Where to Get Wedding Ring Pillow

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A ring pillow is a great way to display rings during your wedding ceremony. Ring pillows come in a variety of different materials, including burlap, peacock feathers, wood slice, and personalized boxes. However, ring pillows aren't the only type of wedding decor available. If you have a barn wedding or a rustic style wedding, you may want to consider getting a wooden slice to display your rings. To create a rustic ring bearer box, you can also purchase an engraved wood slice that you can attach to the rings with a piece of yarn, twine, or ribbon. These ring bearer boxes can then be used as decor for your wedding afterward, which is a great idea.


When planning your rustic wedding, you might want to consider using a wedding ring pillow made from burlap. This pillow is a beautiful accent piece for any wedding theme, including country, rustic, and vintage. It is trimmed with lace and a jute bow. Burlap on both sides holds a poly fiber fill, and it is accented with pearls and rhinestones.

Buying a plain pillow will not match your overall theme, so you may want to make your own. Burlap is a versatile material, and you can cut it to any size for your project. If you don't have burlap, you can cut it to the size you need. A good rule of thumb is that the size is nine inches by 20 inches. However, this doesn't mean you have to use exactly that size.

Alternatively, you can also make your own burlap wedding ring pillow. A burlap ring bearer pillow nestles the wedding ring for the bearer. A burlap-linen flower girl pillow will complete your burlap wedding theme and make your flower girl feel special. It will look wonderful in her burlap flower girl basket as well! So, where to get wedding ring pillows made of burlap?

To make a burlap pillow, buy a yard of fabric. Make sure the fabric is thick and matches your wedding color scheme. You can even find seasonal flowers at a 30% discount. Just remember to check for 40%-50% off one item coupons before you buy. You can make a burlap pillow for less than $10. And you can even reuse it if you want to give it as a gift.

Peacock feathers

Peacock feathers are an elegant way to accent your wedding ring pillow. Peacock feathers are the most common feather used for wedding pillows, and they look fantastic with any color scheme. The feathers are also available for use in other crafts, including pillows. If you are unsure of where to find peacock feathers, check out these suggestions! You will be amazed at how much they add to your ring pillow!

To decorate your ring bearer pillow, choose a simple design that features your monogram or the couple's initials. A teal and green satin ring bearer pillow will add a splash of color. Or, opt for a white matte satin ring bearer pillow with lace detailing and a simple pearl center to emphasize the rings. This way, the rings will be the center of attention and will be easily accessible to the bearer.

Whether you want to go bold or simple, you can find an exquisite wedding ring pillow online. These pillows are available in several styles and prices. When choosing a style, make sure it is comfortable for the bearer, and choose a fabric that is not too delicate. Also, remember that the feathers are a unique feature of the pillow, so you may want to consider a pillow with peacock feathers.

Wood slice

For a rustic, outdoor wedding, or a barn venue, a wooden slice is a beautiful alternative to a ring pillow. Attach the rings to the wood slice with string, ribbon, or twine to create a romantic keepsake. Adding custom engraving is a great way to make the ring pillow even more personal. Besides being a lovely keepsake during the ceremony, the wood slice can serve as a beautiful piece of decor for years to come.

Rustic wood slices can be adorned with a hand-written wedding date or the names of the bride and groom. They're a unique touch to a rustic wedding and can add a rustic look to your ceremony. A rustic wooden slice ring pillow with two slots is an ideal accent to an outdoor wedding. The ring insert is secured to the wooden slice with a jute twine string. Rustic wooden ring pillows can be found at craft stores and online. They are made by independent Etsy artists and personalized to the bride and groom.

A rustic wood slice can be made into a wedding ring pillow, which has a heart-shaped pocket to hold rings. The wood slice measures about 3.8 inches (9 cm) in diameter and 0.7 inches (1.5 cm) thick. You'll need to purchase the rings separately, as they are not included in the price. If you're looking for a wedding ring pillow that's rustic and natural, consider getting one made of wood, which is naturally beautiful and makes a charming keepsake.

The wedding ring pillow can be personalized to match the theme of the wedding. For example, a woodland wedding would benefit from a wood slice filled with moss and fresh greenery. A bohemian wedding might look stunning with a macrame-covered embroidery hoop or a box filled with fresh blooms. The choices are endless. The only limitation is your imagination. It's your wedding, so get creative!

Personalized ring bearer box

If you are wondering where to get a personalized wedding ring bearers box, there are many places you can find a beautiful one. Whether your son or daughter has a special role in your wedding, he or she deserves some pampering. Personalized terry robes make excellent gifts for your ring bearer. Alternatively, you can buy them a space playbox so they can bring it to the wedding with them.

This wood box has a delicate, light brown design. It comes with an attached ring bearer pillow that can be personalized with the bearer's initials and wedding date. The box is framed with real glass on the lid so the bearer can easily view the contents inside. The interior is lined with delicate burlap and lace pillows. Personalized wedding ring bearer boxes can be given to any child as a keepsake from the big day.

A traditional wooden ring bearer pillow is another classic but functional option. The pillow is a great place to keep the rings and is a good place to store them. You can also get a personalized wedding ring bearer box to express your theme or style. There are several places where you can purchase a personalized wedding ring bearer box, but if you are on a budget, ring pillows are a wonderful option.

If you want a unique alternative to the traditional wooden ring bearer box, you can consider a rustic-style wooden ring box. These ring boxes are perfect for rustic weddings and can be used to hold tiny treasures like a ring. You can also find a painted wooden box that is suitable for a rustic wedding and ring-bearing. Moreover, you can buy a raw-wood box engraved with a sweet love quote.

David’s Bridal

If you're planning a big wedding and want the perfect ring bearer accessory, David's Bridal has many unique items to choose from. Whether you want a ring bearer pillow that looks like a baby's head or a pillow for a grownup, David's has it all. You can purchase pillow bearers and ring bearer accessories in various fabric textures and colors, and even get custom wooden boxes for them.

A ring pillow is an accessory that completes your wedding ceremony. The pillows can be either traditional satin or modern, trendy ring boxes. They can be white, blush, so you can match them to your wedding color scheme. Ring bearer pillows can be made of white satin, with a slim ribbon to complete the look. This pillow will help you display your ring in a beautiful way, and will be perfect for rustic brides who want something more rustic. They're also customizable, with both the color of the ribbon and the linen.

Ring bearer pillows can be simple or intricate, and come in a variety of styles and materials. You can even personalize them with your names or the wedding date. There's no limit to the designs you can select, and you can even add a monogram or the couple's initials to them. The options are endless when it comes to choosing a ring bearer pillow.