Where to Get Mens Wedding Bands

If you are planning to propose to your beloved, you've likely started thinking about where to get your mens wedding band. The good news is that there are plenty of options! Not only can you choose from the wide range of options for wedding bands, but you can also choose any metal, inlay, and design you'd like. Here are a few of the most popular places to find the perfect mens wedding band.

White gold

A white gold men's wedding band is a beautiful symbol of love. Men can choose from a variety of styles, and there are several benefits to choosing a white gold band for a man. Below are the pros and cons of white gold. This is a traditional style that is both durable and elegant. It is also a nice choice for those who want a more modern look. However, if you want something a bit different, you may want to choose a different style of white gold men's wedding band.

First of all, white gold is a beautiful metal. It is the most affordable option among other high-end metals. White gold is similar in look to platinum, but costs less. This means that men can save money while achieving the look they want. Lastly, white gold is resistant to scratches and other types of damage. Men can choose a simple band for an everyday look or one with intricate details. A white gold men's wedding band is a great choice for a man who is on a tight budget.

One type of white gold men's wedding band is made from walnut wood. A copper inlay adds warmth and a rustic touch. You can also choose a more modern look with a ring that is hand-engraved. There are many options when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding band. But there are a few things to consider before making a decision. Choosing the best metal for your man's wedding band is a personal choice.


Unlike precious metals, tungsten was not mined for its beauty or shine. In fact, its main purpose was to be a stronger alloy. Its strength was demonstrated during World War II, when both sides put pressure on Portugal to take one side of the conflict. This country had massive deposits of wolframite ore, a great source of Tungsten. Because of its strength, tungsten was used in the creation of wartime armor.

In recent years, tungsten has become more popular as a piece of jewelry, particularly tungsten watches. While tungsten wedding bands are relatively new to the wedding band market, their durability is one of their major benefits. With enough polishing, tungsten can resemble any precious metal. The color of tungsten is typically either a steel gray or gunmetal. This gives the option of purchasing a band in a color you prefer.

Unlike gold, tungsten wedding bands can be very affordable, and most weigh just one ounce. However, higher-end tungsten wedding bands usually have better material. Often, they are made of titanium or exotic wood, and some also include carbon fiber. Other expensive rings may contain diamonds or exotic patterns, which will add to their cost. It is important to check the materials used to create your ring before purchasing it.


A titanium men's wedding ring offers all the benefits of a classic, timeless design. This durable metal doesn't bend or corrode and is hypoallergenic. Titanium is also scratch and crack resistant, making it an excellent choice for active lifestyles. Additionally, titanium feels light and comfortable on the finger. Lastly, titanium wedding bands are relatively inexpensive, making them an excellent choice for couples who want to stay within their budget.

A titanium men's wedding ring is a stylish and elegant choice for the modern man. These bands are typically made of titanium, and can have inlays, grooves, beveled edges, and satin finishes. Although titanium tends to be matte, this metal is dyed a variety of colors. You can even get a titanium men's wedding ring in black, a rare metal that is created through a special alloying process.


A Cobalt men's wedding band is a stylish, timeless choice for a modern man. Cobalt is a naturally white color and is hypoallergenic. Its matte finish adds a touch of glamor to any ensemble. This band is a perfect choice for a man who is tired of wearing rings that chip or crack easily. It also makes a stunning everyday piece of jewelry.

Couples who want a stylish ring for their new marriage can consider a Cobalt men's wedding band. The metal is scratch resistant, but not bulletproof, so you'll want to take care when dropping things. However, its strength means that it can withstand regular wear without any problems. Cobalt rings are still more malleable than other metals and are ideal for intricate designs. And unlike their more popular cousins, they're far safer than tungsten.

A Cobalt men's wedding band is a great choice for a man who works with his hands. The durable metal is scratch resistant, so it's perfect for active men who need to be protected from scratches. Because cobalt is scratch resistant, this ring will feel comfortable for any man to wear. And because it's a bit heavier than most gold rings, it's still comfortable.


Despite the low price tag, silicone men's wedding bands are a great way to make a stylish statement. Unlike traditional metal wedding bands, silicone will not tarnish, and many of these rings come in various colors and patterns. Some feature a faux stone or metal bead, and some even come in multipacks. Silicone wedding bands can be a great alternative for the traditional gold wedding band.

The best silicone men's wedding band will match your existing wedding ring and mimic the original. You can choose a style with your name and wedding date engraved in up to 12 characters. The material is thin enough to be practically invisible, and they come in a variety of colors. These bands are ideal for everyday use, and they can also be worn on workdays and travel. The ThunderFit silicone wedding band has a 4.6-star rating from over two thousand reviews. It has a price point under $20 and almost 30 color options. The ThunderFit ring is about two millimeters wide and eight millimeters wide, and its internal grooves are designed by an aerospace engineer.

ThunderFit is the best men's silicone wedding band brand, and their Step Edge Silicone Rings are the number one seller on Amazon. These rings are made with a step edge style, and are available in a variety of dark colors. This brand also offers replacement packs free of charge, which is a great feature if you need a new ring in the future. They offer a guarantee and replacement packs for their products.

David Yurman

Whether your man is looking for something more classic or bold, a David Yurman men's wedding band is sure to look great. The designs of David Yurman rings are geometric in design, but also come in a variety of metals. There are many designs to choose from, including a simple ring and one with a twisted helix. Whether you want something simple or bold, these designs are sure to make a great statement.

A classic and elegant black titanium band is the hallmark of a David Yurman men's wedding band. If you prefer a lighter version of titanium, this design is perfect for you. The same goes for a lighter grey titanium band. The Mejuri 14 karat solid gold band is another popular choice for wedding bands. It is lightweight, smooth, and streamlined, and can be personalized. Another modern, high-tech design is the Piaget forged carbon men's wedding band. Its minimalist design is both a great addition to your business casual attire and will look good with a white-t-shirt and a suit.

Whether you're looking for a classic ring in 18K gold or a more modern style, the David Yurman men's wedding band collection is sure to make a statement. Known for their cable-inspired jewelry, David Yurman's rings are crafted with the finest materials and are sure to turn heads. Whether you want a ring that stands out and is classic and modern, or a bold and edgy piece with a unique design, you'll find it at an online jewelry store.

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