Where to Get Wedding Band Resized

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When deciding where to get your wedding band resized, consider your options. The best option is to use a service at a reputable local jeweler. However, the type of service you choose should depend on the value and properties of your ring. An ordinary wedding band can be sized at a local jeweler, but if your ring holds sentimental value, you'll want to send it to a jewelry store to have it resized. The jewelry store will need three weeks to return the ring to you.

DIY options

You can get your wedding band resized at a jeweler, but some people find the experience of having their ring resized at home to be a more convenient and cost-effective option. DIY ring resizing methods may involve adhering something to your ring, which may not look as elegant as getting it done by a professional. However, they are an excellent option if you only need your ring to be a fraction of a size smaller or larger.

A homemade ring resizing solution may include a transparent rubber band. While applying this solution will require a higher level of craftsmanship, the result is worth it. It will fill in the space between the ring and finger without affecting the appearance of the ring. Unlike ring snuggies, food grade silicone is not permanent and will not hurt your finger. Whether you use silicone or a traditional jeweler, remember to keep the ring guard on the ring while it's resizing.

Another inexpensive DIY option for getting your wedding band resized is to purchase a ring size chart online. This handy tool can help you determine a new size without having to visit a jeweler. You can also buy a piece of plastic or silicone that you can attach to the bottom of the ring band. These resizing solutions are a temporary solution for finger size fluctuations. These tools can reduce the size of your ring by a half-size or full size, depending on your finger's shape.

Another alternative to professional resizing is to use sizing beads. These beads are small metal balls soldered inside the ring. These beads provide space for the ring to push over the knuckle. They also help the ring to remain in place on the base of the finger. They are less expensive than the resizing beads but may require more time. The resizing beads, however, are more effective.


There are several ways to have your wedding band resized. A professional jeweler can safely enlarge or reduce the circumference of a ring. Typically, a ring can be enlarged by half a size. The jeweler will first heat the ring's metal and then cut away the bottom portion of the ring's shank. The jeweler will then solder the two pieces of metal back together, polishing the finished product.

The process of ring resizing is relatively simple. The jeweler will cut out the metal from your ring, then solder the pieces back together. You may want to consider having your ring resized if it was engraved with an initial and a date of your proposal. You will spend less money if the ring is already engraved. Before choosing a jeweler, check their resizing policy. Some jewelers may offer to resize your ring for free if you purchase a new one.

The time taken for a ring resizing will vary from one to two weeks. Resized rings with intricate details will take more time. It is recommended to allow adequate time, however, if you've calculated the average ring size. A reputable jeweler can complete the job in a few hours or a few days. Keep in mind, however, that a jeweler's turnaround time will depend on the amount of work they have to complete.

There are many ways to have your wedding band resized. A professional jeweler can resize your engagement ring. The simplest resizing method involves cutting out the bottom portion of the band, then fusing the two remaining pieces together. The jeweler will then use soldering to seal the edges and make them smooth. It is possible to stretch the band by a half-size, or add additional metal to make it larger. A lackluster ring resizing procedure can result in visible depressions or discoloration, and can increase the likelihood of breaking.

Online stores

If your wedding band is too large or too small for you, resizing it can be a simple process. The jeweler will take your ring's measurements and ask about comfort. He or she will then decide if it should be sized up or down. For instance, a size 6 can be resized to a size 5. A ring sized to a size 5 can be resized by adding extra gold to the band.

When getting your wedding band resized, it is essential that you choose a reputable jeweler. While resizing a ring is relatively simple, it is important to consider the condition of your hand. If your hands are very swollen or you cannot estimate your size, a larger band is recommended. An expert will use the most appropriate technique to preserve your ring without altering its aesthetics.

Re-sizing your wedding band is an inexpensive process, but you should be aware that it can take a couple of weeks. A simple band can be resized quickly by a local jeweler, but a more complicated ring can take two or three weeks to be repaired. A local jeweler can also help you avoid resizing your engagement ring. However, re-sizing a large ring will require shipping it, which can take two or three weeks.

If you are getting a pave ring or a channel set ring, re-sizing them may take longer than a simple one. A pave ring, for example, consists of small diamonds set in a groove. If the stones become loose during the resizing process, you'll have to re-fit them, which will take time. A channel set ring, on the other hand, has many small diamonds set close together. Re-sizing a band with diamonds is a more complicated process and can take up to five weeks.

DIY resizing

One option is DIY wedding band resizing. These alterations take as little as a few minutes to perform. The timeframe for permanent resizing, however, can take days or weeks. This may be too long for you if you want to keep your ring and need a quick solution. If you do not want to spend that much money on a new ring, however, you can use other methods.

There are several DIY options for resizing your wedding band. You can use snuggies, glue, silicone, or even fishing line to make it smaller or larger. You can also try welding beads or a spring to the ring. A professional jeweler will be able to offer more options for ring resizing. While this isn't as simple as it sounds, it can be an enjoyable project and can be done at home.

A DIY ring resizing method can be done in your own home, but you must know what you're doing, or you risk damaging the ring. First, you need to mark the center of the bottom of the ring with a permanent marker. Next, you can use wire cutters to cut the ring. Once you've measured the bottom center, you can proceed with the resizing process.

Another DIY resizing method is to use a ring sizer. These ring sizers are made of high-quality PVC, which is easy to remove after resizing. You can change the size by two or three sizes without losing the original ring. The resizing method may reduce the value of your ring. Also, DIY ring resizing techniques are not always effective.

Cost of resizing a wedding band

The cost of resizing a wedding band can vary depending on several factors. The material of the ring, its thickness and intricacy, and the size of the center stone are all factors. Rings with intricate detail are more expensive to resize and may also require more time. A simple, plain band will cost less. Typically, the ring resizing process will cost between $50 and $75. Most jewelers can perform the service within one to two weeks, but if the ring is very thick, the process can take several weeks.

Choosing a wedding band resizing procedure is easy but can be intimidating. There are several factors that influence the cost and time. Simple resizing can be as low as $20 while more complicated resizing can cost hundreds of dollars. In addition, the time for ring resizing may vary depending on the material of the ring and complexity of the ring design. When considering the cost of resizing, remember that a simple ring resizing will not take more than one to two weeks, but a more intricate ring will require more time and more expensive materials.

Another factor that can increase the cost of resizing a wedding band is whether the ring has decorative stones. The more decorative stones and a wider band, the more complex the process will be. The jeweler will likely need to move or remove some of the stones or change their placement. In addition, if there are any stones in the ring, they may need to be reset or relocated.