Where to Get Wedding Flowers Pressed

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If you have a love for fresh flowers and want to preserve them for your special day, pressed wedding flowers can be the perfect way to do so. In addition to preserving your wedding bouquet, you can also get your baby shower centerpieces and funeral flowers pressed. Francis Foliage is one such company that specializes in preserving floral arrangements. It is recommended that you visit their studio for the most beautiful results. If you're in the Seattle area, you should also check out Carly Gee's studio.

Carly Gee

The process of pressing wedding flowers is time-consuming, and the process takes anywhere from four to six weeks. Flower pressing is one of Carly Gee's passions, and her beautiful displays will captivate your guests. After the flowers are pressed, they are ready to be displayed as artwork. The process can be done by anyone, though it's recommended that you hire a professional florist. You can read more about flower pressing from Focus on the Coast Weddings magazine, or see more pictures of her work on her website.

The Pressed Bouquet Shop

If you're considering preserving your garden beauty, a pressed flower frame is an excellent way to preserve your beautiful flowers. The Pressed Bouquet Shop also offers a range of pressed flower items, such as framed prints and pressed floral cloches. For an even better option, consider transferring your bouquet to a beautiful vase for use as a centerpiece.

The process doesn't have to take place on your wedding day; it should be completed 1-2 days after the event, and before the flowers begin to fade. The flowers are carefully dismantled at their Milwaukee, Wisconsin studio, and the process of pressing them can take anywhere from four to eight weeks, depending on the variety. For those who would rather receive their pressed flowers in time for the wedding, The Pressed Bouquet Shop also frames dried flowers for an elegant gift.

The Pressed Bouquet Shop provides several styles for their pressed wedding bouquets. One style is the shadowbox, which is a 3D preserved bouquet. It's made on a thick weighted paper and is available in a variety of sizes. A medium-sized bouquet is perfectly suited for a 10x10 frame. You can include mementos from your wedding, such as wedding invitations, ribbon, charms, or other given items.

Framed Florals

There are many beautiful ways to frame your wedding flowers. Using books and weights can be an excellent idea. You can also add dried flowers to make your own unique art. The beauty of your wedding flowers will be forever remembered when framed! These are beautiful options for a wedding shower gift or wedding favor! Let your guests know about the special day in a unique way with framed flowers for weddings! Here are some easy ways to frame your wedding flowers!

You can choose between two popular styles of framed floral arrangements. One is called a shadowbox bouquet. It is an arrangement of flowers, such as a full bouquet of flowers. It can be any size and shape and can include items from the wedding such as wedding invites, ribbon, charms, or other given items. Framed flowers for weddings are an excellent choice for wedding mementos and can be used as home decor as well.

Another option is to use pressed flowers. Pressing flowers is a fun way to preserve favorite blooms. Place the flowers between two sheets of absorbent paper and weigh them down with a heavy book. Afterwards, your flower display will be ready! Once pressed, you can use the flower arrangements in various ways! You can make a unique card or a scrapbook with them or create a lovely framed flower arrangement.

Another way to frame flowers for a wedding is to use the invitation as a backdrop. You can also use a floating frame to display a colorful spray of pressed flowers. To do this, arrange the blooms backwards and then attach the backing to the frame using glue or double-sided tape. Once the flowers have dried, you can use glue or double-sided tape to hold them in place. These pieces can be cherished for years to come.

Carly Gee’s studio

If you want your wedding flowers preserved for future use, consider Carly Gee's studio. She uses flower pressing to preserve the beauty and delicate details of your wedding bouquet. The process of flower pressing requires four to six weeks, depending on the complexity of the bouquet. You can choose a variety of frames, and the studio can even do custom orders. To make your own framed flower print, you should bring your bouquet to Carly Gee's studio, which accepts inquiries via form on her website.