Where to Buy Wedding Minion Cake Toppers

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If you're planning a wedding, you probably already know where to buy wedding minions. These magic poppets are a surefire way to bring happiness to your guests, but where do you find them? Here are some ideas:

Customized bride and groom with minion cake topper

Customized bride and groom with Minion cake topper are ideal for weddings where children are included. Minion is everyone's favorite yellow character. The bride and groom can be dressed as Minions with different skin and hair color. The Minions can sit on either side of the cake and can be placed in various poses. The couple's names can also be written on the cake topper. This cake topper can be ordered in multiple colors and sizes.

These cake toppers are made using 3D printers. The Dusseldorf-based maker, Manuel Poehlau, uses a ProJet 660Pro printer to create the cake topper. The material is sandstone, and the topper comes in various sizes. The couple can even have different colors and designs based on their preference. This cake topper is customizable, and Manuel Poehlau sells them on Etsy.

A customized bride and groom cake topper is a great way to personalize the wedding cake. The groom dips his bride and features additional poses as well. The cake topper is made of linen fabric and features a pink heart and is mounted on wooden skewers. Aside from a personalized cake topper, it will be a conversation piece for your guests. You can purchase one now and have it custom-made later.

You get a wedding minion if you are IN the wedding

You get a wedding minion if, while not the bride, you are a guest at the wedding. The Moogle minion grants 10 ATK to all allies in its range and scatters petals in its general vicinity. Moogles serving the Sanctum of the Twelve claim that the magical poppets bring happiness, but offer no refunds if they don't. However, to obtain a wedding minion, you need to be an IN guest at a Gold or Platinum Eternal Bond ceremony.

Samantha and Bob Thomas are die-hard fans of the Despicable Me movies. So much so that they planned their entire wedding around the popular film characters. As a special touch, they gave each guest a Minion mask. A Minion mascot met the bride and groom at the wedding venue, and bridesmaids wore yellow dresses and cufflinks in the colors of the Despicable Me characters.

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