singapore that offer rental services for wedding dresses. They also rent out matching wedding accessories, including tiaras, hair accessories, and jewelry. Many of the accessories that you'll see in a bridal boutique are too extravagant for everyday wear. Renting your wedding dress and accessories is a good option because it's much cheaper and saves you time! The wedding season is extremely busy, and there's no time to worry about every detail.

One of the oldest bridal establishments in Singapore is Silhouette The Atelier. This shop offers rental wedding gowns starting at S$2500 and evening gowns for as low as $1200. The Atelier prides itself on catering to each couple's unique needs. Its attention to detail and quality of service are what set them apart from other rental shops. There are several packages available at Silhouette The Atelier, ranging from an all-in-one bridal package to an a-la-carte rental of wedding accessories.

Another rental store specializing in wedding decor is Heaven in a Wild Flower. Their wedding decorations include paper pom poms, tasselled garlands, and even hip pool floats. In addition, their stylists travel the world collecting vintage doodads that they rent out to their customers. Rentable items include antique books, painted flower pots, wooden wine trolleys, and classy signage.

La Belle Couture is another rental store that offers over 500 designer wedding gowns for rent. It is located at 21 Tan Quee Lan Street, Singapore, 188108, and is open from 12pm to 9pm daily. You can also browse their catalogue online, which offers over 500 wedding dresses. If you can't find the right one, La Belle Couture is a great place to start. If you are looking for a designer wedding gown, La Belle Couture has a huge collection of beautiful dresses and accessories.

Paper decorations

You can decorate your tables in an eco-friendly, minimalistic way by choosing paper decorations for your wedding. Not only are these decorations practical, but they can also look elaborate. Paper rosettes, hanging flower garlands and arches are available in a variety of shapes and sizes from gauzy fabrics to olive branches and eucalyptus stems. They can be a perfect complement to the overall design theme of your wedding.

Paper cranes and other geometric shapes are another interesting option. This Japanese craft can be done by hand and is symbolic. Paper cranes, for example, stand for peace, happiness and good luck. You can choose to have a crane or another symbol of peace in your wedding. You can also use origami to personalize your paper wedding favours with messages. Geometric shapes are also popular and can be used as decorations in a minimalist wedding.

For DIY projects, you can visit a popular scrapbooking store located in the heart of town. This shop stocks adorable stamps and stickers and offers colourful, printed papers perfect for framing wedding moments. Craft stores in Orchard and Bras Basah Complex are also great places to pick up craft materials. They also sell a huge variety of supplies, including glue guns. DIY projects are not limited to decorations but can be used to personalize other aspects of the wedding, such as invitations and place cards.

While some couples may think that using flowers as decorations is outdated, there are still ways to personalise weddings and add a personal touch. A bespoke floral arrangement from Hello Flowers could be the perfect way to commemorate your wedding day. And since Hello Flowers is a social enterprise, the company helps local women in need. If you wish to receive a discount on wedding decor from Hello Flowers, you can mention the promo code 'Bumblescoop' when booking your order.

Vintage doodads

In the market for vintage doodads for your wedding? Look no further. Singapore's wedding industry is awash with creative wedding vendors. From customised props to vintage furniture, Singapore's wedding industry has it all. Here are some tips for incorporating vintage doodads into your big day. Listed below are just a few of them. Whether it's a customised backdrop, a beautiful wooden sign, or an enchanting photobooth prop - you're sure to find something that matches your theme.

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