Where to Get Affordable Wedding Bands

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You may be wondering where to get an affordable wedding band. Well, there are a few places where you can get a cheap wedding band. Here are some of them:


There are a lot of different kinds of wedding bands available on Etsy, from simple, plain to intricately designed. For a more personal touch, you can get them engraved or personalised. Etsy has a huge selection of diamond rings, including the popular solitaire rings. You can even find engagement rings that are equivalent to 4.5 carats. Many of these rings are designed with a cushion-cut diamond in the center, surrounded by smaller diamonds.

If you're on a budget, Etsy is a great place to buy an engagement ring. You can even find vintage or antique rings on Etsy, and it's a great way to support small businesses, as well. And, like any type of online store, you'll want to read the fine print before purchasing. The same goes for finding cheap wedding bands.

If you're looking for a ring that is both stylish and affordable, you can try a Victoria style engagement ring. This design features a vintage-style center stone surrounded by three smaller diamonds and is set in 14K yellow gold. This Etsy vendor will send it to you in an unmarked velvet box, so you can see it in HD before purchasing. You can also check the stone's quality by looking at a CAD image of the stone.

The reviews on Etsy are helpful, but be wary of sellers who consistently fail to respond to buyers. You can also look for common themes between reviews and avoid sellers with poor communication. If there are a lot of bad reviews, it's a red flag. Otherwise, positive reviews are the norm. Make sure to check out the shipping and policies tab of the shop before purchasing anything.

Etsy also has plenty of men's engagement rings for men. You can find everything from a classic gold band to a whiskey barrel wood ring. Etsy is also a great place to find inexpensive wedding bands. The selection on Etsy is extensive. You can browse by price, material, and design. The Etsy shops will even send you a free ring sizing ring.

David Alan’s studio

If you are looking for a stunning and affordable wedding band, David Alan's New York studio may be the place to look. David Alan designs intricate, personalized pieces with the wearer's life in mind. Each ring is an ode to the two people who share the same life. Some rings have personal details, such as the date they met, the birthstone of their child, or an heirloom diamond from their grandmother.

Many brides turn to this studio for affordable wedding bands because of its unique collection. The jewelry designer has an eye for detail and a thorough knowledge of design. The studio's wide selection features pieces inspired by Victorian era jewelry. Some are unique in shape and width, while others are more conventional. For an eclectic look, you can try a piece from the "antique" collection. The pieces are made of 14K yellow gold and include diamonds.

David Alan's midtown atelier is run by a husband and wife team. All of the rings are made of conflict-free gems and recycled metal. Although you must make an appointment to shop here, wedding bands start at $270. Engagement rings and wedding bands range in price from $950 to $2,500. The price tag may be a stumbling block, but David Alan's studio is well worth the visit.

Sofia Kaman

If you're looking for an affordable wedding band, you should check out the designs by Sofia Kaman. Founded in 2008, Sofia Kaman offers elegant pieces with a vintage, modern aesthetic. The timeless designs are finished with time-worn textures, soulfulness, and artistry. If you're unsure of what style you're looking for, try taking the Sofia Kaman "Discover Your Wedding Style" quiz to learn more.

The eco-friendly collections from Sofia Kaman are a great choice for the environment. The artisan-crafted rings are made from recycled metals and antique gems, and are handmade in Los Angeles. The company's diamonds are certified conflict-free and come from dealers following the Kimberley Process. You can also opt for a lab-grown diamond for an even more affordable option. However, you should still take time to research the different options before making a final decision.

Aside from affordable wedding bands, there are also vintage-inspired options. Sofia Kaman's collection is inspired by vintage rings, and the jewelry designer also sells antique-style rings. Many of these pieces borrow details from past eras, combining them with modern elements to create something unique. The prices vary from $150 to over $1000, but the designs are well worth considering. You can't go wrong with either of these options.

If you're a minimalist, look for a band that's simple and stylish. You can always choose a ring with diamonds, but you can also opt for a simple metal band without stones. The Ashley Zhang ring has an interesting curved shape and medium width. It's available in 14K gold for $480, 18K gold for $640, and platinum for $880. You can also find rings with stones in 14K gold or platinum.

Reinstein Ross

If you're looking for beautiful wedding bands at a fair price, check out the online store at Reinstein Ross, Goldsmiths. This company specializes in contemporary and timeless wedding jewelry. Their rings are handmade in New York City's workshop and their staff strives to be as helpful and professional as possible. They love to design the perfect ring for each couple and create heirloom quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

Gold wedding bands are a traditional choice for many brides. A ring from this designer is warm and romantic, and the apricot color is less pink than rose gold. The apricot metal is also used in elegant braided designs. Winter is a romantic, sculptural designer with meticulous detail. A band shaped like a vine is set with diamonds and features a brushed finish.