Who to Invite to a Destination Wedding?

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The invitation is a hectic job for the to-be couple whether it is a regular wedding or the destination wedding. While creating the list of the guest, you will find hundreds of people who should be invited. But in most cases, it will not be possible for you considering the budget, venue capacity, and location. So, who to invite to a destination wedding? Keep reading the article to find out further information.

Oftentimes, it is not possible for you to invite a lot of people to the destination wedding because of the limitation and distance. In such situations, what you should do? Keep reading the article to find out what rules you should follow while inviting someone for a destination wedding.

Different Types of Destination Wedding Based on Guests

It would be better if you understand different variations of destination weddings before we move forward. It will help you to decide the style type of wedding you prefer. There are four variations based on the size of the ceremony, these include elopement, intimate wedding, friends and family wedding, and the come on, come all wedding. Below, you will find further details on the variation of the wedding.


The elopement is the most unique and solitary variation of the wedding. Usually, it only consists of the bride and groom without having little or no guests. This is something you should go for if you prefer a private ceremony that will be calm and free from traffic. If you are going to such a wedding, you should through a reception ceremony when you are back to keep the friends and family happy.

The elopement wedding will be the best choice for you if privacy and intimacy are your first priority. It will also save a lot of your money. Moreover, you will not require going through a lot of events and etiquettes for such a wedding. Also, a wedding planner is absolutely not necessary for the destination wedding.

Intimate Wedding

The intimate wedding is another variation of the destination wedding which don’t include a lot of the guest. However, the intimate wedding will have at least some guests compared to the elopement. Typically, there will be around 20 to 25 guests in the intimate wedding which will be your close friends and family members. You might pick a private venue like a hotel or small resort for an intimate wedding.

The good thing about this variation is it doesn’t need to go through all the formality. In fact, you can plan and customize the wedding as you want. Like the prior, it doesn’t cost you much, does not require a wedding planner, and you can keep things private and intimate.

Friends and Family Wedding

This is the most common variation of the destination wedding. Typically, this type of wedding includes around 60 guests that consist of your family members and friends. As you see, it is bigger compared to the other options we have mentioned above. However, it is still small enough to plan on your own. However, you can go hassle-free by going for packages offered in various hotels, boutique hotels, etc. This way you can get a more enjoyable wedding.

Come One Come All Wedding

This is the variation of the destination wedding where you invite everyone like the regular wedding. That means you don’t compromise at all about the guests of the wedding. No wonder that you will require a fat budget and a lot of planning for such a wedding. You also need to consider the right venue that can accommodate the number of guests you want to host.

Things to Consider While You Invite People for Destination Wedding

A destination wedding can be the most memorable event of your life. However, it can also be a hassle if you want guests at the wedding. To make things easier for you, below we will let you know about some of the things you should consider while planning the guest list during a destination wedding.

Your Budget

Budget is definitely the most important consideration to take into account while preparing the guestlist for a destination wedding. Based on the size of your budget, you can make the wedding both bigger and smaller. Destination weddings require a lot of money compared to the usual wedding. Moreover, you need to pay extra for the travel and transportation. Considering all the aspects, decide how many guests you can accommodate at your budget.

You might be worried about offending people by not inviting them to your destination wedding.  However, any sensible individual should understand there is not much scope of inviting a lot of people to a destination wedding.

Your Preference

While preparing the list of the guest, you should include the persons who can make the event more memorable. This can include your close family members like parents, grandparents, siblings, and some relatives. Moreover, you might also want to invite some close friends who have been a part of your life for a while. Also, decide whether you want to include kids in the wedding or you want to make it adult only.


The location might be an issue for some of the guests during a destination wedding. Although a lot of people are now travel savvy, there are still a lot of people who don’t enjoy traveling much. Furthermore, there can be some complexation that will prevent some guests from traveling, especially in the airways. On the other hand, it might be a hassle for some people who are into jobs and duties to assign few days for the wedding.

Moreover, you might not want to pay for the travel of the guest. Some guests might not be interested to join the ceremony thinking about the expenses. So, consider whether the guests can show up at the wedding or not in a destination that is far away from the home.


The destination wedding is something that can make a wedding more fun-filling, enjoyable, and memorable. We hope that the above information will help you to decide whom you should invite for the wedding.

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