Where to Hire Wedding Dresses

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There are many places to hire wedding dresses for the big day, but where should you start? In this article, we look at Girl Meets Dress, Selfridges Rental, Etsy, and Rent the Runway. If you're still undecided, hire a dress online! Many of these services cater to brides in sizes four to 26 and will order styles for you. While you'll find many styles on their websites, they may be too small or too big for your size.

Rent the Runway

Unlike traditional bridal boutiques, Rent the Runway for wedding dresses lets you try on designer gowns in the comfort of your own home. This is especially helpful for brides who haven't had the luxury of fitting in designer gowns in person. The designer dresses are typically delivered to the bride's home two weeks before the wedding, so she can test-fit and size them accordingly. A wedding gown rental is the perfect way to avoid committing to a particular style or design.

You can rent a wedding dress from Rent the Runway for just $89 per month. The price of a single rental is only $89, and you can swap it with another dress during the month if you're not satisfied with the fit. Rent the Runway will cover the cost of shipping and insurance if something goes wrong with your rental. The service is especially convenient if you're getting married within a short time frame.

The selection process can be a real obstacle course for brides today. With so many dresses to choose from, choosing a suitable one can seem impossible. From the right neckline to the right silhouette, it can feel overwhelming. On top of all that, the dress will be photographed, which compounds the problem. Luckily, Rent the Runway for wedding dresses has the solution to this problem. Brides can search by style, price, and more.

If you have a large number of weddings, it is advisable to join the Unlimited and Update programs. The Unlimited program gives you access to more selections and 25 percent discount for each extra rental. If you only need one dress for the wedding, you can go with the Reserve option. Coupons on the website can help you find the best deals for Rent the Runway. Listed below are the most popular wedding dresses and their prices.

For a wedding day that requires a more modern look, the Rent the Runway website can help you find a stylish dress that fits your personal style. It is an online marketplace where designers rent their high-end clothing and accessories. Though the company does not specialize in wedding gowns, it does have plenty of white and non-traditional options. As a member of Rent the Runway, you get to try on what you like and keep it as long as you want!

Girl Meets Dress

If you're looking for a wedding dress but don't want to spend a fortune on the gown, you may want to consider hiring one from a dress rental service like Girl Meets Dress. This service offers more than 4,000 designer pieces and 150 different brands that you can rent for a fraction of the retail price. Plus, you can pick up your dress right from their website and have it delivered to you the very next day!

You can book your wedding dress two to seven days ahead, and return it the next day with no hassles. You can rent any style of dress you like, and no one will know, but your loved one will be jealous of your gorgeous wedding gown. You can also rent a dress for two to seven nights through Girl Meets Dress, depending on your budget. You can hire a dress for as little as PS19 per night, with a one-time fee of PS30. To save even more money, you can sign up for a PS99 monthly membership and rent up to three dresses at a time, plus get discounts and free delivery.

If you are unsure about your dress size, Girl Meets Dress has a bridal boutique. You can rent a wedding dress and have it altered if necessary. You'll need to return your wedding dress within two days after receiving it. The boutique offers various packages to accommodate your needs, and you can even get a discount for booking four or more. Just remember to let them know what size you are before your wedding date.

For a wedding gown that is as unique as you are, check out Girl Meets Dress. The brand was founded in the United Kingdom, and their service is circular and offers flexible hiring terms. You can choose a three or five-day hire period and have it delivered to you anywhere in the UK. And if you're unable to return the dress, you can hire another dress for a two to seven-night stay at a hotel or resort.

Selfridges Rental

A new rental service is launching at Selfridges. The rental boutique aims to provide a service where couples can hire vintage or pre-loved wedding outfits, as well as accessories such as veils and handbags. The prices start at PS20 for four days. Wedding dresses are one of the most expensive items to buy, but you can still find stylish options in Selfridges.

Renting a wedding dress is a great way to save money and try on several dresses without having to make a large investment. Most bridal boutiques have rental options, so if you can't afford to purchase a wedding dress, consider renting one for a few days instead. Selfridges Rental offers a variety of styles, including traditional styles, ethereal wedding dresses, and contemporary designs.

Another option for renting a wedding dress is to rent it from a vintage store. Renting a vintage wedding dress can be a more affordable way to get your dream dress. There are several designers available at RentaRental, including Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent, and Alaia. The rental prices for vintage wedding dresses can be as low as PS27 per day.

Another rental option is HURR. A pop-up store is open at Selfridges in London. The shop houses 200 pieces, which rotate on a weekly basis. There are also curated edits for different occasions, including London Fashion Week, Valentine's Day, and Holiday. Borrowers can drop off their unused clothes for rental, and the dresses are returned to them six months later.

Another option is My Wardrobe HQ. With a large catalogue of wedding dresses from designer labels, this rental service also offers an extensive range. The online booking system makes it easy to hire a dress, and their Fulham showroom offers an opportunity for customers to try on different styles to ensure they fit perfectly. This rental option can also be used for a hen-do or rehearsal dinner. It is also great for those seeking an alternative to a traditional wedding.

For the more environmentally-conscious bride, Selfridges Rental is an excellent option. The company has a great selection of wedding dresses and accessories and is known as 'The Net-a-Porter of rentals.' Renting a wedding dress here could save the environment equivalent to six trees or ninety-two miles of driving! They also offer free delivery. In short, Selfridges Rental is a great way to save money and have a beautiful dress to wear to your wedding.


If you're looking for a unique wedding dress, look no further than Etsy. This online marketplace was established in 2005 and has grown into a giant supplier of impressive products. There are wedding dresses, headpieces, and other items for hire from dozens of designers. You can even hire artists to take bridal portraits. Whatever you need, Etsy has it! Here are three reasons to rent a wedding dress on Etsy:

Many Etsy shops rent their custom wedding gowns. You can choose a dress that is the perfect fit and color for your wedding day. Some Etsy wedding dresses are made for photo shoots and do not have any alterations. Fortunately, you can still hire a wedding dress through Etsy and have your dream dress delivered right to your door. Just make sure to check the Etsy shop's policies to see whether alterations are possible.

If you're not sure about the style you want, try hiring a seamstress. Even if your wedding gown is made to order, it's still recommended that you hire a seamstress to help you fit it. Even if your gown is a sample, it may be too large and require custom alterations. You should also ask about return policies and shipping and accessorizing.

Another reason to hire a wedding dress on Etsy is because you can reserve it in advance. Most sellers ship items immediately, so you don't have to worry about shipping costs. You also get to pay for the gown ahead of time, so you don't have to worry about returning it after the big day. It's a win-win-win situation for you. If you're on a tight budget, hire a wedding dress on Etsy.

Another great option is Rent the Runway. You'll need to make a deposit, but this deposit is returned if the dress is damaged or is not returned by the date. In case of cancellation, a buyer will not have to pay a penalty if the dress is returned within 24 hours, but it will be subject to a 20% fee if cancellation occurs more than one month before the wedding.

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