Where to Buy Wedding Horseshoes

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Are you looking for the perfect wedding gift? Wedding horseshoes are traditional gifts for the wedding couple and make wonderful gifts for both the bride and groom. This article will explore the meaning, origin, and symbolism of the traditional wedding gift. The horseshoe is an age-old tradition with a storied history. Learn where to buy wedding horseshoes so you can give the perfect wedding gift.

Traditional wedding gift

A traditional wedding gift of horseshoes is a lovely way to tie tradition and modernity. A real horseshoe hung over the doorway of the bride's home is the ultimate symbol of good luck. Although metal horseshoes can be difficult to find, there are a variety of unique wedding gifts that can tie the two traditions together. Horseshoes are traditionally hung upside down but can be purchased in modern day stores.

Today, you can purchase handmade wedding gifts made of real horseshoes. Each pair is individually engraved, and each gift comes with a note stating that it was made especially for the couple. This tradition dates back centuries and is said to bring good fortune and protection to the new couple. These wedding gifts can be personalised and have great sentimental value. However, you should be aware of the price tag - a gold or silver horseshoe will be worth more than a traditional wedding gift of horseshoes.

The use of wishbones as a good luck gift has roots in ancient Rome. The Romans believed that breaking a turkey wishbone in two would bring good luck. A couple would then break the wishbone into two, and whoever had the longest piece was lucky. This practice is still practiced today, and you may find the groom carrying a wishbone at your wedding to signify the couple's good luck.

Another traditional wedding gift of horseshoes is a framed print of the couple's names and wedding date. Handmade in Knockcroghery, County Roscommon, this print is a customer favorite. It is also handmade by Galway Crystal, a company that produces exquisite Irish crystal. The print is complemented by a polished wooden tray. It makes an impressive gift that can be used in a home or as a wedding favor.


The symbolism of wedding horseshoes goes back centuries. Celtic brides would sow one into the hem of their gowns. This symbolism has been associated with good luck for centuries. The horseshoe is often associated with good luck and tying a knot with it. But what is the significance of this ancient item? It has many meanings. Find out more about this ancient symbol! Let's explore some of them!

It is unclear why the horseshoe is associated with the wedding ceremony, but it is widely accepted as a good luck charm. In the ancient Greeks, horseshoes were associated with the crescent moon, a symbol of fertility. The modern association is likely associated with a tale about St. Dunstan. In the 10th century, St. Dunstan trapped the Devil in a horseshoe and he agreed not to enter a Christian home again.

Traditionally, the wedding horseshoe is hung in the doorway of the bride's home, where it will attract good luck. Alternatively, the bride can also hang her horseshoe on the wall or mantle of her home. This is especially common in Celtic and Irish weddings, which believe the horseshoe brings good luck. If you're unsure about the history behind this tradition, consider contacting a wedding professional for guidance.

Traditionally, brides should hold the bridal horseshoe in the U shape. By doing so, the bride is believed to catch good luck. Then, she can tie a ribbon to the horseshoe and hang it like a pretty little purse. Finally, the bride can decorate the curved portion of the horseshoe by adding feathers or gems. Moreover, her bridesmaids can also decorate the horseshoes with gems.


The origins of wedding horseshoes are multifaceted, but their common thread is that they bring luck to both the bride and the groom. It is customary for the page boy or flower girl to present the bride with a horseshoe, which should be in the shape of a U. In ancient Greece, a horseshoe was associated with the crescent moon, a symbol of fertility and good luck. This symbol was also associated with the ancient Celtic practice of hand-fasting, in which the bride and groom tie their wrists together. The horseshoe was often paired with rose petals or colored rise, or both.

The traditional way to hang a wedding horseshoe is on a doorway. This symbolism is thought to bring good luck and prosperity to the home, and it can also protect the couple and their guests. Some cultures believe that displaying a horseshoe on the doorway protects the home from evil spirits. Other countries have similar traditions, including hanging a horseshoe on the wall or mantle.

Though its association with the wedding ceremony is relatively recent, it has roots dating back hundreds of years. In ancient Greece, the horseshoe was considered a fertility charm and was often worn by the bride before the ceremony. In Victorian England, it was believed to be a sign of good luck for the newlyweds. The practice of throwing the wedding bouquet is an American import, and it is believed that catching it will make the bride and groom's next marriage a successful one.

History has not forgotten that the horseshoe was originally made of iron. Iron was considered to be magical and stronger than other metals. Many beliefs associated with the horseshoe date back to prehistoric times. Some people believe that horseshoes were once given to newlyweds as a way to ward off evil spirits. In ancient times, horseshoes were given to the brides of newlyweds as good luck charms.


The symbolism of wedding horseshoes is somewhat obscure. Although it may seem a silly tradition, horseshoes have pre-Christian associations. The Greeks used horseshoes to represent the crescent moon, a symbol of fertility. Eventually, the Victorians made the horseshoe a symbol of good luck for newlyweds. Later, the tradition of throwing the bridal bouquet was brought to the United States, where it is believed that catching it would predict a happy marriage.

Regardless of the culture, horseshoes are still a popular symbol for many cultures and religions. While its use for luck has changed over the centuries, its meaning has remained the same: to bring good fortune to its wearer, and to ward off bad spirits. Even today, many well-known companies feature horseshoes in their designs. But why is the horseshoe still so important?

Horseshoes are believed to bring good luck and prevent evil from entering a relationship. They have a long history of symbolism, with ancient Romans believing that horseshoes could cure hiccups. Similarly, ancient Egyptians and Chaldean cultures regarded the moon as a sacred object. The shape of a horseshoe is also symbolic, and its upside-down position adds to its mystique.

Wedding horseshoes are traditionally given to brides by the page boys. The horseshoe is a symbol of fertility and good luck and is traditionally given as a wedding gift. Iron horseshoes were historically made of iron and were held in place by seven nails - a lucky number, which has been considered fortunate throughout history. It is important to note that the traditional meaning of wedding horseshoes may differ from the one you have heard.

Places to buy

Wedding horseshoes are traditional gifts to give to newlyweds. They have long symbolized good luck and fertility. The shape is reminiscent of a crescent moon, which was a symbol of fertility in the ancient world. It was believed that the horseshoe was able to absorb the energy of the horse, thereby ensuring good luck to the couple. During the Victorian era, horseshoes were also given as bridal gifts and wedding favors.

You can find various types of bridal horseshoes in Australia. For instance, you can purchase a plain plastic horseshoe and decorate it yourself with ribbons or flowers. You can also purchase a horseshoe template from a large craft store. All you need to do is attach a ribbon loop to the ends of the horseshoe. The horseshoe must be in a 'U' shape to attract good luck. You can also buy a bridal horseshoe in a personalised keepsake box.

Once you've decided to get a wedding horseshoe, you'll need to consider the place where you plan to keep it. Several places sell them, so you'll want to shop around before choosing a place to buy wedding horseshoes. Some even have unique pieces made from glass and diamanté. Some stores offer custom keepsake bags and custom wedding horseshoe necklaces. Regardless of where you purchase your horseshoe, you're sure to find a horseshoe that fits your wedding theme.

When it comes to buying wedding horseshoes, it's important to consider the meaning of the item. The ancient horseshoe was a symbol of good luck and protection and is often displayed on a cake. The modern horseshoe has become an iconic symbol for a happy marriage. In Ireland, page boys and flower girls give the bride a horseshoe, and they are given to the bride by their page boys and flower girls.

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