Where to Buy Wedding Sign Easel

If you're planning a modern, chic wedding, you might be wondering where to buy wedding sign easels. These stands can be found in various materials, including Printed Canvas, Acrylic signs, Neon signs, and even terrazzo backdrops. Read on to learn more. We've compiled a list of places where you can buy wedding signs. But, first, we'll talk about the easel itself.

Acrylic signs are trending for modern weddings

If you're planning a wedding in a rustic barn or at an upscale modern venue, consider using a custom bar front as a sign. You can have anything printed on the sign and hang it on the front of the bar. A cute phrase like "phones down, eyes up" will make your guests stop and think for a second. This sign will also help you and your guests remember your hashtag.

The versatility of acrylic signs makes them perfect for weddings in a modern style. You can display them in various ways, from ocean-inspired to a softer touch. Acrylic signs are also available in full color and in bold patterns, which can create a striking and elegant atmosphere at your wedding. For more information about acrylic signs, visit our website. We've included a few examples of the types of acrylic signs that are available.

A welcome sign is one of the first things your guests will notice. Choose a sign that perfectly matches your theme and reflects your wedding style. A modern wedding can be distinguished by an acrylic sign on an easel. It will look elegant and sophisticated when set against a dark background. It also makes it easy to read. Acrylic signs are also great as decorations in beach weddings. The gilded frame adds a romantic first impression. Adding pressed blooms to a sign will give it an equatorial feel.

Printed canvas

Using printed canvas to create a wedding sign is one of the most versatile ways to display your special day. Printed canvas can be cut to fit any size and is a great choice for a wide variety of signs. Canvas is also a great option if you want to display your graphics. Choose from a variety of sizes, from small to large, so that your guests can easily read your wedding sign.

You can even personalize the canvas with your favorite Scripture or favorite photo. Personalized wedding signs can streamline the flow of the day and serve as instructions for the guests. You can display a photo of yourself as a child or even your parents' wedding. After the wedding, your parents can enjoy a photo of the bride and groom. You can also present the sign to your parents as a keepsake to thank them for their support.

Printed canvas wedding signs are popular options for newlyweds and brides. A couple can get an inexpensive, high-quality canvas print and have it personalized with the couple's names. It is even possible to have the canvas print uploaded from a computer, mobile phone, or Facebook. This is a great way to give your guests a memento of your big day. Printed canvas is also a great way to display your wedding photo.

Neon signs

A wedding reception or ceremony can be enhanced by adding a personalized neon sign to the main entrance of the venue. Vanessa Noel Events opted to place a neon sign above peacock chairs to create an instant photo booth. A neon sign can also indicate the main entrance of the venue, or add personality to an altar or DJ setup. Here are a few great ideas for using a neon sign. Listed below are a few ideas for adding a neon sign to your wedding venue.

A wedding reception is an occasion for letting loose and celebrating new beginnings. A neon sign can inspire the guests to dance the night away. A sign with a message such as "All because two people fell in love" can be an excellent decoration at the wedding reception. The sign can be surrounded by disco balls and palm fronds, creating a fun and exciting atmosphere. This is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your celebration.

Your guests will most likely be taking photos throughout the weekend. If you want to keep guests from snapping photos, consider putting a sign on your wedding easel asking them to turn off their cell phones. You can also create a cute phrase such as "phones down, eyes up." Make sure you place the sign in a high-traffic area where guests will see it. These signs will be a hit at your wedding and will last long after the wedding is over.

Terrazzo backdrop

If you are having a retro-themed wedding, a terrazzo backdrop might be right for you. Similarly, a burnt orange bloom would complement a fall wedding, and the details of acrylic and lucite give the sign a striking accent. You can also include a schedule of events in a wedding welcome sign and add pillar candles to it to make it more striking. Using a terrazzo backdrop for your wedding sign easel can help you match the rest of your decor.

Choosing a terrazzo backdrop is easy. You can use self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles or self-adhesive floor stickers for a simple, yet elegant look. You can even get a cutting board with terrazzo lettering to use as a backdrop. If you're using a wooden easel, you can choose one with custom text on it, such as "Jack and Jill." For a more modern, contemporary feel, add a "With Love" sign and a terrazzo background.


The best wedding sign easel is made of wood, so you can get creative with the type of fabric you use. You may use fabric that isn't very heavy or too light for your wedding theme. If you want to make your wedding sign double as a backdrop for your photos, you can use transfer paper to make your sign. This type of sign is a great way to make sure your guests will remember your hashtag.

Although wedding signs made of fabric are not very common, they look elegant when hung on the wall. Hand-lettered vows or quotes make a beautiful backdrop. You can also use fabric flags held by the ringbearers. Fabric options for wedding sign easels include linen, cotton, silk, and leather. You can also create a hanging fabric panel as a centerpiece. You can also make your own custom fabric wedding sign easel from home using an easy-to-follow tutorial.

The perfect wedding sign easel will accentuate the theme and style of your wedding. Whether you choose a rustic chalkboard, an acrylic easel, or a modern welcome sign, you're sure to find something that suits your theme and budget. Either way, your wedding sign will add a touch of sophistication to your reception. Moreover, the easel will serve as a ceremony program and outline the order of events.


If you're having a rustic, woodland wedding, the Letterboard for Wedding Sign Easel from Home & Co is the perfect way to greet your guests. Made of Paulownia wood, medium-density fibreboard, and felt, this board features 339 letters, 67 numbers, and 30 symbols. If you're not sure where to find one, you can pick it up in Queenstown, New Zealand, where the easel is made.

This stylish board has an adjustable solid-wood easel and includes a BONUS canvas pouch and FREE WOODEN Sorting Tray. It also comes in a beautiful gift box. And because it's cheaper than other letter board kits, it earned an Amazon's Choice award. And, because of the unique design, you can use it for more than just weddings. You can use it for a baby shower, office meeting, or any occasion where you need to get the word out to your guests.

You can use a letterboard for wedding sign easel for any type of event. A sign for a reception could include anything you want, from a wedding invitation to a welcome mat. You can get really creative and add whatever you like to it. If you're having a small wedding, you can opt for a small sign to place on your welcome table or atop the reception table. Another good option is a chalkboard for a welcome sign. Chalkboard works well for an affordable wedding, and the chalkboard material is particularly effective.

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