How Long Does It Take to Make a Wedding Dress?

Find out how long it really takes to make a wedding dress by reading on in the article, where we'll explore the timeframe and the potential differences it may involve.

The wedding dress is one of the most important details of the day. And it is something that you will never want to compromise as a bride. That is because how you will look on this very special day mostly depends on the wedding dress. No wonder that you will want to look better than anyone else on this day. So, the dress needs to be very special and stunning.

When it comes to picking the wedding dress, typically, you will try out some shops and trial some of the dresses. But you might think of making a custom dress if none of the available options seems suitable for you. Custom making a wedding dress is not going to be easy but it will assure that you are getting what you want.

The wedding dress is not something normal and it will obviously take a lot of time. In some cases, it can even require more than six months. But what is the average time period for this? Keep reading the article to know how the time can vary.

How Long Does It Take to Make a Wedding Dress?

What is the usual way of finding the wedding dress? For most of the bride, it is to visit some of the wedding saloons and trying some of the ready-made options. Typically, a lot of brides find their preferred dress following this way. Even if the dress is not fit, you can still pick the dress as it can easily become perfect for you through alteration. But what happens when you find none of the dresses available there don’t impress you?

Well, just because most brides purchase the ready-made wedding dress, doesn’t mean that you also need to do this. If you don’t find a perfect ready-made option, you can always make the dress custom. So, how long it will take to make a wedding dress? The time required for creating a custom dress will depend on a lot of things. At first, it will depend on the availability of your dress designer. In most cases, the period is around 3 to 6 months.

Some designers might be able to provide you the dress faster. However, it will not require more than six months even if the designer is super busy. And, even if it takes such a long time, you should go for other available designers. You might find this turnaround time huge. Well, it’s not actually much compared to the amount of water. A wedding dress is something critical that requires a lot of works. These include the perfect stitches, the details, fitting, and everything else.

How Much the Wedding Dress Will Cost?

The cost for the wedding dress will also vary on a large scale depending on a lot of things. Especially, some brides want a complex dress with a lot of details where other prefer simplicity. The cost will vary a lot based on the details you want to add to this. Furthermore, the budget for the dress might also vary based on the quality of the raw materials that include the fabric. The thing is you can pay a huge amount for the dress.

However, if you have a specific budget to pay for the gown, you should better talk with the designer. He will let you know what you will get for this. Moreover, the designer can also recommend you some choices or designs for this budget. Another thing you keep in mind is there is no cost of alteration while making a custom dress. That is because the dress is specifically designed for you and it doesn’t require further fitting.

Sometimes the budget for alteration can go up to $1000. So, if you have a separate budget for the gown, we will recommend you add it to the cost of the dress. When you sum up the budget for the dress and alteration, it’s become more competitive with the ready-made wedding gowns. However, we will recommend you to be ready to increase the budget if needed. Because it’s worth investing in such an important thing.

The Steps of Creating a Custom Wedding Dress

If you have decided to go for a custom wedding dress, the first thing you need to do is to pick a designer. But where to find the perfect designer for your dress? Well, if you have a wedding planner ask him for a recommendation. Moreover, you can search for them online and check their portfolio to decide who is right for you. Giving a look at their previous works can help you to understand what you will get if you hire them.

Once you find someone suitable, you will require doing an initial consultation with the designer. In this session, you can tell him about what you want and other preferences for the dress. Obliviously, you should tell him the budget for this. The designer might also ask you for further details about the wedding. This can include the theme, venue, time, color palette, etc. The bride might show an example of what she wants like a picture or sketch.

After the first meeting, the designer will prefer some illustrations for you and they will ask you to pick the preferred option. The bride might also ask for further customization of it as they prefer. After finalizing the design, the designer will take the body measurement of the bride. Then they might prefer a prototype that will help the bride to see how they will look on the dress. If it goes well, the designer will do further works and start working on the dress.


The custom wedding dress might sound complex. But if you have a good budget and a talented designer, the thing should be very easy for you. Furthermore, you will end up having the perfect and unique gown. So, the key here is to pick the right designer and make sure you are doing everything with enough time in hand. As we said earlier, it will require around 3 to 6 months to complete the dress.

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